20 Best Refreshing Beverages To Have In Summers

top 20 best refreshing beverages to have in summers
top 20 best refreshing beverages to have in summers

During the summer season, it is crucial to stay hydrated to avoid any complications due to overheating. Instead of drinking normal water, we can have refreshing non-alcoholic drinks to fulfill the water requirement of our body. So, here are some colorful, fresh fruit drinks that are refreshing and perfect to beat the heat in summer. These drinks can be easily made at home and you can enjoy them with your family.

1. Aam Panna

Aam Panna is an Indian drink made from unripe green tart mangoes and is consumed in almost every household in the summer to beat the heat. Cumin, jeera, and mint leaves are added to this drink, which enhance its green color and gives it a tangy flavor. It is prevalent during the hot summers, particularly in North-western areas of India.

1. Aam Panna 2. Lemonade

Lemonade is a sweetened lemon-flavored beverage made using lemon juice, water, and sugar. It is a refreshing traditional drink loaded with a daily source of Vitamin C. Along with a significant boost to the immune system, it has antioxidizing properties, which keep us healthy. This drink is renowned for its sweet and sour combination, which will stimulate your taste buds.

2. Lemonade


Watermelon Mint Lemonade

The lightly sweetened and sparkling watermelon mint lemonade is prepared from red watermelon along with tart lemons, mint, and sugar. It has sweet, sour, and spicy flavors, which make it a perfect summer drink. It is rich in Vitamin-C and helps in digestion-related issues.

3. Watermelon Mint Lemonade

4. Buttermilk/ Lassi

It is a traditional yogurt-based drink primarily consumed in Northern and Western regions of India. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, and spices. Salty Lassi is thoroughly refreshing with the peppy flavors of black salt and cumin seeds powder. However, Sweet Lassi is a popular drink in Punjabi cuisine, which gives you a chilled, dessert-like taste.

4. Buttermilk Lassi5.


It is a refreshing Indian beverage with a peppy flavor. Jaljeera can be easily prepared using cilantro, mint, and a few spices. It is famous all across the country for its tangy, spicy, and sour flavors. It is a low-calorie drink, suitable for diabetic patients, and helps in weight loss.

5. Jaljeera6.

Sugarcane juice

It is an absolute lip-smacking drink rich in antioxidants, iron, and calcium. It is extracted from pressed sugarcane. It is a natural drink blended with mint leaves, cumin powder, and salt, which gives a goodness of taste. It acts as an energy booster and helps in the normal functioning of kidneys.

6. Sugarcane juice


Coconut Water

The mild sweetness and fresh taste of coconut water make you feel rejuvenated in hot summers. It is a clear liquid found inside the immature coconuts. It is rich in electrolytes, calcium, iron, and other nutrients. It is low in calories and carbs, which may benefit heart and kidney health.

7. Coconut Water



Thandai is a traditional Indian drink with a nutty and milky taste. It is made with a blend of milk, nuts, and spices. It is widely popular in the Northern region of India. It is mainly consumed during the Holi Festival. Rich in flavors and taste, it is usually served chilled, which relaxes the mind and uplifts the mood. It also improves digestion due to its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties.

8. Thandai

 9. Sattu Drink

It is a lip-smacking traditional Indian drink, which is an equally effective substitute for your protein shakes. It is a popular drink mainly consumed in Bihar. It is made with roasted gram flour, chilled water, and other spices. It helps in flushing out the body’s harmful toxins and improves digestion.

9. Sattu Drink

 10. Bael Sharbat

It is an Indian drink made from the pulp of wood apple, which is a fiber-rich fruit. It is flavored with salt and pepper or mint leaves. The drink has a sweet and sour flavor. It is an energizing and refreshing drink which improves digestive health. It is considered an excellent cure to combat viral and bacterial infections.

10. Bael Sharbat

11. Neer Mor

It is a South Indian-style beverage, also known as Spiced Buttermilk, which is widely popular in Tamil Nadu. It is a thin watery drink made using fresh thick curd blended with herbs and spices. This drink is a natural coolant and helps to overcome heat during summers. It is one of the quickest and easiest recipes to make and serve at home.

11. Neer Mor12. Kiwi Lemonade

Kiwi lemonade is made using fresh kiwis, lemon juice, herbs, and sugar. It can be topped with mint leaves and black pepper. It has a sweet and sour taste. It is a perfect choice for summer. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C and has a lot of antioxidant compounds. This drink will keep the body cool and hydrated.

12. Kiwi Lemonade13. Barley Water

It is a healthy traditional drink consumed all across the country to overcome the scorching heat. It is made by simply simmering barley grains in water. Lemon juice, salt, and sugar can also be added to make it tastier. This drink is loaded with various nutrients and antioxidants that lower cholesterol.

13. Barley Water

 14. Iced Peach Green Tea

It is a refreshing, flavourful, and naturally sweetened drink. It is made using green tea, peach juice, honey, and lemonade. This drink can be flavored with herbs and spices to make it more delicious and healthier. This nutrient-rich drink is low in calories and provides various health benefits.

14. Iced Peach Green Tea15. Raspberry Vanilla Soda

It is a refreshing drink made using fresh or frozen raspberries, soda syrup, vanilla extract, water, and sugar. The contrast between sweet and tart flavors makes this drink a great option in the hot summer season. It has a high concentration of fiber. It helps in easy digestion and enhances metabolism.

15. Raspberry Vanilla Soda

 16. Orange Juice Spritzer

It is a lip-smacking drink made using fresh orange juice, lemon-lime soda, salt, and herbs. It is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink which has a blend of sweet and sour tastes. This drink is a good source of Vitamin-C and antioxidants, which may boost immune function.

16. Orange juice spritzer

 17. Agua Fresca

It is a refreshing drink made by blending fruits with water, sugar, and lime juice. This non-alcoholic beverage is full of flavors and is the best choice in summer. It is also incredibly hydrating and has some great health benefits as it supports immune function and healthy digestion.

17. Agua Fresca

 18. Sparkling Ginger Lemonade

It is a refreshing drink made using fresh lemons, granulated sugar, ginger root, and soda. The tangy flavor of lemon and the mildly spicy aroma of the ginger root results in a lip-smacking drink. Lemon is full of Vitamin-C and rejuvenates the soul with its tangy flavor. It is one of the best options to sip on a hot summer day.

18. Sparkling Ginger Lemonade

 19. Solkadhi

It is a traditional, digestive, cooling drink made by blending freshly extracted coconut milk with kokum, green chili, herbs, and spices. The mint leaves enhance the flavour and make it more delicious. This refreshing drink boosts immunity and is known to promote weight loss.

19. Solkadhi

 20. Kokum Juice

This drink is known for its coolant properties and is widely popular in Goa. This refreshing drink is primarily consumed in the summer to beat the scorching heat. It is a simple, healthy drink made using kokum, water, sugar, and salt. It is rich in various nutrients and helps in easy digestion.

20. Kokum Juice