Top 20 Chocolate Desserts To Make For Your Loved Ones

Top 20 Chocolate Desserts To Make For Your Loved Ones
Top 20 Chocolate Desserts To Make For Your Loved Ones

Chocolate is one that flavour which attracts everyone to it. Whether it be the cookies or cakes, this one flavour has always been the favourite of all. Chocolate can be consumed in various forms like as hot chocolate or by merging it with any dish, and tastes excellent in both ways. Especially, it is loved by kids the most, and it becomes very easy to make them eat any recipe by adding chocolate to it. We have mentioned the 20 such desserts which consist of chocolate flavour in them and tastes fantastic and you will surely love them.

1.Chocolate Pasta

The pasta that we have actually always eaten is consists of cheese and salt along with a few spices. But this chocolate pasta is not similar to that, the only thing common is pasta, but the cream and other ingredients differ. You may require pasta, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, and a few berries to prepare this creative recipe.

chocolate pasta

2.Choco Chip Pizza

Well, it is an interesting twist to your favourite pizzas. Chocolate is for sure everyone’s favourite and, when combined with pizza, becomes more delicious. To prepare this, spread cream cheese on a pizza base and top it with choco chips, and bake it and they are ready to be served.

choco chip pizza

3.Choco Peanut Avocado Pudding

It is a vegan chocolate dessert that is perfect to serve to your kids either in an evening meal or for dessert. You only have to collect avocado, banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder, maple syrup, and any nut milk, and blend them into a mixer. Let it cool down overnight and it is ready.

choco peanut avocado pudding


Every one of us is aware of this very simple yet tasty recipe. It can become even healthy by replacing the white sugar with jaggery and using whole wheat flour. They are moist and fudgy small cakes that can be made either of chocolate flavour or can be topped with melted chocolate.


5.Choco Lava Cake

It is a dish that all of us might first have tasted in Dominos, isn’t it? Though now its recipe is easily available and can be prepared at home with some basic ingredients. This lava cake is a burst of chocolaty taste in the mouth.

choco lava cake

6.Reese’s Cake

You have to admit it that chocolate and peanut butter are a perfect combo to use in a dish, especially cakes. The base of this is a regular chocolate flavour moist cake that is layered and topped with smooth peanut butter frosting.

reeses cake

7.Chocolate Cookies

It is one of the simplest recipes that can be made using chocolate. The chocolate flavour with the crunchiness of biscuits is definitely a terrific recipe. You can select any flour of your choice for cookies, and add any nut of your choice to them.

chocolate cookies

8Baked Hot Chocolate

This delightful recipe is an intermediate between brownie and soufflé. The base of this dish is chocolaty melted butter covered from above with baked fluffy chocolate. The young kids are surely going to love it.

baked hot chocolate

9.Choco Truffle

This tasty smooth chocolate ball is burst of delicious flavour in the mouth. The only thing, you have to do is mix chocolate with cream and butter and leave it to cool down, followed by giving them a round shape and layering with coconut or nuts.

chocolate truffle

10.Turtle Cookies

This caramel-filled cookie is something you will crave for once you taste them. Bake the cookies, make a dent into them, filling them with caramel, and rolling them into a jar of chopped nuts are the only three steps to be followed to prepare this dish.

turtle cookies

11.Nutella Chocolate Bread Pudding

This super moist bread pudding is heavenly delicious, and a key ingredient of this recipe is the Nutella added into it, which makes this pudding extremely soft and creamy. You can even add melted chocolate to it to enhance its chocolate flavour.

nutella chocolate bread pudding

12.Chocolate Zucchini Bread

It is one of the most delicious and healthy bread you will taste. The bread is made up of flour mixed with pumpkin, cocoa powder, and other baking essentials. It does not take long to prepare it and can even be embedded with nuts.

zucchini chocolate bread

13.Chocolate Coconut Cake

We are pretty sure that you would not be able to find anything on this planet healthier than a coconut. Though this healthy item is something which children try to avoid, but when it is combined with their favourite chocolate cake, then this same coconut becomes their favourite.

chocolate coconut cake

14.Dark Chocolate Jellies

The ingredients you might need for this delicacy are caster sugar, dark chocolate, instant coffee in 2tbs hot water, and gelatin leaves. The rest of whole procedure is similar to that of making a regular jelly.

dark chocolate jelly

15.Chocolate Covered Strawberries

We bet you would have not heard of a dish which as simple as this dish is to prepare. The only task you have to get done with is to dip and cover the fresh strawberries into hot chocolate and freeze them so that they can be set. It is probably, the best way to make your children eat strawberries.

chocolate covered strawberries

16.Oreo Choco Balls

This three-ingredient recipe is very easily accessible, and you must make them to please kids you know. You need an oreo, cream cheese, and chocolate to prepare it. It is usually oreo ball dipped in chocolate, and it is deliciously rich in taste. You can also use white chocolate instead of the dark one.

oreo choco balls

17.Beetroot Chocolate Fudge Cake

Who says that beetroot and chocolate are not a good combination? They had definitely not tasted this cake made up of these two ingredients. We all know how much beneficial beetroot is, and by including it with chocolate in a cake, it becomes delectable.

beetroot chocolate fudge cake

18Doughnut With Salted Choco Sauce

Doughnuts are one of the most loved baked goods, and when it is fused with chocolate flavour, it becomes unmatchable. These doughnuts are layered and topped with salted chocolate sauce and can be garnished with gems or nuts.

Doughnut Wwith Ssalted Choco Sauce

19.Choco Raspberry Chia Brownies

These brownies are made by infusing raspberry jelly jam with cocoa powder. To sweeten the brownies, the dates and maple syrup is added. Also, the other essential ingredient is chia seeds. The flour used to make these brownies is coconut flour.

choco raspberry chia brownies

20Sweet Potato Choco Brownies

Ever thought of combining a vegetable with chocolate that too in a brownie recipe? Probably not easily it comes to anyone’s mind, but let us inform you that these are some of the healthiest brownies you will have. They are even softer than usual ones.

sweet potato choco brownies