Top 20 Cheap But Satisfactory Sweets In Nagpur

top 20 cheap but satisfactory sweets in nagpur
top 20 cheap but satisfactory sweets in nagpur

1. Orange Barfi

The Nagpur city is famous for its cultivation of Oranges. Haldiram’s Orange Barfi is a tribute to the rich Orange harvest of Nagpur. The Orange Barfi is also known as “Santra Barfi “which is made up from Oranges. Traditionally, the Barfi made with milk, sugar, pulpy oranges and some secret ingredients. The texture of Oranges can feel in our mouth and blown our mind. It is not too expensive but worth to try.

Address:- Haldiram’s Nagpur

Orange Barfi

2. Sheermal and Rott

Sheermal and Rott serves by “Hafeez Bakery” which is situated since the last 20 century. Their large generation serves this delicious biscuits, bread, and other bakery items. Sheermal is saffron colour bread where Rott means the large biscuit. It is very popular in Nagpur and must try.

Address: – Hafeez Bakery, Mohammad Ali road, Mominpura

Sheermal and Rott

3. Soan Roll

Soan Roll is a soft, flaky & fused with variety of flavours which will instantly melt in your mouth. It is also known as “Soan Papdi”. Shree Hera Sweets Soan Roll is most popular sweet in Nagpur. They serve variety of flavours like Orange, Mango, coco etc.

Address: – Shree Hera Sweets, Nagpur

Soan Roll


Gulgula is a famous sweet which is serves with Tea (chai). It is also called “Desi Donuts”. It is cheap but fabulous in taste.

Address: – Gulgula hotel Mominpura, Nagpur


5. Jalebi

Jalebi is one of the popular Indian sweet. The Rasbhari Jilebi is famous place in Nagpur to serve Jalebi. They also served Rabdi which is the best combination with Jalebi.

Address: – Rasbhari Jilebi, Pratap nagar, Nagpur


6. Ghevar

Ghevar is one of the famous sweet from Sindhi Community. Mostly it is available during Holi period. It is rich in flavours and taste.

Address: – Pankaj Kandiwala, Jaripatka Nagpur


7. Hot Gulabjam

Sharik bhai kiosk is popular for this particular sweet in Mominpura. The warn Gulabjam feeds our soul; it is filled with dry fruits.

Address:- Sharik bhai kiosk , Mominpura, Nagpur

Hot Gulabjam

8. Mix Juice Jar

The 8 glasses of all flavours juice in just rs 100. A Group of friends can go and enjoy this jar.

Address: – Anushka juice center, VNIT gate, Nagpur

Mix Juice Jar

9. Macaroons by Plated by Parth

A home baker Parth Bajaj serves a verity of Macaroons which is colour full and fabulous in taste.

Address:- Plated by Parth

Macaroons by Plated by Parth

10. Halwa Paratha

The biggest Halwa paratha serves in Mominpura Nagpur. It is tremendous in taste. Halwa Paratha is must try dessert in Nagpur.

Address:- Mominpura, Nagpur

Halwa Paratha

11. Raskunj

Everything from Raskunj is just delicious and really healthy they have many options to choose. It is almost 50 years and still maintaining its legacy. Their all menu is amazing like shakes, juices, and coffee.

Address:- Raskunj Nagpur


12. Milkmaid Wali Icedish

Takdir Ice World serves amazing variety of ice dishes. It is very pocket friendly and very satisfying. Also try Mix fruit ice dish, Rose gulkand ice dish.

Address:- Takdir Ice World,  Nagpur

Milkmaid Wali Icedish

13. Licksters

Licksters have a verity of fruit pulp bar, yogurt bars, popsicles fruit which is refreshing and something different. It is best place to refresh and soothe from hot summer.

Address:- Licksters, Nagpur


14. Rabdi kulfi Falooda

Rabdi Kulfi Falooda is one of the best desserts to have. The rich taste of Rabdi melts in mouth and Falooda is very good combination.

Address:- Punjabi Kulfiwala, Jaripatka Nagpur

Rabdi kulfi Falooda

15. Yadav Ji ki Lassi

One of the best lassi servers in Nagpur. They serve in kulhad and the smell of kulhad blows our mind.

Address:- Yadav Lassi Center, Nagpur

Yadav Ji ki Lassi

16. Fried Ice Cream

Fried ice cream with strawberry sauce is a pure bliss. The hot ice cream just melts in our mouth.

Address:- Cafe villa 55, Gokulpeth

Fried Ice Cream

17. Frullato

Frullato Is the best place to try thick shakes in Nagpur. It is so affordable. They serve the variety like Chocolate, Rasmalai, Chocobar thick shake etc.

Address:- Frullato Nagpur


18. Magnum X Choco Lava

It is the craziest dessert we have ever had. Warm gooey chocolate cake with cold ice cream is an explosion of taste.

Address :- Plan B, Bajaj Nagar

Magnum X Choco Lava

19. Strawberry milk coffee

It is very unique to taste a coffee. The taste of strawberry wasn’t very dominant, it added sweetness and it was good one to try a variety of coffee.

Address:- Hyderabadi Irani chai, Jaripatka, Nagpur

Strawberry milk coffee

20. Puran Poli

Puran poli is classical Marathi dish which is served suspicious occasion.

Address :- Varhadi That, Nagpur

Puran Poli