Top 20 Classic Comfort Food To Have In Delhi

Top 20 Classic Comfort Food To Have In Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, has a rich culinary background with a variety of comfort foods of different tastes. Whether it is Chole Bhature, Butter Chicken, or Momos, Delhi’s numerous culinary scene guarantees that you will find a wide range of comfort food to satisfy your cravings of spicy, sweet, or savory dishes.

1.Chole Bhature

Chole bhature is a popular North Indian dish. It includes chole, which is spicy chickpeas cooked in a flavorful tomato-based gravy, and bhature, which are deep-fried bread made from wheat flour. This combination is served with pickles and yogurt, creating a tasty and savory meal.


2.Aloo Tikki

Aloo tikki is a famous Indian snack made from mashed potatoes, which is combined with different spices and peas or lentils. It is shaped into round or oval patties and deep-fried until they turn out to be crispy and golden brown. It is served with chutneys, yogurt, or included as part of chaat. It is overall a go-to snack, loved by everyone.


3.Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken, also called “Murgh Makhani,” is a well-cherished Indian dish made from pieces of chicken, marinated in yogurt and spices, then cooked in a rich and creamy sauce. The sauce includes butter, cream, tomatoes, and various aromatic herbs. It is known for its smooth, mildly spiced, and sweet flavor, making it a favorite in Indian and international delicacies. It is often served with naan, rice, or different Indian breads.



Nihari is a slow-cooked stew made with tender pieces of meat, pork or mutton, simmered in a flavorful gravy. It includes a mix of spices, garam masala, ginger and garlic, then gradually cooking it to develop a wealthy and hearty taste. It is usually cooked for a long time, resulting in a thick and flavorful broth and is accompanied by naan bread, or parathas.



Kulfi is yet another comfort food for plenty of people because of its creamy and rich texture. The candy and gratifying nature of kulfi make it a lovely popsicle with a simple pleasure. It is additionally available in various flavors like malai, rose, pistachio, and many more. It is loved by both the children as well as the adults.



Chaat is a savory snack or street meal in Indian cuisine. It is made with a base of fried dough, boiled potatoes, chickpeas and fruits, with various chutneys, spices, and toppings to create a burst of flavors and textures. It is sweet, spicy and tangy, making it a famous and flavorful snack in India.


7.Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a classic and flavorful dish from Kashmir made with soft pieces of meat, often lamb or goat, slowly cooked in a rich and aromatic sauce. The sauce is made with a blend of warming spices, cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon, and together with tomatoes, yogurt, and saffron. It is known for its deep purple shade and a blend of robust and fragrant flavors and is served with steamed rice or naan bread.


8.Pani Puri

Pani Puri, also known as Golgappa, is a satisfying and tangy snack which include hollow, crispy spherical puris (fried dough balls) packed with a mixture of spicy and flavored water, tamarind chutney, mashed potatoes, and frequently chickpeas. It is known for its mixture of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors, making it a favorite snack or comfort meal for many in India.


9.Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla, also called Dahi Vada, is a deep-fried lentil dumpling (vadas) that is soaked in a combination of yogurt (dahi) and various chutneys. The vadas are made from urad dal (black gram) or moong dal (green gram) and are fried until they are crispy and golden brown, then are soaked in yogurt and served with a variety of toppings and seasonings, together with tamarind chutney, mint chutney, and spices like cumin and crimson chili powder.



Kebabs are a popular dish that includes small pieces of marinated and skewered meat, roasted or cooked over an open flame. They are loved for their smoky flavor and tenderness. They are served with bread, rice, or roti, with different sauces and salads. There are various kinds of kebabs like seekh kebab, mutton kebab, kofta kebab and also some vegetarian kebabs like soybean kebabs and many more.


11.Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is a famous comfort food which is simple and delicious in North India. The creamy and mildly spicy rajma pairs beautifully with the simplicity of plain steamed rice. It is a hearty and pleasurable meal enjoyed for lunch or dinner. It is a staple in North Indian cuisine and is preferred for its healthful and comforting features.


12.Chole Kulche

Chole Kulche is served as a combination of spicy chickpea curry (chole) paired with the smooth and fluffy kulche. The dish balances of flavors and textures, with the spicy chole complementing the plainness of the kulche. It is a delicious and popular street food in North India, loved as a short and flavorful snack or meal.



Biryani is a popular and flavorful South Asian dish known for its aromatic and spiced rice combined with meat, seafood, or vegetables. It is cooked in a way that allows the rice to absorb the flavors of the spices and meat (chicken, lamb, or goat), seafood, or vegetables and a mix of spices, including cumin, coriander, cardamom, and saffron. It is a popular and hearty meal.


14.Kadhi Chawal

Kadhi Chawal is thought for its comforting and homely characteristics. The tangy yogurt-based curry pairs nicely with simple steamed rice, making a balanced and a soothing meal. It is served with pakoras within the kadhi for texture and flavor. This dish is enjoyed In many North Indian households and is a famous comfort food.


15.Mutton Korma

Mutton Korma is a flavorful and a famous dish of tender portions of mutton (goat or lamb) cooked in a rich and creamy gravy. The gravy is made from a blend of yogurt, cream, and a mixture of spices, with garam masala, cardamom, cloves, and extra. It is known for its slight, creamy, and nutty taste, and garnished with fried onions, nuts, and clean herbs to enhance its taste and served with rice, naan or roti.



Jalebi is taken as a top comfort food all over India. This famous Indian dessert is known for its candy, syrupy, and deep-fried goodness. The mixture of sweet flavors and the satisfaction of a crispy, warm dessert makes jalebi a comforting dish for many people. It is also considered one of the best sweet dishes in India.


17.Matar Kulcha

Matar Kulcha is yet another comfort food which is also a favorite street food for many people in India. It is served as a mixture, with the spiced peas (matar) and fluffy kulcha bread. It is a scrumptious and enjoyable street meals this is loved for its savory and tangy flavors. It is a famous snack or meal in North India.


18.Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos are a fusion dish that takes these dumplings to the next level by marinating them in tandoori spices and cooking them in a tandoor. The tandoor imparts a smoky and charred taste to the momos, while the tandoori gravy infuses them with wealthy and aromatic spices. Tandoori Momos are often served with chutneys and a salad, making it a unique and beautiful combination of flavors.



Shawarma is a comfort food, made form thinly sliced cuts of seasoned beef, often red meat, lamb, or chicken, or vegetables for a vegetarian option. As the outer layers of the meat is cooked and become crispy, they are shaved off and served in a wrap. It is loved for its tender and flavorful slices of meat, which are often served in pita bread or flatbread with garlic sauce, veggies, and pickles.


20. Halwa Puri

Halwa Puri is a homely comfort food, a portion of halwa accompanied by a stack of puris. The mixture gives delightful flavors, with the sweet and slightly spiced halwacomplementing the crispy and savory puris. It is a remarkable and homely breakfast or brunch dish often enjoyed on weekends or during festivals.