Top 20 Checkpoints From Chefs

Top 20 Checkpoints From Chefs
Top 20 Checkpoints From Chefs

With the advent of online food delivery, ordering food from the nearest hotel seems appealing. But when you decide to save a few pennies for yourself and decide to cook, you need few tricks that can save your time. Well, the internet offers them too. But this time, without spending money. With a few tricks, you can be a Master chef (and a Faster chef!).

1.Checkmate To The Boil Over (Or Spoil Over)

One peaceful evening, while the pasta excitement is in the air, you smell something wrong. And you see your pasta overflowing. Can something destroy your mood more than this? Protect them by placing a wooden spatula across the cooking pot.


2.Microwaving Fruits

Surprised? Actually, it is not for enhancing taste. It just saves your time, and you can peel that fruit easily. Do this with citrus fruits only. Just microwave it for 15 to 20 seconds!


3.Easy Buttermilk Alternative

You have started to prepare buttermilk waffles or a coleslaw only to know that you ran out of buttermilk. Now should you call the programme off? Well, we can make an alternative for buttermilk this way. Put a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice into milk and use that. Consistency and tastes differ, but they can act as a quick substitute.


4.Care The Cast Iron Pan

The cast-iron pans get rusted over time if you do not care for them. Well, stainless steel is there for the rescue. But still, if you are using cast iron pans, then scrub them with salt regularly. Dish soap cannot prevent it from rusting. In this way, they are seasoned and ready to use.


5.Never Fade Stainless Steel Formula

Stainless steel loses its lustre over time. Though it does not rust, it gets dull over time. Do you wish to save your stainless steel? Then make a dilute vinegar solution with water and sprinkle them on the pot. Now rub it with a tidy fabric.


6.Checkmate To The Burning Food

The food turns brown from down, but it is undone at the upper portion, do not worry. Just drop an ice cube into the pot. The water vaporizes quickly too! And your food is rescued!

burningfood7.When Sugar Becomes Strict!

Brown sugar becomes lumps when not stored properly. It becomes tasteless when it hardens. Just pull off a damp paper towel and wrap sugar inside it. Now microwave it for 20 seconds. Voila! The sugar is no longer lump sum!


8.Long Live Tomatoes!

The lifetime of a tomato is two days outdoors and an average of 5 to 7 days in the fridge. They can be made to last long with a simple step. Just place their stem scar downwards. Then air and moisture cannot enter the stem scar.


9.Operation Browning Fruit Prevention

We have two ways to slow food oxidation. We can sprinkle lemon on the cut-off fruit. Or else we can dampen it with a honey solution (2 parts water, 1 part honey). This makes the oxidation process slow and retains the food longer.


10.DIY Eggshell Remover

Peeling an eggshell is a daunting task. While the 10th trick works perfectly, there is another way to peel them off with ease. Use another piece of eggshell. As diamond cuts diamond, eggshell cuts an eggshell! As simple as that!


11.De-Seeding Vegetables In Minutes!

Scooping vegetables is a time-consuming task and it is boring too! But using an ice cream scooper can make it easier and faster.


12.Potato Peeling Hack

Many of us boil potatoes and then burn our hands. It is enough! After boiling them, just drop them into ice water. Watch them shedding their skin off.


13. Why Leaving That Drop?

Sometimes, the situation demands us to be miserly. If you want to extract every single drop of lemons, then put them in a refrigerator. Now microwave them for about 20 seconds. Now squeeze them, and enjoy few more drops of juice!


14.Checkmate To Dry Microwave Tantrums

Microwaves can make food really dry and miserable to eat. Put a glass of water next to the bowl of food in it. Now your food is fresh, and make a cup of tea!


15.From Today, Onions Cannot Make You Cry!

Onions never fail to make us cry. In that case, refrigerate the onions before chopping. But you must cook the onions just after cutting. Or else they will become spongy and useless.


16.Cutting Boards Need Maintenance

If you do not clean your wooden cutting board, it will turn into a hub for microbes. Slice a lemon and lower the cut side into salt. Scrub your cutting board and then rinse it with hot water.


17.Honey Crystals?

Honey is the only food that never rots. But the change is inevitable. It can turn into crystals over time. We can de-crystallise it by keeping the honey jat in warm water for some minutes. It would taste like it never crystallised before.


18.Coffee Machine Out Of Order? Fear Not!

A day starting without coffee is just like living a day in hell. If the coffee machine throws tantrums, here is what you must do.  Boil coffee in a jar of water using the same coffee to water proportion as you’d place in a coffee machine. Remove the coffee from the heat and let it settle. Skim the coffee off of the top of the pot into your cup. The coffee would take you into a paradise.


19.No More Mess!

Clumsy people mess up while measuring honey or other liquids. Spray some edible oils in it before measuring. Remember to spray and not pour it. This way, it becomes easy to measure and also easy to clean.


20.Parchment Paper Remedy

Made all preparations for a perfect cupcake party but found out that your cupcake cups are missing? Now, as a need of the hour, try parchment papers. Use medium quality parchment papers only. Top-quality parchment papers are too non-sticky. Now, it will stretch uniformly.