Top 20 Cheap Fast Food Centres In Ajmer

top 20 cheap fast food centres in ajmer
top 20 cheap fast food centres in ajmer

Ajmer is a city in the state of Rajasthan. It is a nice tourist place where people come to see so many things, which include the palace of the Mughal emperor; take blessings in Ajmer sharif dargah; Anasagar lake view; Taragarh fort; and many more. If this is a tourist place, then it’s obvious that the food in this place should be nice as well. You will definitely love the food here. The best time to visit here is from October to February. Before you get panicked by thinking about how you will manage everything in the winter season, let me make this clear: the weather there is not that cold. It’s only mild. So, you should visit this place during the winter season to have a worthwhile experience.

1. Anjali Fast Food

This is one of the best places in Ajmer to have fast food at the cheapest price. It is located in Adarsh Nagar in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Here, you can get the best quality foods at a low price. So, visiting and having food in this place will be in your budget also. Everyone is a foodie nowadays, and this is one of the best places to get fast food. It has quality, quantity, and tasty foods. Reviews of the customers are also nice. Overall, it’s a great place to explore in Ajmer.

1. Anjali Fast Food

2. Vinayak Fast Food

This place is situated on Narishala main road, beside Shiva Mandir, near Lilliput school in Ajmer. This place will give you a great experience in terms of fast foods, which include pasta, pizza, cold coffee, and so on. The taste and quality of the food items are nice as well, and this place is affordable as well.

2. Vinayak Fast Food

3. Anmol Fast Food Centre

From spicy red chilli sauce to chicken burgers, you will get every variety of fast food here. It is located near the R.C. Church, Parbatpura, in Ajmer. It is one of the nicest places at this location to have tasty and crunchy fast foods that will make your mouth water. People who visit here really like their burgers and sandwiches.

3. Anmol Fast Food Centre

4. Rampal Fast Food

It is such a great place to have the best fast food in the city of Ajmer. Apart from the general fast foods, they have Ajmer’s local street foods on their menu as well. Their menu includes kadhi kachori chaat, kadhi samosa chaat, kadhi charori, and so on. These food items are a must-try here because you won’t get them anywhere else.

4. Rampal Fast Food

5.  Riddhi Siddhi Chinese Fast Food Corner

One of the best places in Ajmer where you can have fast food at a cheaper price. Just like the price, the food items at this place are also satisfactory. It will give you a great taste that you won’t forget in your whole life. This amazing place is located at Top Dhara Tempu Stand in Ajmer. You will definitely have pasta in so many places, but the red pasta at this place is highly recommended.

5. Riddhi Siddhi Chinese Fast Food Corner

6. Maa Fast Food Corner

We all love fast foods, and it is one of the best places in Ajmer to have them. The exact location of this food corner is opposite Gadwal Palace, near the railway 2nd entry gate in Topdara. They maintain proper hygiene and serve fresh food items to their customers.

6. Maa Fast Food Corner

7. Ajmer Food & Cafe

Adarsh Nagar in Ajmer, which offers very delicious fast food, is one of the great places on Nasirabad road. The food items in this place are affordable and tasty. The menu includes idli, dosa, sandwiches, chowmin, etc. You can also get variety in some of the food items like masala idli, veg butter maggi, itpam mix, special dosa, and many more. You should definitely check out this place. It’s wonderful in the case of fast food.

7. Ajmer Food Cafe

8. Roll Express

If you are a die-hard fan of rolls, then you should definitely visit this place in Ajmer. It is located in Saket colony in Vaishali Nagar on Vaishali road, opposite Hotel Bravo. From the name of the place, you can guess that it is famous for its rolls. Before you get confused over the prices of the food items, let me be clear: the food items here are very affordable.

8. Roll Express

9. Jhulelal Pani Patashe Evam Bhel Puri Centre

From the name, you can figure out what kind of fast food you can get here. You can have different variations of puri here, like: Bhel puri, Dahi puri, and Dahi papdi. You can also have panipuri here. These are very general fast foods, but every place has its own taste, and without these fast foods, you can’t live, so you should definitely try the items from this place, which are located in Gandhi Bazar, Madar Gate, and Dargah Bazar.

