Top 20 Dahibara Stall In Cuttack ,Odisha

Trinath Sahoo Dahibara Aloodam

Cuttack, the oldest city of Odisha(used to know as UTKAL), was the capital of Odisha before 1948 when Bhubaneswar was declared as the capital of Odisha. Cuttack is also famous for its food, and Dahibara is the specialty of this town. As you can say, if you came to Cuttack and have yet to eat Dahibara, what did you eat? So some unique stalls are given below.

1.Babula Dahibara Stall

It is the tastiest Dahibara you will find in Cuttack. It was the award-winning Dahibara in the Delhi food festival in 2019. They give you half a plate and a full plate per your choice. They give bara with alundum sizzling with chopped onions, chats of pudina, and tomato. So it is a balanced of all tastes. It is located at Nasik Patna colony, Cuttack, Odisha 753008.

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Babula Dahibara Stall

2.Raghu Dahibara

It is located at Bandha Chowk, kafala colony, bandanas, Cuttack, Odisha. This dahi bara is especially famous for its spicy taste, but you don’t have to worry. They also have sweets to minimize it if you want. They have sugar-free candies also for diabetic people.

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Raghu Dahibara

3.Ishwara Dahibara Aloodam

This stall is located at Biju Patnaik Chowk, Tulsipur, Cuttack, OdishaThe owner of the shop (Ishwar Behera) started this business due to some family issues in his childhood. This shop is around 60 years old; you should try this fantastic taste.

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Ishwara Dahibara Aloodam

4.Trinath Sahoo Dahibara Aloodam

A 30 years old shop located at Kanika Road, Nasik Patna colony, Cuttack, OdishaA very demanding shop opens only for 3-4 hrs (3:30 pm-7:30 pm). They give Dahibara sizzle with various types of sauce, which enhances the test of this. Ollywood actors also come here to taste this delicious Dahibara.

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Trinath sahoo Dahibara Aloodam

5.Somu Dahibara

This unique and unforgettable Dahibara stall is located in front of the Barbate stadium, Cuttack, OdishaUnique thing is here, Dahibara is sold by a father with her daughter, so locally famous as Bapa (father),jhia(daughter) Dahibara. They serve gravy also dam with salty-sweet bara.

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Somu Dahibara

6.Ranka Dahibara

This spot is located near Bose Field, ring road, Cuttack; Odishais one of the famous Dahibara spots in Cuttack. Specialty is during the preparation of Aloodam mutton masala (spices) are added, which gives it a delicious taste.

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Ranka Dahibara

7.Luna Tuna Dahibara Aloodam

This stall is located near Dahibara stand, barbate stadium, Cuttack, OdishaThey gives five bara with Aloodam on one plate. It is also famous for its unique taste.

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Luna tuna

8.Ramesh Dahibara Aloodam

This famous spot is at baba sagar school field,dolamundei, Cuttack, Odisha. This spot is renowned for its unique taste and quality.

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Ramesh Dahibara

9.Punia Bhai Aloodam Dahibara

Punia Bhai Aloodam Dahibara in Bidanasi, Cuttack, OdishaThis shop is around 45 years old, and they serve the softest bara with spicy Aloodam. A combination of both is a surprise. Another fact is that they don’t give you any spoons to eat; you have to eat with your hands.

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Punia bhai Aloodam

10.Pratap Dahibara Aloodam

Locally famous, this stall is located at station road, near SCB Medical College, Mangalabag, Cuttack, Odisha. The combo of soft and little sweet bara with spicy Aloodam makes this stall locally famous. A topping of chopped onions with varieties of chatni makes this combo unique.

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Pratap Dahibara Aloodam

11.Baghi Aloodam Dahibara

This place is located at mission road, opposite New Cuttack, OdishaThis is also a locally famous dahi bara spot that opens by 7:00 am and gets over by 8:00 am. Can you imagine the demand for this must-try dahi bara in Cuttack? They serve sweet bara with spicy Aloodam, which makes the combo wow.

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Baghi Aloodam Dahibara

12.Vinod Bhai Dahibara

Vinod Bhai Dahibara Aloodam,deulasahi, Cuttack.One of the must-try dahi bara in Cuttack, like every dahi bara, it also has its original and unique taste and a big fan following.

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Vinod bhai dahibara

13.Kanha Dahibara

This one is located at Kanha Dahibara, barbate Stadium, Cuttack, Odisha, by the taste and quality best dahi bara in the locality.

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Kanha Dahibara

14.Jitu Dahibara

This spot is located at CDA Chowk, Cuttack, Odisha

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Jitu dahibara

15.Monoj Bhai Dahibara

This is situated at Banki, in front of govt. Girls high school, Cuttack, Odisha. Locally famous for its unique taste, students love eating this as breakfast.

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monoj bhai dahibara

16.Rama Dahibara

It is located Near SB College, Cuttack, Odisha. The taste is so great, sizzling with sauce and onions.

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Rama Dahibara

17.Kashi Dahibara

this tasty stall of dahi bara is located at Khan Nagar,arunadaya nagar, near tetrahedron institute. Cuttack, Odisha. They cut the bars during serving so that all the masala can quickly go into this bara and make it so tasty.

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Kashi Dahibara

18.Tunia Dahibara

Tunia Dahibara is located at Nuapatna, Cuttack, OdishaThis dahi bara is famous for its unique taste; they don’t give you any spoon or topping with chopped onions and seu. It’s just plain Aloodam and Dahibara, which is very tasty.

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Tunia Dahibara

19.Pappu Dahibara

This dahi bara has soft bara with spicy Aloodam and topping with lots of seu at Sankarpur, Cuttack, Odisha.

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Pappu Dahibara

20.Santosh Dahibara Aloodam

Last but not least. This spot is at college square, Kobra Road, Cuttack, OdishaThis dahi bara topping with chopped coriander leaves and onions has a great taste.

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Santosh dahibara Aloodam