Top 20 Non-Veg Restaurants In Ruby Area, Kolkata

Top 20 Non-Veg Restaurants In Ruby Area, Kolkata

Non-veg restaurants are plenty in Kolkata. Bengalis love their delicious and flavorful non-vegetarian food, irrespective of the cuisine. Whether anniversaries, birthdays, or the birth of a new baby, families celebrate every occasion with delicious non-vegetarian dishes. Fish dishes are most loved by the Bengalis of Kolkata. Below are listed a few non-vegetarian restaurants in the Ruby area.

1.Mrs. Roy Kitchen

This restaurant serves delicious and authentic Bengali thali with dal, rice, sukto, mutton kosha, aloo potol, macher jhol, chatni, mishti doi, and payesh. If you are visiting Kolkata and want to taste some authentic Bengali food this is the place to go.

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2.Palli Bangla Restaurant

This restaurant, with its traditional Bengali aesthetic and wooden furniture, has a warm and welcoming ambiance. The authentic Bengali cuisine served here is incredible. If you want a delicious and fulfilling lunch, this is the place to go.

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3.Over Boundary

This restaurant serves delicious continental food. The sizzlers and steak dishes are among the crowd’s favorite. The place has beautiful outdoor seating, which is decorated with colorful fairy lights.

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4.Aamaze Dhaba

This restaurant serves the best Mughlai dishes like kebab, naan, chicken bharta, chicken do pyaza, and phirni that will fulfill your appetite. The ambiance of the place is warm and comforting.

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5.The Ride Café

This restaurant serves the best prawn and fish starters with delicious sauces. This is a go-to restaurant for bikers due its specific aesthetic aimed at bike riders.

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6.Shimla Biriyani

As the name suggests, this place serves various kinds of biriyanis and kebabs. If you want an incredible lunch that fulfills your appetite, this is the place to go.

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7.Phantom Kitchen

This small restaurant serves delicious mutton biriyani, egg biriyani, tandoori roti, egg biriyani, and various types of delicious rolls. If you want a quick and tasty meal, this is the place to go.

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This is a famous biriyani outlet in Kolkata that serves flavorful biriyani with incredible spices. The entrance of this restaurant has a tall tree decorated with lights all over it. The restaurant is huge and has ample indoor seating arrangements.

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9.Albela Biriyani

As the name suggests, this place serves delicious Kolkata biriyani with potato, egg, and chicken. The place also serves tandoori chicken, kebab, and rolls.

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This restaurant serves incredible sandwiches, fries, salads, and cutlets. If you want to enjoy an evening with friends over some good food, this is the place to go.

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11.Momo Chitte

As the name suggests, this place serves various mouthwatering momo dishes. The unique range of momo burgers is something you must try. Chicken malai momo and chicken pizza momo are the bestsellers of this place.

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This restaurant, with a rustic aesthetic, serves delicious Mughlai and Chinese dishes. The pan-fried momos, chicken tandoori, and fish fry are dishes you must not miss.

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13.Pride Of Punjab

This restaurant has a special dance floor for performing karaoke or dancing. This is a great place for celebrations or to just enjoy with your friends. The restaurant serves delicious Mughlai and Chinese dishes.

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14.Devdas Bar And Biriyani

This restaurant has a unique dance floor, music to enjoy your evenings and great food. This place serves delicious noodles and chicken dishes, which can complement your drinks.

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15.Guru’s Multicuisine Restaurant

This restaurant has comfortable sofas in its indoor seating arrangement. Mango blossom and pineapple blossom are mocktails you must try. Chicken reshmi kebab and mutton seekh kebab are crowd favorites of this restaurant.

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16.Sanjha Chula

This restaurant serves the best naan, dal makhani, chicken bharta, and other Mughlai items. If you are craving something rich with delicious flavors and spices, this is the place to go. This restaurant also has beautiful wooden décor and furniture for comfortable seating.

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This restaurant serves delicious, rich, and flavorful north Indian cuisine that will satisfy your cravings. This fast food center is ideal if you want to take away delicious food on your way home quickly.

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18.Bhooke Mon

This famous fast food center serves delicious, juicy, and crispy fish fingers, prawn cutlets, chicken Pakora. The items are freshly fried and served at this stall.

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19.Firangi Bake

This restaurant serves Italian and Mexican food with an Indian twist. The dishes served here are delicious and unique. The lasagne and meatballs are a crowd-favorite combo here.

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20.Juicy N Spicy

This restaurant serves the best fast food at an affordable price. The pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches are with fresh ingredients, which makes it taste amazing. The snacks offered here taste best with a cup of coffee or tea and the company of friends.

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