Top 20 Places In Kolkata For A Sunday Brunch

Top 20 Places In Kolkata For A Sunday Brunch

After six days of a tight schedule, it finally comes Sunday. It is the day to rest and to unwind. It is the day of shedding the fatigue of the whole week. It is also the day when you want to skip your daily meals at home. Instead, you would like to pamper yourself. It is the day you want to visit an escapade and stay inactive all day. If it is the case, then something different than a Sunday brunch in the best eating joints in the city. At the time, brunch offerings were limited to the city’s five-star hotels. But times have changed. Today besides the five-star hotels, many stand-alone restaurants and cafes offer brunches. Below are given are some of the famous brunch points in Kolkata.

1. The Fatty Bao

Situated on camac street, this place has an attractive décor and a great ambiance. You shall get amazing views from the windows. Here a range of unique Southeast Asian delicacies is served. Dishes like Sushi, noodles, dim sums, soups, and bars are done here. Dishes like prawn tempura sushi and tan men ramen are a must-try.

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2. Flurys

The list of brunching destinations is, of course, not complete without Flurys. In Kolkata, the name itself needs no introduction. Beautifully decorated, the ambiance exudes a colonial vibe. Their English breakfast is a must-try, which is available all day. Even though they serve a limited number of dishes, all of them are too delicious. Tables here are occupied all the time. Please don’t hesitate to call and book a table for you beforehand. The sweets and desserts found here are too unique.

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3. Zen- The Park

It is a fine dining restaurant serving some of Kolkata’s best pan-Asian cuisines. The interiors of this place are very stylish and eye-catching. The ambiance over here is elegant. They serve a Sunday brunch that one must attend. They do all the Southeast Asian delicacies, including Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. They have a live sushi counter where you can find sushis being made.

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4. Blue And Beyond

Situated in the new market area, it is one of the most fabulous rooftop restaurants in the city. It has a fantastic location from where you can enjoy a great view of Kolkata. The décor here is simple as well as elegant. It is decorated with plants all over the rooftop and candlelight on the table. Their brunch menu is one of the most elaborate in the city. You will find dishes from Indian, Mediterranean, and Continental cuisine.

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5. The Corner Courtyard

It is one of the most amazing of the lot. Framed in the structure of an old Kolkatan building, it is a surprise at first sight. It is the best Instagrammable restaurant in the city. The décor and interior is a colorful one. The furniture and the chessboard-style floor are notable. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available here. According to the general review, the food is delicious and worth trying. The must-try dishes are California pizza, Crab cake, Mushroom Soup, etc.

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6.Mynt- Vivanta, Kasba

Mynt-Vivanta is a well-known restaurant in the city. It has a fantastic interior with ample spacious seating. Unique décor and elegant lighting make it a perfect place to enjoy Sundays. Here you get authentic Chinese, Italian, North Indian, and Bangladeshi cuisine. It also has a friendly staff, delivering timely food and looking after all issues.

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7. Waterside Café, Grand Hyatt Regency

This place should be at the top of your list. For a luxury fine dining experience and outdoor seating, come here. It is located beside the serene pool of the Grand Hyatt Regency. Here you would like to unwind in a tension-free atmosphere. A relaxing brunch and a fantastic view make this place unique. They have a wide variety on the menu. You get Salads, Soups, Vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers, and main course dishes ranging from Indian to world cuisine.

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8. Barbeque Nation

Although not a dedicated brunch place, you would like a late lunch here with delicious comfort foods. Many people in the city consider going to Barbeque Nation for a late lunch on a Sunday. The interior is simple but impressive, and the food is delicious. There is outstanding grilled food here. They have an unlimited buffet of barbequed starters. It goes on until you say no. For a Sunday brunch, this is a perfect idea. Grilled chicken and grilled pineapple are the must-try foods.

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9. La Cucina – Grand Hyatt Regency

It is yet another place in the Grand Hyatt Regency Hotel. This place is one of the top fine-dining restaurants in the city. It has an elegant décor with complete wooden furnishing. The lighting is as artistic as the interiors. The Sunday brunch here has an extensive menu. This place is excellent for all vegetarians as the buffet menu spread has many options in veg. The must-try dishes are stuffed pasta, Classic Tiramisu, etc.

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10. The Wise Owl Steak House

It is one of the best destinations for brunch in the city. The interiors of this place are unique, and the rooftop is just outstanding. Consider sitting on the rooftop if you visit this place in autumn, winter, or cloudy days. The menu served here is continental and American. The food here is done here in generous proportions. Chicken steak and chicken BBQ are the must-try dishes.

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11.Sienna Store And Café

Situated near Gariahat, this is a place that is easily Instagrammable. It is one of the best brunch joints in Kolkata. This café serves a wide range of healthy foods, salads, and fresh juices in its Sunday brunch menu. The décor and ambiance of this place are outstanding and worth visiting. Its interior is cozy, and you can sit there for hours. The must-try dishes are chicken salads and hot chocolate.

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12. Eden Pavillion, ITC Sonar

Located in E.M. Bypass, this place offers luxury dining and a five-star experience. The décor here is elegant with a hint of luxury. They serve a whole range of varied cuisines. You can choose from Continental, North Indian, Italian, South Indian, and Bengali cuisines. They are well known for their brunch spread.

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13. JW Kitchen – JW Mariott, Kolkata

JW Kitchen is another unique place to visit when Sunday brunch is concerned. The interior is elegant, and it exudes positive vibes. A whole range of food is served throughout the restaurant’s lengths.

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14. Raj Spanish Café

Raj Spanish Café is the most humble of the lot. If you wander for good Spanish food in the city, it is the destination. With fundamental table, chair, and couch settings, the food brings everyone here. They serve authentic Spanish food. The must-try dishes are pizza, pasta, and roasted chicken.

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15. Seasonal Tastes

The Sunday brunch is well-known in the city. It has a classy interior. In the brunch buffet, you can choose from kebabs, grilled seafood, paellas, chat, Asian stir-fries, and so on.

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16. Pan Asian, ITC Sonar

The Sunday brunch served here is simply worth trying. The interior of this place is classy and exudes elegant vibes. There are separate food stations at each corner of the restaurant for convenience. You get the best dim sum, Japanese crepes, teppanyaki, and Southeast Asian curries.

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17. Buzz – The Gateway Hotel

The Sunday brunch offered by them is considered to be excellent. Different counters are dedicated to separating food items like seafood grills, chaat, and tawa counters. The brunch menu has a wide range of food from various cuisines worldwide.

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18. Cal 27, Taj Bengal

It has a Zamindar-style interior. The chessboard-style floor draws attention. The brunch served here is excellent. You can choose from fresh pizzas, hand-tossed pasta, seafood, etc.

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19. Afraa Restaurant And Lounge

This place has a stunning interior. It is considered as one of the escapades in the city. There are two-level seating arrangements. There is a bar on the lower and fine dining on the upper floor. The Sunday brunch is served on both. On the lower floor, it is self-help, and on the upper floor, there is pan-to-plate dining.

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20. Serafina

Although located inside the quest mall, this place has a European charm. The Sunday brunch it serves has a European charm as well. Please pick from the wide range of menus that it does. Tiramisu served here is a must-try dish.

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