Top 20 Chicken Eating Spots In Uttar Pradesh

best chiekn eating

An awesome fragrance with toothsome taste guess which dishes we are taking about????

Yes,we are talking about the most luscious dish chicken which has special resemblance in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is a state which is famous for its culture,food,monuments,tradition etc,likewise there many cities of Uttar Pradesh which has a speciality of chicken courses. Chicken is known to be one of the healthiest vitamin containing food.The chicken cravers can have delicious chicken dishes in Uttar Pradesh to satisfy their needy tongue and empty stomachs.

1 Sha Chicken Hut At Varanasi

Sha Chicken hut is one of the most famous chicken spots of Varanasi situated at Dashasmedh Road. People of Varanasi serves their hungry stomachs with special dishes of Sha Restaurants. Lucknowi Mughlai is a mouth watering course of Sha restaurants which attracts a number of people to have meal there anytime in a reasonable cost.


2 Grandson Of Tunday Kababi At Lucknow

Though Lucknow have many famous chicken restaurants,still Grandson of Tunday Kabab has its own remarkable presence. Lucknow is known to be a city of nawabs who have royal taste and high standards. Grandson of Tunday restaurants offers a variety of chicken dishes. It is located at Aminabad in Lucknow. It has many branches at different locations in Lucknow.


3 Baba Biryani At Kanpur

Baba Biryani of Kanpur is well known for its home-like taste Biryani. It is located at Z Square Mall Road,Kanpur. It always invites hungry stomachs to have taste of delicious Baba Biryani. It comes under the most favourite chicken points in Kanpur.


4 Deez Biryani And Kebabs At Noida

It has a royal taste with healthy vitamins. It is one of the most renown biryani shops of Noida. People from Delhi and Gurgaon comes to eat this famous biryani. Kebabs are also very famous of this shop. It offers varieties of biryani with fresh spices and tempting aroma. It is situated at P-10, First Floor, Sector 18, Noida. It makes every chicken lover heart fall.


5 Allahabad Biryani Centre At Allahabad

This biryani shop has flavours of cardamon,clove etc which makes it more tasty and mouth watery. Allahabad is very famous for the river Sangam but Allahabad Biryani Centre is no less famous. It is situated at 7/E, Shankar Tower, Clive Road, Allahabad. It presents a huge variety of chicken dishes which are extremely delicious and unique in taste.


6 Kwality Restaurants At Bareilly

It is one of the most celebrated chicken restaurants in Bareilly which has power chicken taste with royal ingredients and soothing smell. Though Bareilly is famous for many things still Kwality restaurant is famous for serving maximum hungry stomachs. It is located at 47 Civil Lines opposite Prasad Talkies, Bareilly.


7 Red Tomato Restaurants At Jhansi

It is one of the most affordable restaurants of Jhansi which gives the best taste in a very affordable price. It serves the most spiciest and luxurious savour. Biryani has been the easiest dish to be prepared; all it needs is rice,fresh spices,chicken and vegetables.This famous restaurant is situated near Civil Lines, Jhansi.


8 Mezbaan Restaurant At Aligarh

Have you ever heard the word Mezbaani? It means serving people with happy heart. Exactly, Mezbaan restaurant serves its customers with blooming hearts so that customers enjoy the meal at the fullest. It is situated at Pawan Place, Samad Road, Central Point, Aligarh.


9 Rakesh Chicken Point At Kanpur

The taste which do not only sooth tongues but souls too,that taste is being served by Rakesh Chicken Point. It has very affordable range of dishes with specific taste. They have special taste of fresh green coriander.


10 Al Karim Restaurant At Meerut

It has toothsome taste with refreshing fragrance. The secret taste of cardamom,clove and mint makes this dish a special one. It can be best served with green coriander chutney. It is located at Railway Road, Menika Cinema, Meerut.


11 Laziz Chicken Biryani At Agra

It is situated near Naiband Crossing, Nai Ki Mandir, Agra. It has best chicken flavours with tempting aroma. Food is one of the most favourite thing in life and when it comes to chicken it excites every hungry stomach. It has finger licking taste.


12 Republic Of Chicken At Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is a city where people loves to eat. They have foody stomach with crazy food taste. It is situated at shop no G-6,Plot no C-102, RDC, Raj Nagar. It contains simple recipe of cooking rice with chicken slices with spices.


13 Nazeer Foods At Ghaziabad

It is another brilliant chicken restaurant in Ghaziabad which serves the best chicken. It is located at U-26, Gaur Gravity City, Shaheed Devinder Singh Jass Road, Vaibhav Khand, Ghaziabad. Though Ghaziabad have many good restaurants but Nazeer foods comes on first priority for people. Chicken is a meal to remember specially when it have variety.


14 Tandoor Villa At varanasi

Tandoor Villa is a pure non-vegetarian restaurant which serves the best of chicken. Though it has high rates but it has royal taste. It is situated near S-17/317, Nadesar Main Road, near SBI ATM, Varanasi.


15 Moti Mahal Restaurant At Lucknow

Moti Mahal restaurant have awesome food with a fixed variety of chicken dishes. They offer tastiest foods in reasonable prices. It is situated near Hazratganj in Lucknow.


16 Yumm Biryani At Noida

Yumm word itself defines the taste which blooms young loving hearts. Yumm Biryani has such a yummy taste that it attracts many people on daily basis. People comes to celebrate events with family at Yumm Biryani Restaurant. They celebrate huge variety of chicken dishes with amazing taste. It is located at Shop No 1B lower basement, Shopprix Mall at Noida.


17 Hyderabadi Biryani At Kanpur

Hyderabadi Biryani is quite famous all over India. People have special craze to taste hyderabadi biryani. Similarly, Hyderabadi biryani rules all over kanpur people. People can have lot of variety of chicken at this place for example Butter Chicken, Hyderabadi Special Biryani,Tandoori Chicken,Chicken Tikka Rice etc.


18 Loveena Restaurant At Moradabad

Loveena Restaurant is a quite famous restaurant of Moradabad which serves the best chicken in Moradabad. It consists of various chicken dishes with totally different taste.


19 Raj Biryani At Saharanpur

Though Saharanpur is not very famous city but still it has a very special biryani shop called Raj Biryanis. People who visits Saharanpur must try this delicious biryani. People can easy prepare this biryani even at home.


20 Beniya Bhag Biryani At Varanasi

Beniya Bhag is one of the most crowded area of Varanasi. People go their with different reasons,some go for shopping and on the other hand some go for eating. Biryani of Beniya Bhag is so famous that people skip preparing food at home. Chicken is a food that unites people while even teaches sharing and caring. Uttar Pradesh is though famous for many things but food comes under special consideration,people finds home-like taste there with comfortable language.