Top 20 Different Types of Pineapple You Should Know

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Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is made of individual berries that fuse around a central core. It is delicious and has many health benefits. It is rich in Vitamin C, manganese, and antioxidants. Other nutrients include Vitamin and thiamine. It also helps to boost the immune system, aid digestion, and build strong bones. They are fat-free, low in sodium, and free from cholesterol.

It originated from the area between Paraguay and Southern Brazil. Today, Southeast Asia is one of the leading exporters in the world. Pineapple has almost a hundred varieties that are available in different shapes and sizes.

Read on to know more about the 20 Different types of pineapple:

1 Abacaxi Pineapple

Abacaxi Pineapples have a sweet taste and are also known as the tastiest type amongst all. They are tall and spiny, and their flesh is juicy and white transparent in color. They are not used commercially as they are extremely fragile to be shipped.  It is a well-known variety in the Bahamas, Florida, and Brazil. Its leaves are bluish-green colored with red-purple tinge.


2 Queen Pineapple

Queen Pineapples are grown in South Africa and Australia. They are also known as Common Rough Pineapples. It is fragrant and dark yellow and has a small core. They are not used as canned pineapples and are consumed raw and fresh. The leading cultivators of this variety are the Philippines, Queensland, and South Africa. It is more fragrant and juicier as compared to Smooth Cayenne. It has a fine flavour with a tender and small core.


3 Red Spanish Pineapple

Red Spanish Pineapples have orange-red skin and are found mainly in the Caribbean. They are also found in light yellow color having high fiber. Since they can be shipped well, they are transported all over the world. It is produced by West Indies, Mexico, and Venezuela. They are highly flavorful and aromatic.


4 Smooth Cayenne Pineapple

Smooth Cayenne Pineapples are the variety that is usually found in the supermarkets. They have yellow flesh and orange rind and have high acid and juice content. Since its flesh has low fiber, it comprises of about 90% of the canned fruit in the world.


5 Brecheche Pineapple

Brecheche Pineapples have a small size, and their leaves are medium and olive colored. They are shaped cylindrically, and the fruit is yellow color. The plant is also spiked free. It is grown to a limited extent in Southern Venezuela. The flesh is very fragrant and juicy with little fiber and small core.


6 Cayena Lisa Pineapple

Cayena Lisa Pineapple has long and wide leaves with the fruit being cylindrical. The outside is reddish orange while it has a pale-yellow inside. The top of the leaves has few spikes.


7 Panare Pineapple

The name ‘Panare’ is named after the Indian tribe who grew it in Venezuela. It is a medium-sized fruit having spiny and long leaves. It is orange colored having deep-yellow flesh. It has a slight fragrance with a small core and little fiber.


8 Mauritius Pineapple

Mauritius Pineapple is also known as Red Malacca, Malacca Queen, and Red Ceylon. It is an important variety cultivated in India, Ceylon, and Malaya. The pineapple is small-sized having yellow colored flesh. It is sweet and usually consumed fresh or used for juices.

Selling pineapple at rural market in Mauritius

9 Sugarloaf Pineapple

Sugarloaf Pineapple has a cylindrical shape having a tough rind. They are softer as compared to other varieties and remain green even when they are ripe. Their flesh is juicy having a creamy texture and floral aroma. The flavor is sweet and tastes like honey. They are a popular variety in Puerto Rico, Philippines, South America, and Cuba.


10 Maipure Pineapple

Maipure Pineapples are cylindrical having a deep yellow colored flesh while their skin is lighter. The leaves are spiky and have red spots.


11 Pernambuco Pineapple

Pernambuco Pineapples are vigorous plants that have a lot of spikes on their skin. It is oblongly shaped and is yellow both inside and outside. They are small, tender, and juicy having a mild flavor. Their cultivation is restricted to South American countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela.


12 Roja Espanola Pineapple

Roja Espanola Pineapples are barrel shaped and have yellow-orange colored flesh. They consist of small single fruits that gather around to make a pineapple. The taste is pleasant and sweet.


13 Ripley Pineapple

Ripley Pineapples have reddish-green colored leaves with brown spots. They are round, oval fruits with dark green color, but pale copper when they fully ripen. The fruit is sweet and succulent while the fiber amount is on the lower side. It is grown in Queensland and is a dwarf plant.


14 James Queen Pineapple

James Queen Pineapple has a large size with reddish-orange flesh and yellow inside. The leaves are dark green colored with reddish spots. It is known to be originated from South Africa. It has larger fruit with square shoulders.


15 Cabezona Pineapple

Cabezona is a large plant having wide leaves with small spikes. The fruit is conically shaped having a yellow-orange exterior with bittersweet and fibrous pulp. The fruit is cut off the plant with a machete as it has a large and strong stem.


16 Champaka Pineapple

Champaka Pineapple is a large plant having long dark green colored leaves which are sword-like and spiny with reddish spots. It is cylindrically shaped having a reddish-orange exterior and yellow colored interior. This pineapple is not used for raw consumption.


17 Monte Lirio Pineapple

Monte Lirio Pineapple is a globose fruit having white inside and yellow color outside. The leaves are intensely green and free from spikes.


18 PR-1-67 Pineapple

PR-1-67 Pineapples are a variety similar to ‘Roja Española’ variety. The pineapple is barrel-shaped having yellow-orange exterior. The leaves are yellowish green with reddish tinge.


19 Montufar Pineapple

Montufar Pineapples are conically shaped which are  yellowish-green outside and yellow inside. The leaves are small to medium sized having large spikes at the border.


20 Spanish Jewel Pineapple

Spanish Jewel Pineapples are cylindrically shaped pineapples having rectangular, flat, and deep eyes. They have wide and long dark green colored leaves. The fruit is orange inside and white outside.