Top 20 Food Places To Go In Paltan Baazar, Dehradun

top 20 food places to go in paltan baazar dehradun 1
top 20 food places to go in paltan baazar dehradun 1

Dehradun and food have a very long history of mesmerizing travelers. This city used to be a pit stop for travelers coming from the vast dry plains of India on their way to the mountains. Many stories and folk lore surround the humble mysteries of this small city. The quintessential melodrama surrounding this small city which originated as the tale goes, over 1000 years ago. Our journey will take us to the Mysterious Paltan Baazar, described by Ruskin Bond, Steven Alter and Kanwar Ziwai.

1. Foodstory

This food-place feels nothing like home. Get the full pampered treatment from the dedicated staff and the owner who is actually passionate about the food he sells.


2. Doon Sigdi Veg  & Non Veg Restaurant

Come here to get the absolute meat eaters heaven. Order from their extra large platters and enjoy the meaty goodness.

Doon Sigdi veg  & non veg restaurant

3. UK07 Bistro

As the name suggests this bistro represents everything UK. From the number plate to the whimsical assortment of ambiance you will get at this place, this is Dehradun in the truest sense.

UK07 Bistro

4. Sethis Food Corner & Caterer

Do you still remember playing in the hot afternoon air in the plains, while your mother screamed at you from across the road to come back inside and eat your onions before the “loo” catches you?  If yes then this is the place for you.

Sethis Food Corner & Caterer

5. Doon Darbar Family Restaurant

Mughlai chicken, Afghani chicken, chicken lazeezi, chicken do yaaza, tandoori chicken, and 50 other dishes is what you will hear when you ask the waiter what is on the menu. Known for its phenomenal service and the dine and dash method of eating because of the large amount of customers they have to cater to.

Doon Darbar Family Restaurant

6. Sethi’s Chole Katlambe

This is the place to stop for all bike lovers after they have come back into doon from their weekly bike ride from either Rishikesh or Haridwar.

Sethi’s Chole Katlambe

7. Chetan Swadisht Kachori

Known to put a smile onto the faces of every person older than 40. This is the place to be if you or some of your family members are from Uttar Pradesh or have lived sometime in the past in the neighboring area, because they will definitely relate to this food.

Chetan Swadisht Kachori

8. The Great Grand PA Café

Known for the elegant style of catering and service. This western cuisine inspired eatery will leave you mesmerized at the different smells which emanate from their food thanks to all those different types of cheese they use.

The Great Grand PA Café

9. Lakshmi Restaurant

If you’re a fan of south Indian food and do not want to compromise on the quality of the food you eat. Then this is the eatery for you to go to. This will leave your mind blown and will make you keep coming back for more.


10. Aman vegetarian

Do you love to eat simple Indian food made with lots of ghee, cream, curd and spices from all over India then this is a must visit place for you.

Aman vegetarian

11. Lemon Chilli Pure Vegetarian Family Restro

Dosa. Dosa. Dosa and do not forget the watermelon juice. This is the defining trait of this restaurant.


12. Kwik Bite Centre [K.B.C]

KBC inspired eatery will leave you asking the question, Is this the right dish I ordered for myself or should I have gotten the other one. Food so good you will definitely use the phone a friend option to ask your friend for a review.

Kwik Bite Centre [K.B.C]

13. Hunger Bell

This is the place to go if you want to know what twists North Indians can put on quintessential North Eastern food.

Hunger Bell

14. Bristal Bar Dehradun

Known to serve baked goods and yummy cold dairy products on the side. This is the place to go if a cup of coffee and some “namkeen” is what you’re hoping to get out for a snack one afternoon.

Bristal Bar Dehradun

15. Sethi’s Food Corner

This is the only place in Dehradun where quality food meets the vibes from the lord. The lord has blessed this place to make quality food for all its customers and they will not stop till they have made sure that every person from Dehradun has tasted their food.

Sethi’s food corner

16. Omi Da Dhaba

The best place to go to with your family if you’re looking for the authentic dhaba food at a very affordable price. This is the place to be if you want to see scenic beauty from Dehradun while mingling with the local populace.

Omi Da Dhaba

17. Chetan Restaurant

Who can resist freshly fried puris served with a side of hot sabzi and cold dahi. This is the most item on this eateries menu and this is what you will see most customers order.

Chetan Restaurant

18. New Venus Restaurant

Do not forget to get the freshly made moong dal ka halwa from this place after you are done eating. This is their most famous dessert and this is the sole reason some of their customers visit this place after dark.

New Venus Restaurant

19. Naveen Vegetarian

If you are a fan of having various dairy products used to make the same dish. Then this is the place for you to go to. Paneer dish, made in dahi, cooked in ghee and served with a side of butter. This is any dairy consumers heaven.

Naveen Vegetarian

20. 31 Flavours

Known for its simple yet elegant food and serving ambiance. This is the place to go if you’re a writer visiting Dehradun for its natural beauty and to visit the various places writers go to get inspired.

31 Flavours