Top 20 Decadent Chocolate Desserts


Some have a sweet taste for all things sugary, and then some who just have an appetite for chocolate. Even though we enjoy a  light and refreshing fruit-based desserts, each chocolate fan will tell you what their favorite dessert is. It also helps that the sweet cocoa product is available in an array of forms (ice cream, candy bars, cakes  ). Chocolate is delicious in any form, but there’s just something about a handmade treat that tastes even better.

Chocolate is the most comforting food on the planet. Whether you enjoy chocolate in the shape of fudge-drizzled ice cream, decadent, soft iced cupcakes, or luscious custard, you’ll find something else to please even the most veteran sweet tooth in this combination. Keep in mind that we’ve got dishes for every rich chocolaty creation you desire right here the next time. Your social schedule demands you to whip up a to-die-for chocolate dessert dish. These decadent desserts, which include anything from Chocolate  Pound Cake to Chocolate Pies , are velvety, lush, and delicious, and can be eaten at any time of year.

Below are some  delicious and decadent chocolate treats that turn plain  classics into the sweetest and most exciting  versions of themselves: think hot, fudge-y brownies, rich and smooth chocolate cheesecake, and chewy chocolate bark. And when you consider the entire chocolate range, from milky light to bittersweet dark chocolate, you’ll be astonished at how flexible this delicacy can be!

1 Beetroot Chocolate Fudge Cake

Beetroot and chocolate are odd bedfellows. With dark chocolate, espresso, and beetroot, this cake transcends any such idea. This cake, topped with dried beets and beetroot syrup, will be the star of any social gathering.

Beetroot chocolate fudge cake

2 Triple Chocolate & Hazelnut Sheet Cookie

Instead of flattening out the dough, chilling it, and shaping it into separate pieces, this simple sheet cookie is a cross between a brownie and a biscuit – and tastier than both. With lava spurts of white, dark, and milk chocolate, it’s fudgy and delicious.

Triple chocolate and hazelnut sheet cookie

3 Chia-Chocolate Brownies With Raspberries

These organic brownies are laced with dates and maple syrup and have a lovely raspberry jam jelly filling. Cacao powder boosts antioxidant levels.

Chia-chocolate brownies with raspberries

4 Avocado Mousse With Chocolate & Cacao Nibs

Do you crave chocolate every week  but don’t want to feel guilty about it? Fear not, for Tom Walton’s chocolate avocado mousse is a guilt-free dessert that will satisfy your sugar craving. It can be your guilty pleasure treat as it has goodness of avocado , which makes it creamy and tasty.

Avocado mousse with chocolate and cacao nibs

5 Cake With Chocolate Truffles, Chestnut Cream & Ganache

Katie Quinn Davies has made the cake of every chocoholic’s dreams. This cake is a fantastically fudgy cake sandwiched with a dollop of chestnut crème – for the ideal showpiece and covered with velvety chocolate ganache.

Cake with chocolate truffles, chestnut cream, and ganache


Chocolate Cake With Caramel & Honeycomb Sauce

This delicacy covers all the bases with chocolate, vanilla, and honeycomb. This cake is a chocoholic’s dream come true: a delicious chocolate cake covered with vanilla ice cream and coated with caramel sauce.

Chocolate cake with caramel and honeycomb sauce

7 Cosmic Brownies

Brownies are a versatile dish that are used for any celebration. They’re great for afternoon tea, a luncheon, or topped up with salted caramel ice cream. Even though they’re delicious on their own, the ganache topping and multicolored chips are reminiscent of the ones you had as a youngster and come together far too quickly to be left out. If you didn’t locate colored chips, M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces would be a fantastic substitute.

Cosmic Brownies

8 Chocolate Lava Cake

We’ve all eaten a few of those chocolate cakes with the melting center. They’re such a delight, and they’re generally saved for a special occasion. Not any longer! The recipe for this cake has just six ingredients and takes around five minutes to prepare. There is no need for a mixer or hard lifting. Just melt the chocolate and mixe it in with the butter.

