Top 20 Cartoons’ Favourite Food

Top 20 Cartoons Favourite Food
Top 20 Cartoons Favourite Food

Being a kid again is now a dream for all of us. Because there was no tension at all, we just sat on our couch with the remote and got locked up in our cartoon world.
Watching those tiny characters and their food, we always got mesmerized that do they even exist. Does Dora cake exist, or does doughnut exist? Now we know those foods exist!
So here we have a list of your 20 favourite Cartoon Characters with their favourite food to make you feel again like a child. Here we go!


We have never thought about how a blue cat can be so addictive. Our childhood love was Doraemon, and his love was Dora cake.
And we used to think that do they even exist?
Yes, they exist!
Dora cake is originated in Japan.
Dora cake’s texture is bread-like and filled with hazelnut spread.
But you can also enjoy it just by adding Nutella or any other chocolate spread in between.

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2.Shin Chan

The only thing shin Chan says always yes to is pudding. We have seen in this cartoon that most of the time, he wants her mom to make it for him. And he and his sister Himawari always fight to eat it first. If you are a true shin Chan fan, you always saw him with Choco chips, chilli momos, and especially pudding. And after he has his favourite food, he always does some crazy actions.

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3. Motu

“Khali pet mere dimag ki batti nhi jalti.” No one can remember ‘Motu’ without his samosa. Samosa is like his surname. I was just kidding! An Indian snack that is easily available in India is a favourite of our Motu. Samosa is made of refined flour sheets and especially potato filling. In India, they are served with different types of chutney and ketchup, but motu eat them without any chutney as he is a true lover of samosa.


 4 Ben 10

Golden French fries are made from potatoes and covered with chilli cheese sauce, jalapeño, and onions in Omniverse. Ben 10 fries also appear in the form of a tower. These spicy fries are the favourite of our Ben 10, the ultimate alien. During childhood, especially the boys’ gang loved watching Ben 10. Even some children also pretend to be Ben 10 just by wearing a bold watch in their hand.

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5. Naruto

A cartoon from Japan is popular now all over the world.
This famous character loved ramen so much. Ramen is now readily available in Japan, and you can also make it at home. Wheat noodles are a widespread ingredient of ramen noodles. And its topping is boiled egg, vegetable broth, and cured fish cake. And if you are a vegetarian, you can replace the boiled egg with cottage cheese.

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6. Kung Fu Panda

The very famous momos are Kung Fu panda dumplings. The ingredients of dumplings are almost the same as momos. Dumplings are made of refined flour’s thin sheet and then stuffed with grated seasonal vegetables and steamed for 20 minutes in a steamer. And they taste amazing. Kung Fu Panda loved them so much that his teacher gave him dumplings as a reward for doing hard work.

ZeonDownloader – 13380728527. Chota Bheem

Chota Bheem becomes powerful after eating ladoos. Ladoos are the favourite of Chota Bheem and his friends and family always used to gift him even without any occasion. These ladoos are also called “Motichur ke ladoo”. Motichur ladoo is also very famous in India and Indian festivals, especially in marriages


8. Shishimaru

Ninja Hattori’s character Shishimaru is a dog. He loves chocolate roll. His breakfast, lunch, and dinner is chocolate roll. He is always hungry for chocolate rolls, and he doesn’t like to share them with anyone else. The chocolate roll is a snack which is made in japan.



Garfield is an overweight anthropomorphic orange tabby cat known for his laziness, smug sarcasm, and he loves food, especially lasagna, pizza, and ice cream. But he loves lasagna the most, and the ingredients he loves in it are Pasta, tomatoes, onions, sausage, mozzarella, and ricotta.

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10. Simpson

Simpson loves to eat doughnuts. And his glazed doughnut is dipped in the strawberry flavoured white chocolate truffle icing and topped with rainbow sprinkles. Mainly doughnuts’ main ingredient is refined flour and yeast. The doughnut-making process is quite long because, in this, we have to test the yeast every 2 hours.



Scooby is a dog, and his favourite food is a sandwich. He doesn’t eat an ordinary sandwich of one layer, he eats a sandwich of multiple layers, and it looks like a tower. The main ingredients are bread, lettuce, ham, tomato, cheese, avocado, pickles, and fried egg.

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12. Minions

Minions are small creatures. They love trying different things. Minions love bananas and apples. But they love to eat bananas the most. In every episode, we have seen them eating bananas. Bananas are also suitable for health and are readily available in every town, city, or state.

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13. Jerry

Jerry, the rat, loves to eat cheese. We all have seen him stealing it. And if you are a faithful “Tom and Jerry” fan, you will remember that he loves to eat cheese which has big holes, and that is called Swiss cheese. Cheese is made from milk.

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Remy in Ratatouille is a super cute cat who wanted to become a great chef. His favourite food was an omelette. He cooks it by himself in the kitchen. Omelette takes 20 minutes to make. The main ingredients of the omelette are eggs, balsamic vinegar, tomato, garlic, pepper, and onions.

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15. Rim

Rim and her friend group love to eat “Naco.” Naco is a combination of nachos and tacos. It is made by mixing taco filling, nachos, and cheese and then placing all of the filling in a tortilla. The combination of nachos and tacos got famous after this cartoon.

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16.Donald Duck

Donald Duck loves to eat a hot dog. The hot dog preparation is effortless. All the ingredients you need are sausage, pepper, coriander, salt, paprika mustard powder. Hot dogs are grilled to get the perfect taste. Don’t boil them otherwise, they will become soggy.

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17. SpongeBob SquarePants

His favourite food is the Krabby patty which had sold at Krusty Krab. Apart from this, he likes to eat canned bread, lemonade, soup, Swedish barnacle balls, bon-bon, and soda.

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18. Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb are the most prominent food fighter. Their favourite pass time was to eat pistachio. Both of them usually do various adventures during their summer vacations. Pistachio is healthy dried food. In childhood, we demanded our parents to get it for us too.

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19. Popeye

Popeye, the sailor man, is an American cartoon. His favourite thing to eat is spinach. He always says that he is strong because he eats spinach.

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20. Winnie

Winnie-the-pooh is also called Pooh bear. Pooh loves honey that is made by bees. He loves the taste of sweet honey, and in reality, bears attract beehives. With the help of the rabbit and his friends, Pooh gets honey from the tree.

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