Top 20 Chatpata Chat Stories

Top 20 Chatpata Chat Stories
Top 20 Chatpata Chat Stories

On a fine Sunday evening, while cherishing our family time, having a spicy chat is tempting. It is loved by everyone, from young to old. It gives your tongue a spicy blast which makes you want more. It is easy to prepare and is an ideal recipe for informal parties. This recipe was first tasted by emperor Shah Jahan. He was ill, so he was advised to eat light. But since he loved to eat spice, The chef tried his best and what he gave was what we are eating to date. Many mini and master chefs showed their creativity in preparing them, and now they are available in many dishes. Let us take a look at the chats that are our all-time favourite.

1.Aloo Chat

Aloo brings grandeur to all the dishes it is used in. That is why it is the king of vegetables. This chat is prepared with fried potato and chopped onion. It is garnished with flavoursome chat masala to give you a finger-licking taste.


2.Bhelpuri Chat

Mumbai is famous for two things. Its trade and its food. Its street food is as renowned as its five-star hotel food. Bhelpuri is one such food for which people go crazy. Give your tongue a spicy blast with this chat made of puffed rice garnished with chat masalas and coriander leaves.


3.Aloo Tikki Chat

From north to south, this chat is loved by many people across India. These are mashed potato rissoles which are given a tinge of Indian flavours. They are layered with curd and chutney that explode you with a bunch of happiness.


4.Samosa Chat

The crispy, Spicy samosa never fails to excite us. Chats are one of the most ambrosial foods the world ever knew. But samosa chat is the place where chat lovers and samosa lovers come together. This delicious chat made by mashing samosa and preparing it like a chat is a paradise for those who love both chat and samosa.


5.Chana Chat

Cravings every half an hour in this lockdown? Want to know something easy to prepare yet serves the hunger pangs? Chana chat is the solution. Chickpeas chat, when taken with chutney, tastes its best. It is super easy to prepare and also saves you from tantrums for a few more hours.


6.Mirchi Bajji Chat 

Mirchi bajji is next to panipuri for spice lovers. Its taste never fails to bring tears to our eyes. If this bajji is now introduced to chat flavours, it would be amazing! Try this recipe and be ready to get bewildered!


7.Dahi Papidi Chat

Those curd haters who do not taste dahi papidi because of curd, you must give this dish a shot! You would regret not eating it till now. It is has a versatile taste which is never before and never after.


8.Katori Chat

Thinking of impressive dishes for the kitty party in the evening? Then try Katori chat. Basically, Katori means a bowl. That chat prepared is proficiently filled in a bowl and then served. It is a challenging task to do it all alone, but the results are worth it.



Bengali Style Ghugni Chat

Wherever the chat goes, it is dressed new by the culinary experts. Similarly, when it went Bengal, the consequence was the Bengali ghugni chat. Ghugni chat is the choicest place to start when you are visiting Bengal.


10.Banarsi Tomato Chat

Banaras is a multi-talented city. It is a great educational centre with BHU and also the holy pilgrimage of lord shiva. It also produces the ultra-fine silk Sarees called the Benaras sarees. Another invention of Benaras is the Banarsi tomato chat. Just like any other Banarsi product, it is also of superior taste. It is a recipe worth trying.


11.Dahi Pakodi Chat

Dahi pakodi chat is an appetizer made with basin pakodies. It is prepared with chat masala and curd (Dahi). It has a creamy and tangy taste which is worth trying.

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12.Crispy Corn Chat

Many of us have relished corn since our childhood. Whenever it comes home, it brings smiles along. Many chefs changed the traditional cuisines all over the world with their creativity. Crispy corn chat is one such dish that is worth trying.


13.Idli Chat

If you think of Idly, what strikes your mind? Is it the traditional Idli plate with a white chutney and red chutney? Well, that means you did not taste the delicious Idli chat till today. Due to its low-calorie content, you don’t have to feel guilty for having more.


14.Moong Dal Chat

Do you want a snack that gives a blast of spice along with a boost of nutrients? Then make moong dal chat your priority for the evening snack. It saves you from cravings but also it is digested easily. Adding a little raw mango makes it even more tangy and delicious to eat.


15.Aloo Paneer Chat

Aloo paneer is a blessing for vegetarians. It can be prepared in various styles like curry, Manchurian, Appetizer and Chat! Of course! When the cottage cheese comes in contact with the tangy flavourings of chat masala, a spice explosion certainly takes place! It is the law of the kitchen. Test if this law is valid by yourself!


16.Masala Puri Chat

Masala puri is another toothsome chat you must try. When you just put it in your mouth, you would first taste a layer of tangy spices and garnished onions. Next is the velvety and piquant peas gravy. And finally comes the crispy and crunchy puri. All these run down your throat in one bite and give your tastebuds a lovely surprise.


17.Sprouts Chat

Those who are in running their race of weight loss always keep track of their calorie- intake. Sprouts chat is perfect for them. Yes, it can be made with sprouts. Just like chana chat, but you would use them instead. Sprinkling lime would give it a perfect taste.


18.Oats Masala Chat

Having fitness goals, but the fast-food centres around keep you tempting always? Then try oats masala chat. It is a lovely combination of oats with healthy herbs and spices. You can cherish it without a tinge of guilt that you are spoiling your health. The health freaks here must try this.


19.Masala Peanut Chat

Peanuts are relished by a surprisingly large group of people. So much that about 40 million tonnes of peanuts are consumed every year. Why not? It is so tasty that someone can go nuts for peanuts. This masala peanut chat will increase your love for peanut chat more. Just give this a shot. Who knows? It might be love at first taste.


20.Papidi Chat/ Papri Chat

A spicy, sweet and tangy blast in one go! This spice TNT is made with papidis (flour crackers). It is then topped with curd, tangy chat masala, and chat chutneys. Try it this Sunday!