Chocolate Lava Cake

9 Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

You’ll find it difficult to go back to store-bought ice cream once you’ve created your fudgy. This delicious, velvety chocolate ice cream is encrusted with fresh cherries for a refreshing summer  treat.

Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

10 Cake With Malted Chocolate Pudding

This super-light malted chocolate cake with its  fudge sauce is made with  Dutch – processed cocoa, which has all the rich chocolate aroma of unsweetened cocoa powder without the harsh flavor. This pudding just melts in your mouth and is a delightful treat.

Cake with Malted Chocolate Pudding


Bread Pudding With Chocolate & Salted Caramel

This delicious chocolate and salted caramel waffle bread and butter pudding scream indulgence. Layers of salted caramel sauce and a thick chocolate custard cover it.

Bread Pudding with Chocolate and Salted Caramel

12 Toasted Pistachios & Dark Chocolate Crème Anglaise Floating Island

This famous French dessert’s rich, dark chocolate flavor contrasts with its very light and airy structure. For the best results, use your favorite high-quality dark chocolate.

Food & Wine July 2019 – Handbook Best New Chefs – Chilled Chocolate-Hazelnut Floating Islands

13 Cocoa Matzo Crumble

These crumbles are the ultimate sundae topper, with rich dark chocolate, butter, just the right level of salt, and finely crushed matzos.  Try vanilla ice cream with this delicious crumble and liberal spray of creamy caramel sauce

Cocoa Matzo Crumble

14 White Chocolate With Pink Peppercorns

This White Chocolate Matzo Bark would make an excellent host gift because it is  lovely and effortless to prepare. Crushed pink peppercorns, fennel, and large, flaky sea salt provide a mildly peppery, flowery taste to complement the richness of the white chocolate.

White Chocolate with Pink Peppercorns

15 Chocolate Pretzel With Sea Salt

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill chocolate-dipped pretzels. Chef Daniel Humm’s superfun, tasty (and gluten-free!) sweets which are  prepared with ground pretzels and white chocolate piped into a pretzel form and cooled before being coated in dark chocolate.

Chocolate Pretzel With Sea Salt

16 Tropical Mendiants

Chef Paola Velez’s beautiful mendiants are relatively straightforward to create, thanks to her simple microwave tempering process. The chocolates topped with a beautiful combination of tropical fruit, roasted almonds, and nuts is  piped into rounds. The mendiants may be made ahead of time and served straight from the fridge, just like small open-faced chocolate candy bars.

Tropical Mendiants

17 Chocolate & Raspberry Tart

How delicious does this chocolate tart appear to be? The buttery pastry foundation of this deep-dish dessert covered with fresh raspberries and a silky, dark chocolate filling. Allow it to sit in the refrigerator for as long as you can wait to achieve that perfect slice.

Chocolate And Raspberry Tart

18 Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

This decadent chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake, made with double cream, full-fat soft cheese, and dark chocolate, is beautiful and delicious. For a clean finish, the base  is made with crumbled shortbread biscuits and butter. Garnish with chocolate swirls, and you’ve got yourself a tasty cheesecake to share with your friends.

Chocolate hazelnut cheesecake

19 Chocolate Profiteroles

What could be better than sweet, buttery profiteroles filled with fresh cream and dipped in a luscious chocolate sauce? These delectable snacks are simple to make and ideal for serving a large group at once. However, they wouldn’t be the same even without chocolate sauce glaze!

Chocolate profiteroles

20 Chocolate & Orange Soufflé

This luscious chocolate soufflé gets a refined touch with a dash of Grand Marnier, which is guaranteed to impress your guests. When you want to wow your guests during a dinner party, this is the dessert to serve. This soufflé is made even more delicious by the addition of dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

Chocolate and orange soufflé