Top 20 Dairy Free Indian Sweets To Try This Holi

Top 20 Dairy Free Indian Sweets To Try This Holi
Top 20 Dairy Free Indian Sweets To Try This Holi

It is almost that time of year, when in India, you will be seeing children bursting water balloons and playing with colours and water guns because Holi is almost here. Holi is a famous and most joyful festival celebrated in India, which brings people together and enjoy together. People not only play, but they also prepare sweet dishes with love and share them with their loved ones and neighbours to please them and make them happy. What if we inform you that we have brought a few recipes that do not use the dairy products to make dessert? Isn’t it interesting? So, without making you wait, we are sharing the list of such 20 sweet dishes.

1.Besan Barfi

It is a very easy and delectable recipe made with dates and besan also, called ‘Chickpea flour.’ The base is made up of besan, which gives it a smooth texture and dates act as natural sweeteners. You can also add a few nuts like cashew, almonds, pistachios to add a crunchy texture.

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2.Vedic Sesame Ladoos

Ladoos are an Indian sweet made by giving a round shape to the mixture prepared by cooking flour, and sugar with ghee. These sesame ladoos are dairy-free and made crunchy by adding nuts to them.

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3.Sweet Potato Ras Malai

Originally, this recipe was prepared by using dairy products like cream, milk, and cheese, but this recipe that we have bought for you can be prepared without using them. The softballs are produced of sweet potatoes instead of paneer. The cream is made from the milk made from the cashew. It is a super healthy vegan recipe that is very easy to prepare.

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4.Peach Jalebi

No doubt, jalebi is a very famous Indian sweet enjoyed best along with rabri and is served almost in every occasion. This round recipe with lots of turns is very simple to make. They are crunchy and taste best when served hot and fresh.

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5.Sorghum Banana Paniyaram

This sweet banana bread is enriched with rich flavours of banana and cardamom powder. The bread is gluten-free and quite healthy. If you like crunchy texture in your bread, then you must add cashews and almonds to it.

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This is that one dish, which we cannot think of preparing without milk, but we have also got a vegan version of this recipe for you. This dairy-free kheer is prepared by using brown rice or white rice, coconut milk, and date syrup to add sweetness to it. Add kesar and nuts to them for delicious flavour.


7.Sweet Carrot Halwa

Yes, this sweet carrot halwa is prepared without adding those chemically prepared unhealthy white sugar. To add a creamy texture to it, cook it with coconut milk. You can add desikhaand or rock sugar to it for sweetness.

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8.Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun

What Gulab Jamun we have always eaten are prepared by kneading flour and milk into the dough and further frying them in ghee, but this recipe is totally different from the usual one. This is prepared by sweet potatoes that are filled with coconut, which are then fried and added into cardamom-scented syrup.

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9.No-Bake Almond Cookies

These almond cookies are super easy and an ideal dish to prepare to please kids. This dish does not take more than 10-15 minutes in its preparation and can be given any shape to make them look even more attractive. They are made with easily-accessible ingredients.

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10Gulab Jamun Cake

This cake is made up of all vegan ingredients. First of all, the vanilla vegan cake is prepared by replacing the dairy ingredients with the vegan milk or cheese prepared from coconut or nuts. Then we prepare the vegan gulabjamuns as discussed earlier, and decorate them beautifully on the cake.


11Beet Thinai Paniyaram

It is a sweet dish that belongs to South India and can be eaten either as savoury or sweet. If you want to eat the sweeter version of them, then just add sugar to it. They are of dark pink colour as it contains beetroot and are soft when served hot with the crunchy outer layer.

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12.Coconut Kinako Dango

These are basically Indian and Japanese Dumpling fusion having their origin from southern regions of India. The dango is stuffed with coconut filling making them healthy and tasty. Each and every bite of this dish is worth tasting and enjoying.

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13.Pumpkin Halwa Puff Pastry Tarts

It is a traditional Indian recipe prepared by cooking mashed pumpkin with Kesar and sugar. To make puff pastry, you just have to nestle up this pumpkin halwa into small and sweet pastry puffs.

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14.Mango Kesari

It is a traditional dish of India also called as ‘Sheera’ and is an easy and quick recipe. The whole procedure of preparing this dish is the same. You just have to add the flavours of mango into it, and it is ready to serve and enjoy warm.

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15.Black Plum Popsicles

These popsicles are prepared with jamuns, and they are the one that adds sweetness to this recipe. It is not only sweet but very healthy too and also enriches this dessert with its healthy qualities. This sweet dish is quite popular in the Southeast region of India.

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16Date And Peanut Ladoo

We are sure, you would have not seen or prepared any recipe more easier than this. They are prepared with roasted peanuts, dates and edible nut oils. They are healthier options to satiate your sweet cravings and are worth tasting.

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17Sweet Potato Coconut Balls

This dish requires three essential ingredients in its preparation, which are coconut, sugar, and sweet potatoes. You just have to boil and mash the sweet potatoes and mix them with grated coconut and sugar, and your creamy and softballs are ready that are not only tasty but healthy too.

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18.Mango Lassi Blueberry Smoothie

This sweet lassi or smoothie is prepared by a combination of a thick mango layer and creamy coconut lassi with blueberry and almond milk smoothie. This has thick consistency and is like a milkshake.

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19Karachi Fruit Biscuit

These are popular bakery goods that are mostly loved by kids and youngsters. They can be enjoyed along with hot coffee or tea. They are not hard like other biscuits, but are soft. They usually consist of tuttifrutti added to them.

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20Figs And Date Barfi

Though most of the barfi recipes include milk, but this barfi is free from dairy milk. These barfis are prepared with two key ingredients, figs and dates, both being complementary to each other and adding sweetness to this dish.

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