Top 20 Continental Restaurants On Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Top 20 Continental Restaurants On Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Continental cuisine is an emerging cuisine that is served in restaurants all over Kolkata. This cuisine has been getting much attention, especially from school and college students for its unique and different composition and flavors. Restaurants serving delicious continental dishes are also heavily promoted on social media. Few continental restaurants are listed below that are located on southern avenue. This is the cuisine to go for if you want to try something new and surprise your tastebuds.

1.The Old House Eatery

This restaurant has the most comfortable seating arrangements with wooden sofas, chairs, and tables. The unique and delicious prawn cocktail, cutlets, Tiramisu, and pies are the must-try of this place. This is the perfect restaurant to enjoy a cozy afternoon with friends.

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2.Hola Kolkata

This place has soulful live music every Friday. The décor of Hola consists of comfortable large sofas and a unique bicycle on the wall as a decoration. Tofu and paneer dishes are a must-try with the delicious mojitos. Sundaes and savory cocktails are also hard to miss.

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3.Publik Kolkata

This restaurant has the best flavor options for cocktails, mojitos, mocktails, and iced teas. The delicious platters of cheesy bread, pasta, fries, and steaks are also hard to miss.

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4.The Amalfi Coast

This continental restaurant has amazing pizza and pasta options that are unique and delicious. The décor consists of little shelves with cute cactus and ceramic cutlery.

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5.The Terrace

This restaurant is ideal for romantic dates or relaxing with your close friends and family. The Garlic Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms and golden fried baby corns are starters you must try. Along with delicious continental dishes, this rooftop restaurant serves tasty cocktails that you can sit and enjoy under the blue sky. If it rains, it will be a pleasant problem though.

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6.Captain’s Deck Bar And Grill

This restaurant has a calming ambiance and great food to help you relax after a long week of chaos and work. Blue Butterfly, Bloody Mary, and Sunburst are drinks you must try at this place. The menu for cocktails and mocktails is unique and flavorful.

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7.The Silver Oak

This is a great restaurant to enjoy amazing food with your family and celebrate your birthdays or anniversaries. The fish fry and chicken wings are items you cannot miss from the enormous menu.

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8.Bake And Steam

This beautifully lit restaurant has a warm and welcoming ambiance with rustic decor. This restaurant serves the best sizzlers, Pizzas, and brownies with sundaes.

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This restaurant with a modern décor is perfect for large family gatherings. If you visit this restaurant the flavorful soups, chicken lollipops, fish fries, and ice cream sundaes are must-try. The strawberry and fruit sundaes are must try.

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This restaurant has a vibrant yellow décor with beautiful dangling cubic lights. The restaurant is a must-visit for music lovers as the walls are full of colorful Album cover posters and even a red guitar. If you are looking for a place to have conversations over some delicious food, then look no further.

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11.The Dugout

This restaurant with beautiful honeycomb-like patterns all over the walls and ceiling, serves the best cocktails, burgers, pizzas, and cakes. This is a great place to enjoy your evening with friends.

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12.Chapter 2

This restaurant has a unique rustic décor with colorful tiles decorated with mixtapes, Guitars, Barrels, and paintings of early Kolkata. The Carbonara Pasta, Mojitos, Breakfast platters, and puddings are dishes you must try.

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Chapter 2

13.Hunger Stike

This restaurant has walls decorated with various famous movie characters and superhero symbols. The place serves delicious and a wide variety of non-veg and veg combos from which you can choose. Crowd favorites include iced teas, chicken wings, and mac and cheese.

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Hunger Stike

14.Hatari Grillz

This continental restaurant has a beautiful yellow chessboard-like pattern on the floors, and the walls are decorated with several climbers and vines. The delicious steaks, herb rice, bacon-wrapped prawns, cocktails, and Lasagna are must-try for your taste buds.

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Hatari Grillz

15.L’instant Café

This café serves delicious seafood dishes with prawns and Basa, along with tasty continental dishes. The burgers and onion rings served at this place will surely fulfill all your cravings. Ice cream shakes and sundaes are also hard to miss.

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L’instant Café

16.The Saffron Tree

This restaurant is decorated with brown tree branches on the walls and colorful inverted glasses on the well-lit ceiling. This restaurant has a unique presentation of its dishes on elevated wooden blocks. Sizzlers, Pancakes, crème brulee, and fries are must-try items from their menu.

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The Saffron Tree

17.Burnt Garlic

This restaurant has an excellent and unique décor with several colorful rolling pins, plates, and boards across the walls. The ambiance is warm and welcoming. This is a great place to enjoy and catch up with your friends over lunch. The delicious stuffed bread, brownies, cheesy pasta, and flavorful cocktails will fulfill your tastebuds.

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Burnt Garlic


This restaurant serves the most beautiful salads and side dishes decorated with certain ingredients cut into flower-like patterns. The fries, mojitos, soups, and mushroom dishes are a must-try.

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19.Bijoli Grill

This restaurant serves delicious continental food. The Steak cooked in mouthwatering sauces and served with rice, mashed potatoes, and vegetables is a dish you must not miss. This place also has a great ambiance for a relaxing dinner with your family.

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Bijoli Grill


This restaurant cooks their dishes in reduced oil so you can enjoy finger-licking continental dishes guilt-free. If you want a quick bite of delicious pasta or stuffed bread this is the place to fulfil your cravings.

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