Top 20 Delectable Carrot Dishes

Top 20 Delectable Carrot Dishes
Top 20 Delectable Carrot Dishes

Carrot is a vegetable from Persia where it was cultivated for its leaves and seeds. It then became the part of the European and Southwest Asian cooking and now is eaten by everyone around the globe. The orange variety of this tap root is eaten more extensively than its other varieties. Carrots are a good source of Iron and Vitamin A and are often prescribed by doctors to those who suffer from Anaemia and Color blindness.

Carrots are an inseparable part of one’s life as they are used in almost all ways in dishes of the Vegetarian cuisine. Though in the beginning only the leaves were eaten, the tap root has become much popular.


Carrot has many first-class properties. Here are the various means of using carrot and making children even more interested towards it. I personally like Carrots raw and it can be used for both Mains and desserts.

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Let’s discuss the top 20 dishes of this Orange goodness. Let’s get started.

1. Gajar Ka Halwa(Carrot Halwa)

It is one of my favourite dishes containing Carrot. This dessert is absolute with the taste of Carrot and Ghee. This dish is made by shredding Carrots and cooking it with milk, water, sugar and ghee. It is one of the main desserts of the North Indians and is extensively had by them during functions and festivals. It is garnished with fried pistachios, almonds and raisins. But beware, it has high calorie content. I personally do not mind the calorie intake.


2. Carrot Cake 

I know it sounds a little off, but believe me this cake is absolutely luscious. Shredded Carrot is added to the mix of usual dry and wet ingredients of the cake and later baked. The Carrot in the cake gives the much needed moisture to the otherwise dense Cake. It has variants according to the ingredient used. Many times cinnamon, pistachios, almonds and kirsch are used to flavor the Cake. But I feel that the classic version is always better.


3. Carrot Rice

This dish is replete with the taste of Carrot and is awfully delicious. It served with Raita and is the best Tiffin-box lunch. It is quite simple to make and the recipe is somewhat similar to that of Pulav. It is garnished with fried onions, almonds and raisins which adds the sweet element to the otherwise continental dish.


4. Atta Carrot Cake

This Cake has a slight variance to the classic Carrot Cake recipe. Instead of using all-purpose flour or Maida, whole wheat flour is used to make this tasty cake. It is a really good dessert for the calorie conscious people out there. The only difference in this Cake is the flour, but it does not change the overall taste of this dish.

atta-carrot cake

5. Carrot Pickle

This pickle recipe is so tasty and full of spices that it can take down even the Mango pickle recipe. Carrot Pickle is delicious and I mostly like to eat them as it is. Though they are great with almost anything nothing beats the original taste. This is less sour than mango pickle and is best suited for those who do not like the sourness in pickles. They taste best with Parathas.


6. Carrot Souffle

This dish is your standard souffle dish with the only difference being the Carrot in it. This dessert is an excellent side dish or can be even eaten for brunch. It combines the taste of souffle and the goodness of Carrot in one dish. I am a fan of souffle and since Carrots are my favourite veggie, I love this dish.


7. Carrot Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Cupcakes are those mini cakes which are in the shape of a cup. These hand-sized goodies are famous among the children. Carrot Cupcakes are tasty and taste even better when paired with white chocolate. It adds the extra sweetness to the dishes and also gives the much needed moisture to the dish. They look absolutely luscious, don’t they?


8. Carrot Muffins

Now before we proceed I would like to distinguish between a Muffin and a Cupcake. A Muffin is not too sweet and is drier and denser than cupcakes. Cupcakes are well, miniature cakes. They always have frosting and are not your breakfast item. Muffins can also be savoury.

Carrot Muffins are not too sweet and are a healthy option for your otherwise loaded breakfast. They are dense but are tasty and are fulfilling. Have them when you want to grab a quick snack.


9. Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup is considered a classic in French Cuisine. It has a very creamy and dense texture and is fulfilling. I believe soups to be an integral part of restaurant dining experience and Carrot Soup is heavenly. Pair them with some French bread and then you’ll know what I am talking about.


10. Carrot Gojju

It is a type of sautéed salad made with Chana Dal, Carrots in coconut milk and other spices. It can be eaten as a salad or as a side dish. It has many flavors in it. It is a medley of flavors.


11. Carrot and Apple Smoothies

I love to have Smoothies when I want a cold and fulfilling drink. Smoothies are what their name suggests- smooth puree of fruits. Carrot and Apple smoothies are by far the most refreshing and tasty smoothie. Other than carrots and apples, cinnamon, frozen banana and ginger is also added.


12. Carrot Coleslaw

I love Coleslaw for their creamy and loaded taste owing to the various type of mayonnaise put in it. I love Coleslaw with French bread. Carrot Coleslaw doesn’t require much amount of cream as the carrots give the much needed creaminess to this salad. You can reduce the amount of mayonnaise and increase the amount of spices if you want.


13. Carrot Juice

Not as delectable as the other dishes but by far the healthiest of all Carrot dishes present. Carrot dish is prescribed by doctors for those who are anaemic and those who are colour blind. You can add spices to this juice if you want, but I would suggest drinking as it is to get the best results.


14. Carrot Salad With Black Grape Dressing

Black Grape is known for medicinal properties but it is not liked by the people because of the seeds. Many dry fruits can be added to increase the texture of the Carrot and Grape Salad.


15. Candied Carrot

Candied Carrot is a simple candy dish where thin strips of Carrot are put in sugar syrup and brought a boil and later stored. It is a great alternative to your usual candy supplements and is a much healthier option.


16. Glazed Carrot

Similar to your Candied carrots, in this dish the Carrots are put as whole in syrup of brown sugar and butter and cooked. They are a healthier option and are used as a complementary to your standard savoury dish.


17. Carrot and Cabbage Soup

Cabbage Soup is a ordinary soup variety in the Indian Subcontinent. This soup recipe is a delicious starter to your main course and the Cabbage in the soup suppress the former’s dominant flavor.


18. Lahori Special Gajrela

This Gajrela is different in the extra ingredient that is used to prepare the dessert. This dish is a mix of the traditional Kheer and the classic Gajar ka Halwa. This dish is famous in the Pakistani Cuisine. And since Lahore is surrounded by Pakistan influence, this dish is prepared by them on occasions.


19. Carrot and Apple Salad

The combination of Carrot and Apple is a classic, I suppose and another dish that is on the run down is the Carrot and Apple Salad. Add some lemon juice for the best experience.


20. Gingered Carrot Ribbons

And at last is the combination of Ginger and Carrot. Ginger is mostly used in dishes involving Carrot; I think it is due to the heavenly blend. This salad has delicate balance of the flavors of Ginger and Carrot and the end result is mouth watering.