Top 20 Eateries You Must Visit If You’re In Delhi

Top 20 Eateries You Must Visit If Youre In Delhi
Top 20 Eateries You Must Visit If Youre In Delhi

Delhi is well known for serving delicious food items from all over the world, especially all Indian cuisines, and can be recognized as the original food state of India. Almost every other street or colony in Delhi would amaze you with a large number of food corners, all of them serving different varieties of food; you will find some offering Chaat items, some offering Chinese food items, and some of them offering specific Indian cuisines. Someone visiting Delhi and not tasting the authentic dishes from the famous restaurants and spots in Delhi has missed out on what is the essence of this place. So, if you also want to try out the food in Delhi from all the outlets, then you should check out this list from where you can get an idea of the top places.

1.The Embassy

This restaurant is located in Delhi from 1948, right after partition and is quite famous in Delhi for its North Indian and Italian delicacies. The veg burger and other Indian curries are a must-try and super- delicious.

Location: D Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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2Madras Coffee House

This place offers standard nibbles along with warm coffee, tea, and even sweet lassi. The paper masala dosa and south Indian filter coffee are the two most famous recipes. Other than that, one can ask for lemon rice or schezwan Maggie.

Location: Connaught Place Cir, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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3The Host

It is a north Indian restaurant famous for offering veg sizzler, chowmein, mojitos, and many other dishes from this cuisine. Also, the tea served here is delicious and famous among people. It is an excellent place to relax in the peaceful environment of this place and enjoy the company of good food.

Location: Inner Circle, Near Rajeev Chowk, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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4United Coffee House

This restaurant offers European, Indian, and Asian dishes served in a warm, refined atmosphere. The dishes like great gulab jamun, cold coffee with ice cream, veg platter, and brownie cake are the most-liked ones by the guests. You can also try out another favourite item of yours.

Location: Rajiv Chowk, Block E Connaught Place, New Delhi

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It is an enduring café serving a range of swiss-style pastries and International snacks for over 75 years. The most famous snack here is Nutella waffle; other than that; you can try out fruit muffins, cold coffee, and pineapple pastry here.

Location: Rajiv Chowk, Block A Connaught Place, New Delhi

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6.Bhimsains Bengali Sweet House

It is a very famous Indian sweet shop located in Delhi that offers you not only delicious sweets, but also tasty fast-food and snacks items. You can get chole bhature, idli sambar, sizzler, Dahi puri, and many other things from this place.

Location: Bengali Market, Todermal Road Area, Mandi House, New Delhi

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It is among the top restaurants of Delhi, offering tasty, delicious food items that you must try if in Delhi. The chole bhature, kebabs, chole, Mirchi paratha, and gulab jamun are some of the most delicious offerings of this place that would please you.

Location: Regal Building, SansadMarg, Hanuman Road Area, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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It is a long-standing Asian restaurant pleasing its guests by plating authentic Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes. The manchow soup and rainbow sushi are two among the best servings of this place, though there are innumerable delicacies on their menu. People of Delhi love the food of this place.

Location: near Metro Station, Rajiv Chowk, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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This north Indian restaurant serves tandoor-cooked Indian dishes in a rustic-chic space with an open kitchen. You can get to taste excellent options at this place like dal Bukhara, naan Bukhara, paneer tikka, gulab jamun, phirni, rasmalai, and many more exciting recipes. It is also considered one of the most authentic restaurants in Delhi.

Location: ITC Maurya, Sardar Patel Marg, Akhaura Block, Chanakyapuri, Delhi

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10Indian Accent

This restaurant serves dishes with contemporary twists on Indian dishes at this location with glass walls and ceilings. You will be amazed by seeingthe fantastic and unique varieties like Indian accent kulfi sorbet, Blue cheese kachori, cauliflower soup, tofu meduvada, and many more.

Location: The Lodhi Road, PragatiVihar, New Delhi

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11.Sita Ram Diwan Chand

It is a traditional Punjabi cooking outlet having a no-nonsense environment with a standing room only. This site is very famous in Delhi for its delicious, hot cholebhature. You can even try chana and bhature along with sweet lassi. They also provide pan flavoured kulfi at their outlet.

Location: RajguruMarg, ChunaMandi, Paharganj, New Delhi

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12Moti Mahal

This original outlet of this chain restaurant is located in Netaji Subhash Marg, and serves all the delicacies from North Indian cuisine ranging from starters to the main course meals. The delicious Moti Mahal pulao is a must-try. The special shout out goes to their authentic Indian curries that are heavenly delicious.

Location: Netaji Subhash Marg, Old Dariya Ganj, New Delhi

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It is a relaxed restaurant with booth seating serving Indian classics that would please you. The popular servings of this place include dishes like dal makhani, thali, paneer tikka, Dahike kebab. Moreover, gulab jamun and fruit cream are delicious dessert offerings here.

Location: Pandara Road, Market near India Gate, New Delhi

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14Kake Da Hotel

It is a long-running venue decorated with traditional art, serving Indian tandoori and vegetarian fare is highly recommended to visit if in the city. You will get all the authentic dishes with fantastic taste, and you will love this place and revisit it.

Location: Municipal Market, Connaught Circle, New Delhi

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It is a casual restaurant offering varieties of north Indian recipes in a warm, modern ambience. All their dishes turn out to be excellent, and especially the vegetarian platters like veg kebab platter and tandoori platter are most delicious. You will have a good time enjoying the food here, and you should not miss this place.

Location: Pandara Market, BardaUkilMarg, India Gate, Delhi

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This restaurant is non-different from any other north Indian restaurant you would find in Delhi, but the taste of their food makes it one of the best restaurants in Delhi. They offer paneer tikka, paratha, dal makhani, saag, and other curries to enjoy with family for dinner.

Location: GK Market, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

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17AI Bake

It is a very famous restaurant in Delhi where people love to visit and spend their quality time. They offer almost all the tandoori items and other excellent varieties of starters to their guests that are lip-smacking in taste.

Location: Trimurti Building, New Friends colony, Delhi

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18.Rajinder Da Dhaba

It is a top-rated North Indian restaurant offering traditional Dhaba cuisine in a modern dining venue with a funky art wall. You will get everything from kebabs to essential Indian curries like Tawapaneer. No doubt, it is the most famous outlet located in South Delhi.

Location: Nauroji Nagar Marg, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

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19.Dolma Aunty

It is an iconic side stall featuring a variety of momos made by a lady ‘Dolma’ is a very famous and busy market of Delhi. People from all around Delhi comes to this place to taste these brilliant momos for many years now. You will get all the kinds of stuffed momos and even gravy momos at this location.

Location: Alankar Cinema Road, Central Market, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

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20Giani’s Di Hatti

This place is very famous in Delhi for its delicious, lip-smacking Rabri faluda that you won’t get at any other site. Though they also offer various other sweets too like, moong dal halwa, sweet lassi, flavoured ice creams, the rabri falooda excels all of them and makes it one of the most critical places for foodies to visit.

Location: Church Mission Road, Bagh Deewar, Katra Ghel, Khari Baoli, Chandni Chowk, Delhi

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