Top 20 Chennais Beach Food

Top 20 Chennais Beach Food
Top 20 Chennais Beach Food

Being the second longest beach in the world the Chennai beach is filled with its range of food items which everyone should try. All these are food items are very cheap being extremely cost beneficial. The food items, mentioned below will be available in marina beach and Elliot’s beach in Chennai any time and any season

1. Milaga bajji

Milaga refers to chili in Tamil but do not worry the chilly which is used is more of a less hot version of our green chili and more of a juicy pepper when it is deep fried in besan batter and eaten hot sure to kick your taste buds

5 pcs costs from Rs.20


2. Corn on cob

A piece of corn which is slowly charred in flame and applied chili powder and salt wrapped up in a newspaper gives the best snack on a chilly night. It is also rubbed with lime and butter according to our preference. Go for corn when you decide to eat a non-fat food

One corn costs Rs.20


3. Nethili fry

Nethili (anchovies) is a kind of fish which is small got fresh from the sea deep fried in a masala batter made from chili powder, ginger garlic paste, lime juice and eggs. This crunchy fry is best for sea food lovers

One plate costs up to Rs.50 depending on the no of fries

nethalli fry

4. Onion bajji

A slice of onion deep fried with the usual bajji batter prepared and when you take a single bite of it the layers of onion combined with the besan flour layer gives an exemplary taste

5 pcs costs Rs.20

onion baji

5. Soan papdi

The soan papdi which we get in beach is the south Indian version of the original north Indian soan papdi. Unlike the usual cube shaped this one is circular stored in big glass jar. This sweet is very soft, fluffy and melts in your mouth

One piece of this may cost from Rs.5 to 15


6. Masala peanut sundal

An alternated version of bhel puri with lesser is more of a salad type with peanuts, fresh tomatoes, onions and mango it gives a blend of hotness and sour

One pack of sundal costs Rs.10

masala peanut

7. Fish fry

Apart from nethili or anchovies there are a variety of fish fries available in beach starting from banjara (king fish),vavval (pomfret),sheela(barracuda each one is cooked with its very own masala contain chili, salt, garam masala, ginger garlic paste lime juice most predominantly

Price varies according to each type of fish

fish fry

8. Plantain bajji

For people who want a subtle yet great snack plantain bajji would be the best a strip of plantain fried in oil and served with the chutney which they prepare.

5 pcs costs Rs.20

Plantain bajji

9. Cotton candy

Locally called as panju mittai these are vibrantly colored in fluorescent pink, orange and yellow and tightly wrapped would be the best choice for children

One packet costs Rs.10 but you can get three for Rs.20

cotton candy

10. Delhi appalam

The south Indian version of papad is known as appalam done from rice flour processed and dried which is fried in oil and served with condiments of our choice. The size of this appalam is so big that usually one appalam can serve two people

Price may vary according to shops

delhi applalam

11. Raw mango slice

A simple slice of raw green mango which is cut served with a mix of chili powder and salt folded in newspaper is simple yet classic item giving a mix a saltiness and hotness.

A set of three slices may cost from Rs.10 to 15


12. Prawn masala

Apart from the fish types beach food also includes prawns/shrimps it is cooked in a medium flame tossed with tomatoes, onions and the south Indian masala it is available in both fried and gravy

Price may vary according to the quantity and the type of prawn used

prawn masala

13. Sea food lunch

in afternoon time in a very few selected shops there is full-fledged sea food meals are sold from the freshly caught fish is prepared a masala fish curry, with fish fry served with hot rice gives a complete meal for the day

Starting from Rs.50


14. Cauliflower pakoda

This cauliflower fritters are done by deep frying cauliflower in a masala batter. The batter contains rice flour; corn flour for crispiness and the usual masala base. When you take a bite of this dark red pakoda it contains the perfect blend of all flavors

One plate costs Rs.30


15. Potato bajji

When you are bored of French fries, spring potatoes try this desi dish with potatoes. A slice of potato deep fried with besan batter gives a different treat to your taste buds

5 pcs costs Rs.20 or 25


16. Spring potato

A potato wrapped along a skewer deep fried and topped with masala, cheese and mayonnaise. It looks so attractive that when you take kids they will ask for this and it is even more fun to eat


17. Green peas sundal

Unlike the other sundal types this sundal is always done with many condiments and with huge frenzy of masala it is the most favorite for young guys always served hot directly from the stove topped with sev and coriander leaves

One plate costs from Rs.20 to 50


18. Channa sundal

This protein rich gram dhal is sautéed with mustard, curry, coriander leaves, toor dal and red chilly for people who are on diet this comes as best choice

Small pack costs Rs.10 and the large one costs Rs.25


19. Kulfi

When you want a perfect dessert to end the day kulfi helps you there the kulfi which is sold in beaches are big compared to the usual one. Kulfi usually comes under the ice cream category. This is prepared with milk, badam and pistachios the best dessert for all age group people

Plain kulfi costs Rs.20

Chocolate kulfi costs Rs.30


20. Roasted peanuts

This method of roasting peanuts can be found only in south India. For an even roast the peanuts are roasted with sand and then it is sieved and what we get is perfectly crunchy peanuts. The sand contains natural salt that enhances flavor of the peanuts

Starts from Rs.10