Top 20 Chocolates That Can Be Christmas Present

Top- 20- Chocolates- That- Can- Be- Christmas- Present

Merry Christmas My Dear friends!! I know Christmas is days far. But living in Goa, I don’t feel Christmas to be any far now. People here have already started praying, decorating, giving gifts, and celebrating Christmas. We have the jolliest population on earth in Goa. They are open-hearted and sweet. You can see the glam and beauty of Christmas in their eyes. They go around giving presents to people. I believe this tradition is common almost everywhere in the world. Hence, we bring you the top 20 chocolates you can give as a Christmas present to your loved ones. Enjoy reading.

1. Belgian Chocolates 

Belgian Chocolates have names all over the world. They are famous for their taste and delicacy. Basically, they originate from Europe. They spread all over the world. Give a box of Belgian Chocolate to your loved ones. They will love and adore you.

2. Christmas Chocolate 

Christmas Chocolate is a perfect gift for Christmas. It has good decorative packing and an excellent design too. They come in snowman shapes to enhance the presence of Christmas. They have Choco beans and white chocolate flavors. They are probably the best gift you can give at Christmas.

3. Sea Salt Caramel 

Sea Salt Caramel is in trend lately. They are salty, caramelly chocolate pieces. Also, you can make them at home. I am sure making must have already made them. Furthermore, they are delicious chocolates to gift. They are one of the royal delicacies.

4. Milk Chocolates

You must have eaten milk chocolate in your childhood. At that time, there were not many flavors and designs in them. Today, the picture of milk chocolate has changed. They have many flavors, shapes, sizes, and colors now. Particularly, I want to try peppermint milk chocolate.

5. Chocolate Bombs

You must have received Chocolate Bombs. Basically, they go well with warm milk. They have a typical way of soothing. As well, their taste will linger on your tongue throughout Christmas night. They are the best warm in the cold weather. What could be a better gift than this?

6. Truffle

Truffle is a box full of chocolates. They have different shapes, sizes, colors, and tastes. Basically, Truffle is a good present for many occasions. It has nuts and caramel chocolate too. Also, it is a gift pack for the new friend you made on social media.

7. Hazelnut Chocolates

You can see this Chocolate in many bakeries and other sweet shops. Also, in my place, kids distribute this Chocolate to their teachers on birthdays. You can call it a tradition. They are crunchy and tasty, and it is my favorite Chocolate. Something that you can try for yourself.

8. Candy Bars 

Candy Bars are any chocolate bars which has melted sugar syrup in them. They are tasty and healthy too. Many bars have peanuts with sugar. Also, this combination is a health bringer. They can provide you with protein and raise your energy levels. Hence, we include them in the top 20 chocolates you can give as Christmas gifts.

9. Dark Chocolate Balls 

Dark Chocolate Balls might sound like revenge to some people. Personally, I hate dark Chocolate. But earth is full of people who love it so much. People appreciate its bitter but better taste. They love having it with churros and other biscuits. Hence, you can gift them to your friends.

10. Dark Chocolate Ganache 

Dark Chocolate Ganache is a good syrup for your waffles. You can add it to ice cream and milkshakes. Also, they go on bread and pancakes. It will make the start of your day sweet and chocolaty. Dark chocolate ganache works best as a gift.

11. Chocolate Cover pretzels

Pretzels are love and tradition for Christmas. They are famous in Germany. Other parts of the world accept it as a gift. The chocolate-covered pretzel has sprinkles too. They are sweet, crunchy, and cute looking. Also, they come in decorative boxes. Hence, they are an excellent gift for your friends and family.

12. Peanut Butter Chocolate

Now, this is new, unique, and trendy. It is tasty and healthy too. You can consume around three to four peanut butter chocolate. Do not be afraid of any side effects. They work well as a dessert to a heavy meal.

13. Fudge Cookie

You must be one with Cadbury celebrations. Similarly, we have fudge cookies. Fudge cookies are chocolate cream biscuits covered with more Chocolate. Basically, they have a thick moist coating of Chocolate. They taste good. They are one of the epic delicacies of chocolates.

14. Chocolate Gummies

You can say I invented them. Nah just kidding!! Chocolate gummies are a real thing. Basically, they come in different shapes and sizes. They taste like Chocolate and are delicious. Also, you can carry and eat them on your trips. Also, you can gift them to your favorite colleague. Maybe that is the start of the convo.

15. Hershey’s Chocolates

Hershey’s is a famous name right before my birth. They sell a variety of chocolate products. Right, from chocolate syrups to chocolate chips. They have an excellent taste for all of their foods. They provide packed and customized gifts too. Also, you can add your name, notes, and messages to them.

16. Peppermint Chocolate

People love the concept of peppermint chocolate. They insist on trying it. Personally, I am eager to try this Chocolate for myself. It is minty and chocolaty. Plus, Peppermint Chocolate gives an excellent twist to the tongue because of the mint flavor.

17. Jelly Chocolate

You must have tried many chocolates with nuts, raisins, and jelly. They do taste great. They enhance the feeling of gifting anybody anything. Plus, they look great. They come in different sizes and shapes. You can buy the special Santa Claus-shaped chocolate as a gift.

18. Toffee

I am someone who grew up watching the advertisement of toffico. It was a great chocolate back then. However, today we have many other options. There is a variety of chocolates in the world of toffee. I would love to have a toffee bag as a Christmas gift. Let me know if you want the delivery address.

19. Sugar-Coated Candies

Do you remember that small box from the Indian railway station having colorful gummies? That is what sugar-coated candies are. They are great at the taste. Also, you can find them anywhere. I love them. I am sure many more nineties children will have a similar opinion.

20. Candy Corn

Lastly, we have Candy Corn. They are small corn-shaped candies. They can either have Chocolate or other flavored gums. Precisely, there are almost a hundred candies in a packet. They go well as a gift for Christmas. Furthermore, let us know if you have any more to add.