Top 20 Most Cooked And Liked Dishes Of Potatoes

Top 20 Most Cooked And Liked Dishes Of Potatoes

1.French fries

French fries are a dish which is consumed in all the parts of the world and mainly in the parts of America and Europe. The potatoes are deep fried till they turn crisp and golden brown from outside and soft in the inside. They are served in various flavours like Peri-Peri, lemon, garlic, cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise etc. This dish is a comfort food in the western culture.


2.Mashed potatoes

This is a classic dish where in flavorful potatoes are boiled and sieved so as to make a thick paste of it. This is served as side dish in every meal especially in the European country. It can be eaten with meat, salad, rice etc. and can be given flavor with pepper, herbs and other such condiments.


3.Meat and Potato pie

This is an English dish originated in England. It is a crispy pastry made out of flour and potatoes and is filled with various meats and vegetables like onion and carrots. In England it is served with red cabbage and salad. In many bakeries in England this savoury dish is served on a large scale.


4.Dum Aloo

This is a spicy dish originated in the cold part of India-Kashmir. It is a gravy of onion and tomato based in which small potatoes are deep fried and added. This dish reflects the taste of many condiments of India and its culture too. Dum Aloo can be eaten with Roti (Indian bread) or rice.


5.Potato Pakoda

Potatoes are cut into thin slices and are dipped into gram flour paste. These marinated slices are then deep fried. This is another classic dish of India which is served in many breakfast and fast food restaurants.


6.Potato Kebab (Potato Wada)

This is a classic Indian dish in which mashed potatoes are added with chilli, ginger garlic paste, coriander, turmeric etc. and is made into small patties. These patties are then dipped into gram flour paste and are deep fried till they become brown. These Kebabs are served with bread, deep fried salted chillies and tamarind chutney.


7.Potato Salad

This side dish is an international potato dish which comes in various versions and styles. But the authentic potato salad is made out of unevenly cut boiled potato bits and it is dressed with sour cream, vinegar, mayonnaise, yoghurt etc. Gherkins, pickles, cabbage, fried bacon, onions etc. are added to it which makes the texture and the taste of the salad richer.


8.Spanish Potato Omelette

It is an authentic Spanish dish in which sliced potatoes are sandwiched between the two layers of egg omelettes. Sometimes, it also contains bits of cheese and bell peppers. This omelette is famously eaten for breakfast as it becomes a sumptuous breakfast item.


9.Baked Potatoes

In this dish, big sized potatoes are grilled, microwaved or barbecued along with the skin. After being cooked in the above ways, the potato skin becomes crisp and the inner part gets gently cooked. It is sometimes filled with bits of cheese and bacon to give the extra flavor and make the dish interesting. This is also called as Jacket potato.



Croquette is a very delicious snack in which a potato stuffing is made and wrapped inside thin bread and bread crumbs. This deep fried snack is full of fat but gives too much of satisfaction to the fast food lovers. There are many styles of cooking this dish by giving various flavours to the stuffing and adding meat and other vegetables to it.


11.Hash Brown Potatoes

Hash browns are mainly eaten as a side dish. It is a traditional dish of the Swiss cuisine. The fresh farm potatoes are shredded, diced or cut into small pieces and are pan fried till they change their colour to golden brown. This dish is also served in the South American part at the time of breakfast and in the grill and barbeque houses.


12.Papa Rellena

Just like the croquettes, papa rellenas are stuffed potato croquettes. The potatoes are filled with meat, mainly beef, pork, chillies and onions. The crispy sweet potatoes and the spicy stuffing makes this dish very addictive for the foodies.


13.Patatas Bravas

This is a dish originated in Spain and the Latin America. This simple preparation consists of potatoes diced into big pieces and deep fried with some basic seasoning. These potatoes are then served with a warm, spicy and tangy sauce made of tomatoes and aioli.


14.Pommes Anna

Originated in France, this dish reflects the simplicity and the delicate cooking method of the French cuisine. Pommes Anna is made by arranging the thin slices of potatoes into a pan in the structure of a cake. This potato cake is then fried in the oven with lots of butter. When it is done, it looks like a golden brown flower on the dish. This tasty buttery dish is served with roasted meal and salad in France.


15.Potato Doughnut

In many parts of the world, doughnuts are made of mashed potatoes and corn starch instead of flour. They are also called as spudnuts. The potato doughnuts are lighter than the flour doughnuts. They are not any less tasty than the flour doughnuts.


16.Potato Pancakes

Mashed or shredded potatoes are made into a pancake like patty and are fried on the pan till they become crisp. The potato pancakes can be sweet or savoury. The savoury once are given flavour with garlic and chillies and are served with sour cream. The sweet ones can be eaten as desert with apple sauce, brown sugar and ice cream also.


17.Potatoes O’Brien

Potatoes O’Brien is a starter dish originally found in Boston. In this dish, big pieces of potatoes are deep fried like the potato wedges and are pan fried along with various types of bell peppers, onions, tomatoes etc. The soft crisp potatoes and the crunchy texture of bell peppers keep a good balance of the dish at every bite.



Samosa is a typical North Indian tea time snack in which the mashed potatoes are pestered along with green peas, onion, turmeric, garlic, ginger, mustard seeds and cumin seeds. This stuffing is then wrapped in thin flour strips and is deep fried. These triangular shaped savoury pastries are served hot with tamarind sauce and green chillies.



Stampot is a dish from the Netherlands. Mashed potatoes form the basis of the dish. Other mashed vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, etc. are too added to the potatoes. A simple dressing is then made to give flavor to it. This side salad is served with the sausages and other meat items in the meal.


20.Sweetened Potato chips

India is famous for its savoury snacks. One of the most liked snack is the Chivda. In this, the potatoes are shredded and dried. These dried potatoes are then deep fried into crunchy sticky. Powdered sugar fried dry fruits, coconut and chillies are then added to it. This snack is eaten on the day of fasting and also served to the guests.