Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Lake Palace Road, Udaipur

Top 20 Chinese Restaurants in Lake Palace Road Udaipur
Top 20 Chinese Restaurants in Lake Palace Road Udaipur

Chinese dishes are partaken and have a huge fan following all over the nation. The adoration for the food is extraordinary to such an extent that we have taken genuine Chinese dishes and given them an interesting Indian twist as desi Chinese or Indo-Chinese cuisine. From the sizzle to the long last nibble into the dish, every preparation is downright a gastronomic enjoyment.

Here is a rundown of the best top 20 Chinese restaurants in Lake Palace Road:

1.Mr. Oven

It is an eatery that has an austere setting. It is generally renowned for its mixed cooking styles and bamboo stylistic layout. The restaurant is set in a good spot, where anybody could have a light meal at a meager cost and the delicious Chinese dishes.


2.China Chowk

Their Hakka Noodles, Crispy Fried Chicken, and Chili Chicken are some of the dearests and must-try dishes here. With the value you pay, the amount offered is well-suited or far superior. The food items served here at China Chowk are very delicious, and the variety of their short and sweet menu is also appreciable.


3.Maharaja Eating Lobby

Dealing with food cravings till as late as 3:30 AM, Maharaja Dining Hall is a relaxed feasting eatery serving Rajasthani, Gujarati, North Indian cuisines. An incredible spot in Kharghar, lauded for its polished show, is a decent joint to visit when one hopes to satisfy food cravings with the tasty, clean dish at ostensible costs.


4.Wow China

The Wow China outlet is an open semi-formal eatery just alongside the prior Wow, Momo outlet. The inner dining area is very splendid and lovely. Wow China is an Indian chain of drive-through eateries settled in Kolkata, West Bengal; gaining their practical experiences in Momos and Dumplings famous in Nepal, Tibet, and India.


5.Shivshakti Chinese food

The dishes served here are delicious with incredibly sensible costs. The most famous dishes available here are the Masala Dosa, Chowmein, Paneer Chilly, Chinese Bhel, Red Pasta, Spring Roll, Manchurian, etc. The staff at this restaurant is very polite and friendly.

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6.Pick And Move

It is a small restaurant that offers South Indian and Chinese dishes and it likewise serves breakfast. It has fantastic dishes. People like their seating arrangements which are clean and beautiful.


7.RK Chinese

The eatery serves cuisines like Chinese, Fast Food, and Rolls. It is a good spot with fresh and delicious food. They offer good service.


8.Eat out

An excellent outlet that, for the most part, has practical experience in Chinese and Fast-Food cooking styles. Efficient estimating, liberal serving, and quick help certainly win hearts. Should visit for a quick bite. Must-haves: Chicken Momos and Honey Chili Potatoes.


9.Mini Chinese

Well-known among young people and students as this is a pocket-accommodating spot to top off your cravings for dishes. This spot is generally ideal for having a get-together or a little family dinner.


10.Jo-jo Chinese

Apart from Chinese food, Busa Go is regularly visited by individuals for their mainland and Indian dishes. It offers excellent assistance and also serves varieties of fast food like Burgers etc.



This moderate eatery serves Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental, and Thai Asian food. The stylistic interior and food of this eatery will keep one hypnotized. The help is excellent, and it is an optimal spot to visit for individuals.


12.China Town

As the name proposes, this spot serves everything Chinese. They serve snacks like momos, spring rolls, burgers in a Chinese style alongside the typical staples like noodles and roasted rice. Their sauces and Manchurians are best paired with the wide assortment of dishes they bring to the table.


13.Mini Dinners

The scaled-down Meals situated in NSP are North Indian, South Indian, and street food. Their excellent quality food at reasonable rates makes this vital joint a nearby top pick. Some top-of-the-line dishes are Rajma Chawal, Bharwan Gol Gappe, Bombay Vada Pav, Kathi Kabab Rumali Platter, and Dahi Kebab!


14Jaipur wilderness

This eatery serves excellent food and has an extraordinary ambiance. This food joint also possesses the excellent staff who are all around capable. Located in Lokhandwala, this café serves Chinese and Thai dishes.


15.Happy Chinese

This outlet gives home conveyance administration, offers delectable Chinese dishes and joy to the taste buds. One can partake in a good supper here, with sensible estimating. The most famous dishes here are Chilly Potato, Chicken Roll, and White Sauce Pasta.


16.Treet 2 eat

It serves a wide assortment of energetic treats straight from the stove. Known for being predictable with its quality, just as the administration, it is an incredible spot to visit in the organization of partners to indulge in office talks and appreciating the wonderful dinners served.


17.The Social Tapri

Chinese, Sushi, Asian and vegan dishes are available at this eatery. This café charms its clients by serving delightful dishes with significant portions. The mood and the assistance offered by the staff could make anybody want to come back to this eatery over and over.


18.The Intersection Bistro

Irresistible, glorious food can be enjoyed and at a moderate cost here, it is extraordinary compared to other Chinese cafés in Udaipur. Hospitality is excellent with a fantastic Vibe.


19.Mr. Foodies

It is probably the most excellent spot to have the most authentic Chinese nutrition. This spot also offers Italian, Indian, and vegan cuisines. The important aspect of this restaurant is its great ambiance and food. It also serves fast food and beverages.



This eatery serves marvelous Chinese dishes, which are delicious and fit for a family. This must-visit café has reasonable Chinese and North Indian, Italian, and Asian mainland food. Customers say it’s worth the visit because of its good quality and fresh food.