Top 20 Ways to decorate a Cake


1. Marshmallow

Decorating the cake with marshmallows is the best and cheap way to make your cake look like a masterpiece. You can either melt it at low heat using non stick pan or simply add them to make your cake look like a masterpiece, the choice is completely yours.


2. Icing Sugar

Dust the icing sugar over your cake to make it look perfect. You can also make templates of different shapes and dust icing sugar to get different patterns over the cake or make a paste of icing sugar using water and decorate the cake. One has to make sure that the cake is cool before dusting icing sugar otherwise the it will melt.


3 Buttercream

Using buttercream is one of most popular way of decorating a cake as it can give different colour and different flavour to the cake. Also, it can be served in different manners. Buttercream comprises of butter, icing sugar, flavoured extract, and a few drops of milk. Piped swirls to a smooth palette-knife finish are some of the ways of decorating a cake using buttercream. It can also be converted into frosting by swapping butter by cream cheese.


4 Chocolates and Sweets

Best and delicious option for decorating a cake is using chocolates and sweets. Chocolates are loved by each and every person, whether a kid, an adult, or an old person. You can just simply keep them in the middle or pile them, kids are going to love a cake decorated with so much of sweets and chocolates. To decorate a cake with chocolates and sweets, it’s important to cover the cake with Buttercream so that the chocolates and sweets have something to stick to, otherwise they will fall all over.


5 Coconut

To talking about a bit healthier option for decorating a cake, coconut can be used. Rather than using sweets and chocolates and icing sugar, coconut can be used to decorate a cake which will make it look like a masterpiece with great taste. To decorate a cake with a coconut, ‘DESICCATED COCONUT’ is used as it is lighter. Desiccated coconut can be sprinkled in the same way icing sugar is used over the cake but just the difference is that here you would have to cover the cake with some Buttercream.


6 Fruits

Another healthier option for decorating a cake is using fruits. It’s again something light and refreshing. There are many variety of fruits that will be perfect for decorating a cake. Strawberries, raspberries, and dry raisins all are a perfect option for topping your cake. If adding fresh fruit, make sure to add it at the last minute.


7 Mixed Nuts

Creative mind is what, that is loved by everyone especially when it comes to decorating a cake.  Creative mind can give a new look to your cake. To give a new look to your cake, mixed nuts are the best option. Mixed nuts can be used to cover the whole cake, top to bottom which will not only give it a new look but will also taste marvelous.


8 Chocolate Fingers and Cigarillos

We sometimes face problem while taking our cake out from the utensil. Sometimes the cake gets spoiled while sometimes the cake gets burnt from the edges. To cover your flaws in the cake, chocolate fingers and cigarillos are the best option to be used. This technique will not only hide the flaws but will also make the cake look marvelous with great taste. To cover your cake with chocolate fingers and cigarillos, first cover it with royal icing or chocolate. Just apply it around the edges of the cake.


9 Sprinkles

Sprinkles can also be used to decorate a cake. This technique will also hide your flaws in the cake and will be loved by each and everyone. This technique will make your cake look good. Using sprinkles will save time and money and is easy to use without much efforts needed.


10 Dum Dums

Another time and money saving technique is using Dum Dums. It is a very tastier version that is loved by kids a lot. It’s easier to use over the cake.


11 Cookies

They can also be used in decorating a cake. Using cookies will give crunchy taste to the cake. Decorating a cake with cookie will give you a dual taste of cake as well as of a cookie with flavours. Cookies can also be used in giving different designs over a cake which will give a different look to your cake. Cookies like Oreo can be used.


12 Fondant or Sugar Paste

Cake can be decorated using fondant or a sugar paste. They are easily available in market and it’s really easy to work with fondant. They are available in different colours or food colouring can also be used to white fondant. To work with fondant, it’s important to have a clean and dry surface. To stop it from sticking, dust with icing sugar.


13 Fondant Shapes

Fondant shapes can be used to give your cake a completely different look. With a little bit of practice, you can make impressive fondant.


14 Flowers

You can also use flowers. Crystallized and fresh flowers like mint, lavender, rose petals, pansies, primroses can be used to decorate the cake.


15 Candy Corn

Another easy way to decorate the cake is using candy corn. It is easy to use and gives a unique flavour to the cake.


16 Gummy Bear

One can also use gummy bears to decorate a cake. They are colourful and cute and is one of the easiest ways to decorate cake for a child’s birthday party.


17 Edible Glitter

Edible glitter can also be used to decorate a cake. It gives a royal look to the cake and makes it look ravishing.


18 Custom Message

Being sweet and simple also works a lot. A sweet simple message can also make the cake look good.


19 Cereals

Cereals can also be used to decorate a cake. To make it look colourful and fancy, use food colouring to colour the cereal.


20 Decorating Tips and Pens

Using decorating tips and pens are very helpful in decorating a cake and making different shapes out of it. It can be used in decorating a cake.