Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Tilak Nagar

Top 20 Chinese Restaurants in Tilak Nagar
Top 20 Chinese Restaurants in Tilak Nagar

Tilak Nagar is becoming one of the places where individuals like to go to have Chinese cuisine. Chinese food is liked by everyone regardless of their age. Soups, momos, noodles, are some of the very few dishes if one is to give some examples. These days most teenagers like eating Chinese noodles which could go from Hakka, bean stew chicken, tom yum soups, and so on. Chinese cooking is loved by the whole gang in this food lovers’ city of our own! With the sizzling flavours, the heavenly dumplings, and so forth, Chinese dishes are without a doubt the go-to dishes for the vast prevalence of us.

Here is the rundown of the top 20 Chinese eateries in Tilak Nagar:

1.Vishwas Chinese

The chefs of Vishwas Chinese realize that the proper utilization of new vegetables, wheat or rice items, and meat makes dishes comparably differentiating. Generally, Chinese food is delicate or slashed to pieces to be overwhelmed by chopsticks.


2.Bread N Noodles

This restaurant serves different cuisines and offers great choices in its menu. This spot serves the best faint aggregates in the entire region, an ideal choice for Chinese sweethearts. It offers delights that are awesome in both taste and plating. A delight for the eyes and tummy.


3.Momos point

An integral justification for the upheaval in the Delhi Road food scene, they offer an assortment of steamed and roasted momos alongside other inexpensive dishes. You should make sure to have their Chicken and Salami Momos, Grilled Sandwiches, and Afghani Paneer.


4.Sethi Restaurant

This food joint is very mainstream among the west Delhites for its lip-smacking dishes and starters. They offer guest plans in an open-air setting and can likewise be called for a speedy home conveyance. Some of their exceptional food items are Butter Chicken, Kadhai Paneer, Veg Manchurian, and Spring Rolls.


5.Janki Vaishno Dhaba

This little Dhaba is very popular for serving lip-smacking North Indian food. The food is custom-made and given in a considerable quantity. The best part is their pocket friendly prices. It additionally has desirable cleanliness integrity over other dhabas.


6.Papa veg Chinese food

A joint that has been looking after its clients with specific yummy scrumptious delights like Lemon Mix Platter, Oriental Fried Rice and much more that are capable of making one’s mouth devastated with the taste of hot food.


7.Apna Dhaba

It is a tiny opening in-the-divider Dhaba that serves some tremendous unadulterated  Indian vegetarian food. Their menu comprises the typical Dhaba food items like Paneer Butter Masala, Dal Makhani, and so forth. Their Baingan Bhartha and Shahi Paneer are the most sought out dishes among the customers.


8.Fatehs barbecue

A delightfully enhanced eatery that wafts loftiness from each nook and corner, it is lodged in a rambling estate, which integrates a public venue just as a dinner corridor. It is famous for their Noodles and Tandoori Momos.


9.Mela Restaurant

The café is praised for its incredible kitchen that whips out a broad rich bona fide multi-cooking arrangement of excellent taste. There is a delightful bar accessible, for the individuals who like to drink in style.

Lucky Chinese Noodles

10.Carara Punjabi Restaurant

Indian food is noticeable throughout the planet for its broad utilization of fragrant spices and desserts. Be it tamarind, curry, lentils, or jeera, Indian dishes are offered via Carara Punjabi restaurant.


11.Aggarwal sweet Restaurant

The café serves Desserts, Chinese, South Indian and North Indian dishes. It is a pleasant spot to eat with your loved ones. This restaurant offers excellent services. You can come here with friends and family just to enjoy varieties of momos. The Salt and Pepper Squid and Dumplings are a must try.



While feasting at this eatery, you should try the Momos, Noodle, and so forth. The spot is additionally well known for its Delicious Tandoori Momos. People enjoy coming to this beautiful restaurant with their friends and family. Their Dim Sums are heavenly and comes in the slenderest of covers which will undoubtedly leave you flabbergasted.


13.Sui Wong

Sui Wong is an easy-going eatery, serving Chinese cuisine. A profoundly appraised place in Tilak Nagar, lauded for its practical assistance. It is a decent joint to visit when one hopes to satisfy cravings for food with delectable, sterile food at sensible costs.


14.Spice Barbecue Acclaim

One can appreciate the lip-smacking chaat here, while unwinding in their breezy open-air seating area. Extremely delightful eatery with tasty Chinese food, do attempt their singed momos. However, this spot additionally harbours other Pan Asian foods that will tempt all your taste buds.

Sui Wong


Quite possibly the most famous family eating space, this unadulterated vegan easy-going café serves a wide assortment of multi-cuisine food items .This restaurant is beautiful and has a good vibe that makes your eating experience worthwhile.


16.So Chow

They ensure that every one of their dishes has an advanced contort, marking their identity. They utilize two of the best Chinese cooking styles, Cantonese and Schezwan. This fancy café is known for its conventional Chinese setting with a spot of style.


17.Desi flavors

They offer a really extensive menu that goes from  Baked Pizzas, Dosa, Soups, and incorporates a scope of energetic Indian desserts. The eatery serves Chinese, Indian and North Indian cuisine.


18.Hunger Country

This fancy eatery is one of our most loved eateries offering super yum dishes which, structures an ideal equilibrium of the hot Chinese flavours. This restaurant is famous for their Fried and Chicken Momos.


19.Flirty Momos

Even though their Momos can’t be a tease yet, they are sufficient to win the heart of any individual who wanders into this diner. The best street food is marked down here – steamed, seared, and thrown! Their Fried Chicken Momos are a severe hit in Tilak Nagar.


20.China House

The China House is one of the best spots to have lunch and supper. It gives the most minor expensive food delights around here. It offers dishes like Chinese and Non-Veg dishes among other mouth-watering dishes that makes you feel charmed.