Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Mathura

Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Mathura
Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Mathura

Chinese cuisine is one of the most loved ones among all the cuisines. The flavours and spicy taste of Chinese food has always attracted everyone. Chinese food menu in every other restaurant is not astonishing because of such great liking of people for this cuisine. Considering the high demands for Chinese food restaurants we bring you top 20 Restaurant where you can enjoy your favourite cuisine.

1. Food Art

This fine dining restaurant is highly recommended to visit with family and friends to enjoy the Chinese food here. Apart from delicious food, the ambience is also photogenic and worth it. It is located near to bankey bihari temple.

2. CRVS Food Court

This restaurant is situated exactly opposite to prem mandir. They also provide parking area which is chargeable. Their premise is simple yet elegant and the both quality and quantity of food are appreciable with the reasonable prices.

3. Sri Sai Rasoi

This restaurant serves variety of Chinese food at a reasonable rate. It is situated in chaitanya vihar. It has a casual atmosphere and one can enjoy his meal with family or friends.

4. Brijwasi Centrum

It is situated near new bus stand near railway station, Mathura locality. They serve various cuisines but there Chinese cuisine is worth it. The bestselling Chinese food here is lip smacking noodles. The price at which food is available is also reasonable.

5. Pandit Foods

This restaurant serves Chinese food items and fast food. It is located in bhuteshwar road, Mathura locality. They serve variety of noodles like veg chowmein, butter chowmein, Maggie masala Chowmein but hakka noodle is a must try. The price on food items is worth it and reasonable.

6. Si And Sa Food Café

It is a food café located in BSA road, Mathura locality. Their service includes Chinese food, Momos and some delicious shakes. The bestselling items here are veg noodles and singapuri noodles. Si Sa fusion noodles are chef’s special dish over here.

7. Wah Chinese

This chines restaurant is famous for its tasty veg Manchurian dry and French fries. Apart from this their singapuri noodles is a must try. The price and quality of food are worth it. Their outlet is situated in Krishna nagar, Mathura locality.

8. Yogiraj Restaurant

This chinese restaurant is located opposite roadways workshop, Mathura. You can enjoy tasty veg noodles, fried rice and many more at a good price with your family and friends. The service and quality of food serve is quite good.

9. Lavarjuna Bistro

This Chinese food restaurant serves delicious veg Manchurian noodles and Singapore noodles. It is a good option for vegetarians who love Chinese food. The premise is located in Krishna nagar Mathura locality.

10. The Food Garage 

This is situated in Govind nagar, Mathura locality. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant which serves various cuisines. Noodles and Manchurian noodles combos are the famous and bestselling item here.

11. Radhika Sweets

It is located at maholi road, Mathura locality. They serve sweets and fast food. They provide tasty variety of noodles and fried rice. If you are on maholi road it is a must try.

12. Comoseum Food Plaza

They serve varieties of noodles and Manchurian dishes. The price and quality of the food is also worth it. It is situated at platform 1, Mathura junction Railway station.

13. Hot And Spicy

This Chinese restaurant in Mathura serves one of the best and spicy Chinese recipes. It is situated in shri radha valley, shopping complex. It open at 11 AM in the morning so you can enjoy your tasty brunch with your family at this place.

14. Shriji Snacks And Chinese Corner

This outlet in mahavidya chouraha, Mathura serves some delicious noodles and other recipes at a reasonable price. People even appreciate the quality and service of this place, if you are somewhere near this place go and try it.

15. Chatkara Fast Food

Are you someone who loves noodles a lot? Then you must visit this place, as they serve some really delicious and flavoursome noodles to enlighten you.

16. Foodies Truck 

The tempting and appetizing Chinese food served in the small truck setup is quite interesting. The quality of food and the service is also on point. Especially the noodles served here is quite famous.

17. The Food Place

This outlet near K.R Degree College, Manoharpur, serves really tasty food at an affordable price. The quality and service both are impressive. A good place to satisfy your cravings for chinese food.

18. Indian Spice Restaurant

This place variety of recipes and Chinese food is one of them. It is situated in bharatpur-Mathura road. The taste of food served here and the service both are quite liked by people visiting here.

19. Classic Restaurant

This place has a casual atmosphere and a pleasing ambience which is just perfect for planning your dine-out with your family. They serve delicious Chinese items that will definitely enlighten you.

20. Bhavna Restaurant

This outlet serving flavourful and satisfying Chinese food is located in Krishna Vihar colony. The price at which food is served is also reasonable. The casual atmosphere makes it suitable for your outings.