Top 20 Korean Restaurants To Visit In India

Top 20 Korean Restaurants to Visit in India 1
Top 20 Korean Restaurants to Visit in India 1

Annyeonghasibnikka! (Hello) Have you jammed to K-pop? Has Seoul become your dream destination as well? Do you want to taste savoury authentic Korean cuisine while staying in India? It is not a problem anymore because we have it all covered for you. Due to the growing popularity of K-Pop and K-Drama, Korean cuisine has found a special place in the hearts of many Indians. Explore these top 20 Korean restaurants located all over India to have a taste of spicy Korean Fried Chicken, authentic and appetizing Ramen, a wholesome dessert of Mochi, and many more.

1.Gung The Palace, New Delhi.

The Korean word ‘Gung’ translates into Palace. Gung The Palace has taken up the meaning word for word and created an ambience for you to enjoy the fine delicacies of Korea. The restaurant has three unique dining styles that are spread across three floors. Their Korean Barbeque is worth tasting. If you like to experiment with foods, then their Bulgogi and Octopus Casserole may be a good fit for you. Have an in-house Karaoke jam with your friends and family while sipping on soju.

Gung The Palace

2.Heng Bok, Mumbai.

 Heng Bok is Mumbai’s only authentic Korean restaurant where you can have Bulgogis and Samgyeospals. They have an ample number of choices on their menu with descriptions and pictures that will make your taste buds water. Even though it is a bit expensive, they are well known for their Korean Barbeque.

Heng Bok

3.Hi Seoul, Bangalore.

Seoul is the capital of Korea and the hub for the entertainment industry, fashionable wear, and definitely for its fantastic food choices. “Hi, Seoul” in Bangalore is owned by a family. The restaurant has outdoor seating options and a cosy indoor seating option as well. It is challenging to find vegetarian dishes as Korean cuisine is majorly comprised of meat. However, Hi Seoul has your back. Their authentic Mushroom Deopbap (mushroom fried rice) is a dish you can dive into. Carnivores can feast upon their chicken gimbap. Koreans’ staple food is rice. However, if you want to take a break from rice, then you can try their stew dishes.

Hi Seoul

4.Busan Korean Restaurant, New Delhi.

 They serve classy Korean dishes in a minimalistic, soothing ambience. To give you a more authentic feel, they have the floor set up with cosy furniture. Smoked pork, tteokbokki, and Bulgogi are some of their popular dishes. This place is known for its live grill and good food quality.

Busan Korean Restaurant

5.Kori’s, Assam.

 The quality and quantity of food at Kori’s is exceptional. It is a budget-friendly restaurant with a minimal, cosy atmosphere. Dakgalbi Dosirak and Bibimbap are top-charting dishes from their menu, along with Buldak chicken, Bulgogi Pork with Glass Noodles, and Jeyuk Pork with Squid.


6.Soo Ra Sang, Indiranagar.

 Indiranagar’s Soo Ra Sang restaurant has bamboo décor and wooden floor seating. They have flavoursome chicken, beef, and pork barbeques with live grills to grab your attention. The dishes they serve might seem expensive for the restaurant, but when you are served dishes by a hostess from Seoul, it will make your meal worth it.

Soo Ra Sang

7.Machita Korean Cuisine, Marol.

 If you are an avid lover of seafood, then Machita Korean Cuisine is the perfect place for you. Their seafood stews will leave you asking for more. Cold Bucket wheat noodles, Shiitake Mushroom Pancakes, Korean Fried Chicken, are some of the renowned authentic Korean dishes you will get to taste in this place.

Machita Korean Cuisine

8.Seoulmate Breach Candy, South Mumbai.

 This restaurant serves the best Seoul food and dishes for those who crave budget-friendly home-cooked Korean cuisine. Vegetarians rejoice as it has got a wide range of vegetarian options. You will get Kimchi mandu, Jeon, fried rice, and, of course, you can not miss out on noodles. Seoulmate has unique dishes for you as well. Pork Samgyeopsal and their different chicken dishes will make you keep coming back for more.

Seoulmate Breach Candy, South Mumbai.

9.King’s Bakery, Kolkata.

 They serve Eomukguk Fish Cake Soup, White Sauce Pasta Carbonara, and Kimchi Fried Rice, among other varieties of dishes from their menu. You can get Rameyon with various options. Besides the main course meal, the bakery will steal your heart. Lemon Cube Cake and Choco Choux should be on your list if you plan to visit King’s Bakery.

King’s Bakery

10.Sun and Moon Korean Restaurant, Worli.

 If you are looking for comfort and in-home ambience, Sun and Moon Korean Restaurant should be in your top 10. K-Drama fans, for you, this restaurant should be your top priority. We promise you won’t regret it. From Bulgogi to Jjamppong, you can get so many options that will leave you in a dilemma about your order.

Sun and Moon Korean Restaurant, Worli.


New Seoul Hotels, Chennai.

New Seoul Hotels is a chain of family-friendly restaurants. They serve the best meat-oriented dishes. Sashimi and sushi are the highlights of this restaurant.

New Seoul Hotels

12.Arirang Korean Restaurant, Siliguri.

 This restaurant offers dine-in as well as take-away options. Gimbap Ramyun Salad, Kimchi Jjigae, and fried Crispy chicken are some of their dishes that will pull you into a food coma.

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13.Steamy Moktu, Siliguri.

 Popularly known for its Chicken dishes, Nasi Goreng, Korean Rice Bowl, and Shyafale Chicken Dumplings Steamy Moktu is a must-visit for all the foodies out there. They have outstanding customer service and a warm atmosphere.

Steamy Moktu

14.Cheong Ki Wa Korean Restaurant, Chennai

 This restaurant offers Korean BBQ in a traditional atmosphere with live grill tables. Bulgogi, Mandu, and Japchae should be on your tables if you go to this restaurant. They even serve some of the best sushi.

Cheong Ki Wa Korean Restaurant

15.Ssongchee, New Delhi

Bingsu is a Korean dessert made with ice shavings, sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, tteok, fruits, jelly bits, and cereal flakes. Almost all their dishes revolve around Bingsu. They have a friendly, inviting interior.


16.Hahn’s Kitchen, Haryana

 Hahn’s Kitchen should be on your speed dial if you are intrigued by the Korean menu. This place is classy, relaxing, and family-friendly. Best Known dishes are Hot Pot, Sea Food, Kimchi, and Bibimbap.

Hahn’s Kitchen

17.Hae Kum Gang, Bangalore

 Hae Kum Gang in Bangalore is renowned for its gastronomical experience, food quantity and cosy ambience. They serve delectable dishes such as Shrimp Donburi, Beef Donburi, Salmon Roll, Chicken Bibimbap, and many more.|771.75:416.25&crop=771.75:416.25;*,*

18.Gangnam Eatery, Assam.

 They are a Korean food delivery pickup kitchen located amidst the hills of Assam. Their Glass Noodles and Korean Fried Chicken will enhance your taste buds in a way that will make you keep asking for more, and no matter how much you have, it will never be enough.

Gangnam Eatery

19.Pan Asian, Kolkata

 An elegant and chic-themed restaurant that resides in Science City, Kolkata, serves delicacies from Korea. Korean Haemul Jeongol, a spicy seafood hotpot, is hands down the best option on their menu. On Sundays, they offer buffet brunches.

Pan Asian

20.Ping’s Café Orient, Kolkata

 Located on the bustling streets of Park Street, this restaurant is full of colour. Bibimbap Rice Bowl and Kimchi Fried Rice are the must-try. Their appetizing and flavorful dishes make them one of the best Korean Restaurants in Kolkata.

Ping’s Café Orient