Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Master Canteen Chowk, Bhubaneswar

Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Master Canteen Chowk Bhubaneswar
Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Master Canteen Chowk Bhubaneswar

If you are bored of eating the usual dal, chawal, sabzi, you should definitely try some new cuisine. What better cuisine can you try other than Chinese! If you are in Bhubaneswar and craving some piping hot Chinese food, here are some places you can try:

1. Shanghai Express

If you want some proper Chinese food and not just Indo-Chinese food, this is the place for you! It is a nice place with beautiful interiors. It could be a little expensive but the experience is worth it. Some of the popular dishes here are hot and sweet Tiger Prawn, Crispy Mushrooms, Dumplings, Veg Manchurian, Thai Noodles and Mongolian Chicken.

Shanghai Express

2. Silver Streak

It is a place with delicious food and great service. The interior is amazing. Pan-fried Momo, Chocolate Sundae, Chicken tai-pan, Chicken drums of heaven, Lung fang soup, Korean fried rice, Chilly Paneer and Pan-fried Chilly Garlic noodles are some of the famous dishes of this place.

Silver Streak

3. Mainland China

It is a nice place to go to with friends and family. The staff is cordial and the taste is amazing. They are popular for Singapore rice noodles, Chicken clay pot rice, Ginger noodles, Momo, Eight treasure soup, King Prawns, Glass noodles, Man chow soup and Pina colada.

Mainland China

4. Lemon Grass

It is an awesome place with breath-taking ambience. It is quite expensive but the place is totally worth it. The staff is very humble and polite. You must try Bali Prawns, Vegetable Dumpling, Chop Suey, Caramel Custard, Veg Dragon Balls, Pan-fried Chilly Fish, Sushi, Bhetki Fish Celery Pepper and Fried ice cream here.

Lemon Grass

5. Full Aroma

Like the name itself, the taste of the food here comes with great aroma. The best part is that service is very quick. They are known for their Chicken noodles, Chicken Biryani, Chilly Mushroom, Dragon Paneer and Pina colada.

Full Aroma

6. Aqua Seafood Restaurant

It is a wonderful restaurant with great staff. It is not very crowded, so, you can have your food peacefully. If you come here, you must try their Surmai fry, Halwa, noodles, Veg fruit cup, Chilly Chicken, Veg Manchurian, Paneer Tikka and Paneer Pakoda.

Aqua Seafood Restaurant

7. The China Hut

This is a good place to hang out with your friends. The staff is very courteous. The best part is the kitchen is visible from the seating area so that you can see how the dishes are being prepared. They serve amazing Chow Mein, Hot and Sour soup, Ego noodles, Chilly Chicken, drums of heaven, Man chow soup, Spring rolls, Korean fried rice etc.

The China Hut

8. Han Dynasty

It is a good place to have exquisite Chinese food. The environment is calm and quiet. They serve amazing Hakka noodles, Exotic veg in mild garlic sauce, Schezwan Mushroom, Chilly Potato, Stir fried chicken, Chilly Mustard Fish, Garlic Prawn, Konjee crispy lamb etc.

Han Dynasty

9. Confucius Restaurant

This place serves authentic Chinese food. The ambience is too beautiful to be true. This place is worth every penny of yours. They serve delicious Chicken fried rice, Dragon Mushroom, Hakka noodles, Chicken Manchurian , Mongolian Chicken, Tiger Prawn, Stir fried veggies, Garlic noodles and Honey Chilly Potato.

Confucius Restaurant

10. Wok

This place serves fabulous food and the service is excellent. Some of the popular items here include Kimchi, Hakka noodles, Sushi roll maki, Shrimp Tempura Sushi, Korean lamb chops, Fried Chicken Sushi, Tuna, Salmon, Pad Thai noodles, Udon noodles, Pad Kra Prao etc.


11. 9th Street

It is a great place to organize small parties and events. The management is good. The food is yummy. You should try Bali prawn, special non-veg soup, Chicken Lollipop, Man chow soup, Kung Pao Chicken, Devil’s Chicken, Gobi Manchurian, Mushroom hot garlic sauce etc.

9th Street

12. Amrut Food Palace

It is a great place with nice ambience. It is affordable as well. You must try their Chicken Lollipop, Mushroom Manchurian, Burnt chilly garlic noodles, Chilly Chicken, Thai noodles and Hot chocolate fudge.

Amrut Food Palace

13. Wok On

Though it is a small place, it serves delicious food. It serves some of the best delicacies from the Asian cuisine. It is well-known for its Chicken Ramen, Chicken pan-fried noodles, Man chow soup, Crispy honey chilly baby corn, Mongolian noodles, Pad Thai noodles, Kung Pao chicken etc.

Wok On

14. Tangerine 9

This is a good place to spend quality time with your family. The portions are also worth the money and the taste is delicious. It serves great Garlic Chicken noodles, Man chow soup, Hot and Sour soup, Bali Prawn, American Chop Suey, Chicken fried rice etc.

Tangerine 9

15. Chop Suey Chinese

This wonderful place serves great Chinese food. The price is also affordable. It serves delicious Chicken Lollipop, Chop Suey,Ffried rice, Chicken Taipei, Schezwan Lollipop, Paneer 65, Hakka noodles, Garlic Chicken etc.

Chop Suey Chinese

16. Malva Restaurant

It is a nice place to hang out with friends. The hospitality is great. The interiors are decorated beautifully. They serve amazing Fish Fingers, Bali Prawns, Hot and Sour soup, Chicken sizzler, Chicken steak sizzler, Manchurian etc.

Malva Restaurant

17. Food Fever

It is a nice and spacious place. The management is also good. Their popular dishes are Chicken lollipop, Man chow soup, Mongolian Chicken, Chicken ginger garlic, Lemon fish, Schezwan fried rice etc.

Food Fever

18. Panorama Restaurant

This place has been designed beautifully. The ambience is very nice and the food is equally good. It serves great Chicken majestic, Baked fish, Soups, Manchurian, noodles, Schezwan fried rice and Virgin Mojito.

Panorama Restaurant

19. Chinese Darbar

If you want to try out some desi Chinese and that too, in a budget, they have got you covered. This place serves amazing desi Chinese food. The cost is super-affordable. You can try their Garlic Chicken, Chow Mein, Chicken Pakoda, Chicken Fried Rice, Veg fried rice, Chilly Soya and Chilly Paneer.

Chinese Darbar

20. Greenchillyz

This is yet another super-affordable place to have Chinese food. It has a small seating area where you can enjoy delicious food. If you come here, do not forget to try their Chicken Lollipop, Dragon Mushroom, Chicken Noodles, Veg Hakka noodles, Man chow soup, Chilly Chicken and Mushroom Pakoda.