Top 20 Delhi Street Food Items

top 20 delhi street food items

I’m back with another post, and unlike the previous, it’s about the best places for street food that you can find in Delhi. Be assured that it lists all the popular joints that give you delicious food as well as value for money. Come on, let’s face it, most of the delicious food is unhealthy; it may not be good for your body, but your taste buds will never stop from thanking you.

So, let’s begin.


One of the most desired street food by all is chaat. It includes gol gappe, tikki, and dahi bhalla. This is one of the best options if you want value for your money.

Location: – Natraj dahi bhalla corner (Chandni Chowk), Shri Balaji chaat bhandar (old Delhi)

Price: – Rs.100 for two people


2.Chhole Bhature

This dish consists of two fried bread accompanied with onions and a chickpea vegetable with some fresh mint chutney. You can settle for no other thing if you crave chhole bhature.

Location: – Sitaram Diwan Chand (Paharganj), Chache di Hatti (Kamla Nagar), Om di Hatti (DB Gupta Road)

Cost: – Rs.60-80/plate



A typical late Sunday morning breakfast for almost every Delhiite. This can give a little heavy, and oily start to your day, but be assured your plate will not complain.

Location: Ram Swaroop Halwai (Chawri Bazar), Bille di Hatti (Kamla Nagar), Shyam Sweets (Karol Bagh)

Cost: Rs.50-80/plate


4.Kachori with Sabzi

Another delicacy that the people of Delhi love is kachori with sabzi. There is no best time to eat it; you can have it for breakfast, brunch, in the evening with tea, etc.

Location: – Fateh Ki Kachori (Kashmiri Gate), Jung Bahadur kachori wale (Chandni Chowk), Nathu caterers and sweets (Chandni Chowk)

Cost: – Rs.20/plate



They are small, fried triangles made out of dough filled with delicious goodness in the form of potato mix with loads of chillies, served with freshly prepared mint chutney.

Location: – Lalu Babu Chaat Bhandar (Chandni Chowk), Munni lal halwai (Gole Market), Kumar samosa wale (Rohini), Manohar Dhaba (Chandni Chowk)

Cost: – Rs.10-40/plate



It is pure, delicious goodness wrapped around a stick. Served as a cold dessert, you can find over ten varieties of kulfis all over Delhi namely malai, faluda, rabri, paan, mango, etc.

Location: – Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale (Chawri Bazar), Roshan di Kulfi (Karol Bagh), Giani’s di Hatti (Fatehpur), Lala Duli Chand Naresh Gupta (Chawri Bazar)

Cost: – Rs.50-80/stick



If brought down to simple words this is barbecued meat loaded with different varieties of spices and flavors served hot with some onion and lemon sprinkled on top.

Location: – Majeed (Vasant Kunj), Bhaijaan Kebabs (Chandni Chowk), Qureshi kabab center (Chandni Chowk)

Cost: – Rs.200-600/two people



The most common breakfast for Delhi is paratha. With over 20 varieties to choose from, it’s never monotonous. You can choose from pizza, Kerala, lacchha, paneer, aloo, onion, etc.

Location: – Paratha Wali Gali (Chandni Chowk), Convergys’s Dhaba (Gurgaon)

Cost: – Rs.30-60/per paratha



A typical desi sweet dish that every person would love to have after a meal or in the evening with tea is jalebi. These are fried round structures dipped in sugar syrup, which gives it its popular sweet flavor.

Location: – Old Famous Jalebi Wala (Dariba Corner), Senor Dhan Singh (Yusuf Sarai), Kali Charan Gupta Jalebi Wale (Farash Khana), Bikanervala (Greater Kailash-1)

Cost: Rs.50/two people



This is the most simple, easy, bite-sized, non-sticky snack that one can have at any time. Usually preferred at tea-time they are vegetables like potato, onion, cauliflower, dipped in a batter and then deep-fried.

Location: – Kakkar’s Pakora Stall (Karol Bagh), Khandaani Pakodewala (Sarojini Nagar), Pkode wali gali (Lajpat Nagar), Paramjit Fish Pakorewala (West Delhi)

Cost: – Rs.40-200/per plate


11.Chole kulche

This is apparently the most common street food one could find in Delhi. In every nook and corner of the road, you’ll find its seller. If you want to have an overloaded meal which provides great value for money, this is the right choice for you.

Location: – Lotan Kulcha Wala (Chawri Bazar), Ratan Lal Chole Kulche (Rajinder Nagar), Chole Kulche at Kanshi Ram (Naraina)

Cost: – Rs.20/plate


12.Nan Khatai

It is a biscuit, a little sweet but unlike any other, it’s made in a hot pan instead of being baked. You can find them on every street in old Delhi. Best accompanied with hot tea or coffee.

Location: – Streets of old Delhi

Cost: – Rs.90/kg


13.Bhel Puri

This is a complete mixture of good as well as bad things on a plate. You will find fried stuff as well as some freshly chopped tomatoes, onions, and chickpeas with loads of spices and lemon sprinkled on top.

Location: – Bombay Bhel Puri (South Extension-1), Imly (Old Rajinder Nagar), UPSC Chaat Wala (Pehladpur Banger)

Cost: – Rs.20-50/plate


14.Chana Jor Garam

Probably one of the oldest snack that can be found on Delhi streets. You can trace its history back to 1965 when it was introduced. Since at that time everyone used to eat healthy food, therefore, this snack is one of the healthiest ones that you can have.

Location: – India Gate (Delhi)

Cost: – Rs.20/cone



“Stuffed cylindrical barrels” is the easiest explanation that rolls can have. With over 15 choices to choose from, you can fully customize your roll as your wish. Both healthy, as well as unhealthy options, are available. You can have it filled with cheese or not, have the outer wrapping deep fried or not completely depends on you.

Location: – Khan Chacha (Khan Market), Chowringhee (old Delhi), Nizam’s Kathi Kebab (Connaught place)

Cost: – Rs.30-120/roll



It is a relatively new street food in Delhi but is being increasingly liked by people. With over six varieties to choose from, you can try a new one whenever you have them. Veg, Paneer, Chicken, Fried, etc. are some choices.

Location: – Fusion Momos (Patel Nagar), Momo’s point (Ashok Vihar), Dilli Haat

Cost: – Rs.20-80/plate (12 pieces)



This snack has everything sweet that one can think of; gulkand, cherry, sweet fennel, etc., wrapped in a leaf. There are more than ten varieties of paan, namely chocolate paan, supari paan, meetha paan, etc.

Location: – Pandey’s Paan (Connaught place), Prince Paan (Greater Kailash-1), Basant Paan Bhandar (Nizamuddin)

Cost: – Rs.20-80/paan

Banarasi Rajratan Paan

18.Karachi Halwa

Originated in Pakistan, this type of halva is prepared from pure desi ghee. When it was introduced in India, it was successful in making every citizen its fan. Since then it is liked by most of the population in both countries.

Location: – China Ram (Chandni Chowk), Karachi Halwa House (Gole Market)

Cost: – 400-600/kg


19.Pooran Poli

Unlike a paratha, Puran Poli is stuffed with jaggery, and it is also called sweet paratha. It is best to eat when you have a cold as jaggery contains healing powers.

Location: – Maharashtra food stall (New Delhi)

Cost: – Rs.300/two people


20.Pav Bhaji

It is probably one of the most favorite street foods in Delhi. It contains a vegetable stew served with two pan roasted buns, some onions, and butter on top.

Location: – New Arjun Bombay Pav Bhaji (Model Town-3), Jhakkas Pav Bhaji (Rohini)

Cost:- Rs.50-120/plate


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