9. Jhulelal Pani Patashe Evam Bhel Puri Centre

10. Bhavy Food Corner

One of the good places to have fast food in Ajmer on your own budget is Bhavy Food Corner. It is located in such a wonderful place where you can do shopping, and after that, you can treat yourself by having food at this place. The place is small, but it will serve you the best food. There are different variations of food, which you can order according to your preference of taste, because you won’t face a budget issue at all.

10.Bhavy Food Corner

11. Bambaiya Vada Pav

Don’t get confused by the name because it is not in Mumbai. If you want to get a taste of Mumbai’s vada pav in Ajmer, then you should visit this place. No place in Ajmer can match the taste of real vada pav, except this one. Apart from vada pav, you can also have other fast food items here also. So check out this place for delicious fast food. It is located on Kutchery Road, Patel Nagar, Topdara in Ajmer.

11.Bambaiya Vada Pav

12. Tom And Jerry Ice Cream & Sandwiches

It is one of the best places where you can have great sandwiches, and apart from that, you can also have other food items such as pizza, burgers, etc. Those who visited here really loved it because it provides good quality food at a very affordable price. According to reviews, some people also said that it is far better than Domino’s. This restaurant is located in Ajmer on Madan Gopal Marg, near Reliance Fresh, in Kaisar Ganj.

12.Tom And Jerry Ice Cream Sandwiches

13. KGN Fast Food & Pizza Point

One of the best places in Ajmer’s Ashok Vihar Colony is KGN Fast Food. Along with the place, the food is also nice at this place. You can have different varieties of pizza here. The menu includes Chinese rolls with cheese, Vada Pav with cheese, pizza, and many more. If you are a cheese lover, then you are going to love this place. It’s a high recommendation to visit this place for having one of the best fast foods in this location.

13.KGN Fast Food Pizza Point

14. Bombay Chowpatty

One of the best places in Ajmer to have fast food. If you want to have good quality food at a very reasonable price, then you should definitely visit this place. You have to wait a little here after ordering, but the taste of the food is totally worth it. This place is situated at Cheenu Daryani New Colony, Lajpat Nagar in Ramganj. On the menu, it has a veggie cheese burger, chowmin noodles, etc.

14.Bombay Chowpatty

15. Khandelwal Chat

This place is located near Dayanand School, Kaisar Ganj in Ajmer. This place is one of the best places for fast food. The popular food items from this place are: samosa, kadhi kachori, mirchi vada, and many more. It’s the best place for local fast food. The price is very cheap, so you can easily afford its food items. This place is highly recommended at this location because it gives the same taste from the past 20 years.

15.Khandelwal Chat

16. Sharma Food Court

This place has the best combo of foods. The food items are delicious and affordable. It’s a nice place where you can have fresh fast food, and it will make your mouth water as well. It is located in the shopping centre in Shastri Nagar in Ajmer. You should definitely visit this place to have a worthwhile experience in the case of fast food. It’s a great place for foodies to explore.

16.Sharma Food Court

17. Shankar Chaat

It is one of the greatest places in Ajmer. People really prefer this place as it offers fast food at a very cheap and affordable price. The quality and quantity of the food are also nice. It also offers Ajmer’s local fast food. Ajmeri chat is a must-try food item at this place. It is also famous for its kadhi kachori. People say that once you taste it, you won’t be able to forget its taste. It is located in Gol Payau, Naya Bazar.

17.Shankar Chaat

18. Shree Balaji Paav Bhaji

Don’t get confused by the name; you can have other fast food items here as well. It’s just that pav bhaji is the restaurant’s speciality. You can have chowmin, pasta, and other variations as well. Apart from pav bhaji, try red sauce pasta. You will definitely love it and this place will be worthwhile as well. Check out this place at Hathi Bhata in Ajmer.

18.Shree Balaji Paav Bhaji

19. Shreenath Fast Food

This place is really good for fast food at a very cheap price. The food and service at this place are nice as well. People really like Vada Pav at this place. The staff are also very cooperative. Overall, it’s a nice place in Ajmer for fast food. This is located in Gyan Vihar colony.

19.Shreenath Fast Food

20. Gopal Fast Food

This place is highly recommended if you are a fast food lover. Along with taste, you will get foods here within your budget as well. The foods are also delicious and have different varieties as well. You will get almost all the variations of foods, from paneer tikka to red pasta. The must-try food item is chilli paneer. People who visited and tried this item here really loved it and recommended it to others. It is located in Ganj in Ajmer.

20.Gopal Fast Food