20 Mouthwatering Snacks In Ludhiana

20 Mouthwatering Snacks In Ludhiana

1. Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha is a traditional and spicy dish of chick peas (chane) and to have the best taste of it, Kulcha Land in Model town is the perfect place. Amritsari Kulcha is one of those dishes of which every Punjabi is a fan of. The clay–baked–stuffed naan has a variety of stuffings such as potato, cheese and much more. It is served with chickpeas and the spicy onion chutney, which makes it more tempting.

amristri kulcha

2. Pakoras

Pakoras are one of the favorite snacks that no one can resist after eating just one. In Punjab, Ludhiana is the best city to enjoy the pakoras. Although pakoras can be found anywhere in Ludhiana, the Panna Pakore Wala on Gill Road makes the best pakoras in the city. There is a lot of variety of pakoras ranging from mix pakora to paneer pakora and much more. The pakoras are so crispy that one should eat them slowly to enjoy its taste for more time. These pakoras become even tastier when served with chai (tea).


3. Samosa

Samosas are one of those snacks that everyone loves to eat and it is a must that no one miss the chance to eat a samosa while being in Ludhiana. Samosa Junction provides a lot of variety of samosas  from aloo samosa to chocolate samosa.  And it must be noted that no one can beat the taste of aloo samosa made by the college road shop. One can get delicious samosas at nominal price in the city and the chutneys served there make the samosas more special.


4. Pani-Puri

Pani-Puri is that type of food which refreshes us. There are variohurmur in Model Town, Ludhiana. The mixture of boiled potatoes, chickpeas and spices in the puri enhances its taste.


5. Vada Pav

Ludhiana gets some love from aamchi Mumbai and that love is Vada Pav. Datta Bhau Vada Pav in Ludhiana is best in the business. It provides a variety of Vada Pavs and provides the taste of originality to a great extent. From classic to cheese vada pav each and every variety is delicious. Vada Pav is served with a chutney, green chilies, crushed red chilies and enjoyed best with cutting chai.

vada pav

6. Parantha’s

One can get a vast variety of Paranthas in Ludhiana— from Aloo Parantha to Paneer Parantha to Mix Parantha. If in Ludhiana, one can’t afford to miss the tempting taste of the Paranthas. Pandit Paranthe Wala is the best Parantha Junction in the city situated in Chaura Bazaar. These delicious paranthas are served with ghee, butter, curd and pickle which enhances the taste to some other level.


7. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken should be declared as the most favourite non–vegetarian food of the Punjabi’s. One just falls for its taste more and more. Baba Chicken and Aman Chicken make the best tandoori chicken in the city. The finest Tandoori Chicken tastes even better when served with mint sauce which makes everyone go crazy for it.


8. Choley Bhature

Choley Bhature is one of the most loved Punjabi food. One can’t help but enjoy each and every bite of choley bhature. In Ludhiana, there are various shops which make mouth-watering Choley Bhature. Oberoi and Ganpati Choley Bhature are some places where one can enjoy a delicious plate of choley bhature.


9. Chaap

Chaap is one of the dishes found in Indian cuisine. In this dish, small pieces of soya are baked in a clay oven known as a tandoor using skewers. Using spices and yogurt it is marinated and served with mint sauce and chopped onions which makes its taste even better. In Ludhiana, Wah Ji Wah and King’s Tandoor provide a variety of lip smacking dry and gravy chaap.


10. Moong Dal Ladoo

Moong Dal Ladoo is something for which most are mad for. The irresistibly sweet and sour taste of the Ladoo’s makes everyone go crazy for them. It is served with green chutney and the topping of grated carrot and radish makes it even more tastier. In Ludhiana one can get these yummy Ladoo’s  in Chaura Bazaar, Ishmeet Singh Chowk and other places.


11. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a dish from Mumbai and is enjoyed a lot by Punjabi’s. Bhaji is a mixture of vegetables crushed and mixed together. In Ludhiana, there are many Pav Bhaji stalls and Bombay special Pav Bhaji stalls can be found in Gumar Mandi, Model Town, etc. Bhaji is garnished with a lot of butter and coriander along with chopped onions and served with hot pav makes it even more delicious.

pav bhaji

12. Tikki

Tikki is one of the special snacks in the list of the Punjabi’s. In Ludhiana, delicious tikkis are made in front of the eyes of the customer. Hoshiarpuri Tikki on College Road makes the mouth-watering tikki. Tikki when served with different chutneys, curd and garnished with chopped onions and grated radish makes it even more tempting.


13. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is one of the lip smacking non-vegetarian dishes of which every Punjabi is fond of. In Ludhiana, one must try the Butter Chicken prepared by Aman Chicken and Baba Chicken. Butter Chicken can be enjoyed with a naan or parantha or even rice which adds to its taste.


14. Rolls

One can enjoy a variety of rolls in Ludhiana.  There is a lot of variety for vegetarians as well as non–vegetarians. Refreshment and Khansama in Model Town makes the mouth watering rolls that gets more and more delicious every time you eat it. Noodles roll, Masala roll, Chicken Roll and much more when served with mint sauce and tomato sauce increases the flavors of it.


15. Chaat Papri

Chaat Papri is prepared using crisp dried dough known as papyri. This papyrus along with dried chickpeas, boiled potatoes, yogurt, tamarind chutney, and coriander chutney is served. In Ludhiana, various chaat shops provide the yummy Chaat Papri. The topping of coriander, chaat masala and bhujia enhances its taste.


16. Kachori

Kachori a snack enjoyed best with tea. It is sphere-shaped, made of maida and has different varieties of filings in it. Being in Ludhiana, Kachori Junction serves one of the best Kachoris. It is served with tamarind chutney, coriander chutney,  and chana (chickpeas) according to one’s choice.


17. Dosa

Dosa is one of the most favorite foods in South India and it is loved in Ludhiana too. Kumaran Dosa and Sagar Ratna makes one of the best dosas in the city. Sagar Ratna provide a wide range of varieties of dosas, making it much more tempting. Dosa serves with coconut chutney, onion chutney, tamarind chutney, and sambhar enhances its flavors.


18. Lassi

Lassi is the aan, baan te shaan of the Punjabi’s. It is difficult to have a meal after drinking a glass of Lassi. In Ludhiana, Haqiqat sweets prepares Lassi having freshly prepared butter, cream dipped in it. A spoon is given to eat the butter and enjoy the glass of Lassi slowly.


19. Batata Puri

Batata Puri is loved by the people of all age groups. In Ludhiana, Model Town is famous for Batata Puri. Boiled potatoes, spices, onion are all mixed together and are stuffed into the puri. The puris are then garnished with tamarind chutney, spicy coriander chutney, peanuts, chaat masala, bhujia, and coriander leaves and then served.


20. Momos

Momos are one of the most popular foods in Nepal but in recent times,has gained popularity in North India, In Ludhiana, Kipps market has a lot of vendors selling momos at a reasonable price. The momos are steamed buns having fillings inside it. They are served with mayonnaise and chili sauce for enhancing its taste.