Types Of Street Food Found In Rural India

Types Of Street Food Found In Rural India

INDIA is a country that has eateries with mouth smacking food present in every Part of the country. We Indians are so fond of cooking and eating food that we showcase all our talents when it comes to good food. INDIA is so vibrant and its cultures so vast that you can get to taste its elements in the streets, where the blend of spices and diversity has the perfect welcome for everyone. Here are the various types of food you will find on the streets of the rural part of India.

1. Gajar Ka Halwa

What better than a sweet tooth, and what better than the mouth-watering Gajar ka Halwa made from the best of carrots and sugar. It will not fail to amaze a soul with its smooth texture and is surely going to make your mouth and stomach want more.


2. Ghewar

A crunchy cum creamy sweet, it can be eaten with or without Rabdi (a creamy sweet made from milk). Made and sold mainly during the rainy season, it is a favourite of most of the children and adults. A perfect grandma reminder sweet, it is great enough if you wish to treat yourself to a desi Rural kitchen eateries.


3. Rajbhog

A dish made with crunchy puri and namkeen filled with curd, it can manage to fill your stomach completely. The Addition of spicy masalas and finely chopped onions with namkeen makes it carry a taste suitable if you wish to eat a neutrally tasting snack regarding spiciness.


4. Kachori

Kachori is a breakfast dish served in almost the whole of the northern plains of India. It is a complete meal and is being served with a gravy made with potatoes and chillies. It comes both stuffed and plain depending on preferences, and its availability makes it an easy job to eat a stomach filling snack on the streets.


5. Moond Daal Lauj

This a sweet which is specifically found only in small streets and is preferred as an on the run, grab and go desert. Yellow and tempting, it gives you a taste of the pulse which is the dominant ingredient. This sweet is also a favourite when it comes to gifting and distributions.

Moond daal lauj

6. Samosa

No street or canteen in India is complete with the cheapest and most widely preferred snack of all time- Samosa. The crunchy coating is made with maize flour, stuffed with potatoes and is deeply fried. It can be eaten with a combination of a spicy green or red chili chutney and leaves no trace of disappointment.


7. Halwa Parantha

 The sweetness of halwa added to the crunchy parantha, it is a major part of the street food clan. A dish that is so rich in its Taste does stand as the governor to all the street foods. Usually found in town squares, these are every bodies filler.

Halwa Parantha

8. Naan Khatai

Baked till moderate sweetness, this is the desi version of cookies. Eaten best when hot from the furnace, they are a major delicacy in the northern front hold of India. It is eaten as a casual snack, or as a part desert at the end of your street food eating spree.

Naan Khatai

9. Pedha

A semi-sweet, it is made from Mewa. It is one of the few stomachs filling sweet and has its touch of the Rural recipe. It works best when you wish to gift on festivals and other occasions.


10. Gulab Jamun

A major soothing and soft piece of warm delicate sweet, it enriches the fulfilment of a meal. It is a traditional dish found being cooked in big vessels in almost all parts of India. Mainly you happen to find dry fruits stuffed inside as the gulab jamun melts in your mouth.


11. Jaggery

Mostly made in the sugarcane belt of India, jaggery is rich in sweet content and is being made by extracting sugar directly from the sugarcane. It is made in huge warehouses and is being sold on the streets. These happen to contain some amount of masala, coconut, dry fruits and fennel to give it a richer taste.


12. Chole Kulche

Getting its origin from the fertile lands of Punjab, this is a mouth smacking dish served in Chole, the gravy, and kulcha, a bread sprinkled with dried coriander. It tastes best when eaten with additional butter and it is preferred when you need a fresh meal out on the streets.

Chole Kulche

13. Tiki

No street food in India is complete without the famous tiki. It is a potato cutlet, it is combined with several chutneys and masalas to give you a wickedly spicy treat which produces flames inside your mouth. Every city has its very own tiki joint, and this dish can be enjoyed when eaten on a chilly day. Curd and pulses are also added to improve the taste.


14. Fruit Chat

The rural areas have developed their own form of masala chat which is so filled with flavour that every bite of the fruit brings out a unique combination of the spices. A series of casual eating, it is a healthy alternative to the street food. Fruit chat is a mixture of the desi bhel chat with its core as the fruit, and that is why it has evolved as a major dish in the vendor sales business.


15. Matri

It is a biscuit namkeen snack made from maize flour and deeply fried. It can be moulded in several shapes, and it belongs to a very integral part of the Indian culture food. It can be preserved for several days and can be preferably enjoyed with a pickle. These are also served on many occasions and can be gifted in festivals like Diwali and Holi.


16 Batasha

A white moon-shaped and looking crunchy snack, it is found in the city squares and is sold in vast quantities. These are very light and acts as crunchy chips qualifying for bored eating. It is sweet in taste and kids are majorly fond of it.


17. Barulae

The desi potato balls, usually of red colour, and served with an excess of green chutney, it is a major spicy outlook to the kingdom of food. They are deeply fried and served hot and fresh. It is mainly being sold in town fairs and during the winter season as it is much soothing to if it then. If you are a spicy food crazy person, it needs to be on your list.


18. Jalebi

The whirls of Jalebi spread to the entire country wooing all those who have had a taste of these. It is a staple sweet all the way from North India to South India. Made from maize flour, fried and then dipped in sugar syrup, it is very rich in its taste.


19. Pakodi

 No snack better on a rainy day than some pakodi with green chutney on a rainy day from your local street vendor. Phenomenal as it is, it comes in various types which differ in their inner stuffing. Onions, cauliflower, potato, etc. are the most commonly sold and eaten pakodi with the spiciness of green chutney.


20. Chura Matar

Constituting chura with a mixture of boiled peas, it is a famous dish that lets you eat healthily and is taste wealthy. It gives you a flavour of the Deccan masalas, and you can add some lemon to it to enrich its taste. Apart from that, it is a namkeen that gives it an easy to carry and consume snack.


21. Bhel Puri

 The most famous namkeen snack of all times, bhelpuri is made by mixing murmur with various types of namkeen, Chutney, and Lemon. Served by almost all the vendors across India, it had had its success in the street food categories. Moreover, nowadays many more flavors are being added to get the customers to keep wanting for more.