Top 20 Sizzling Vegetarian Sizzler Restaurants in Kolkata

Top 20 Sizzling Vegetarian Sizzler Restaurants in Kolkata

1.The Bikers Cafe

One of its kind themed restaurant with crosswords on bikes, real bike models, fosse ball table, board games, wifi, live music, wooden chairs, and flooring, it completes its sports cafe look. Located on Elgin Road is the new happening place famous for great breakfast. It has American, Cafe and European Cuisine with a mouth-watering selection of sizzlers including Cottage Cheese Shashlik Sizzler, Mexican CHIPOTLE veg, And the Italian Sizzler.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 400 (excluding taxes) approx.


2.Bjs Sports Restaurant cum Lounge

It is one of the few sports-themed restaurants in Kolkata. The restaurant’s location is on Sarat Bose Road near 85 Lansdowne, Hazra. It is heaven for a sports fan where one can kick in with friends to watch live sports with delicious food and play board games. The interior holds wallpapers of cricketers, cricket-themed tables, sports gears, etc. It is also the right place for a vegetarian sizzler lover with special sizzler and veg stroganoff.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 350 (excluding taxes) approx.


3.Cream Centre

It is a vegetarian restaurant with Jain food distinctively also available here. One of my favorites located in Allenby Road, near Forum Mall, Elgin, and Lake Town. An apt family Restaurant with a lively atmosphere and comfortable seating, it is a chain famous for a mixed variety of cuisines. Ten varieties of sizzlers are available here including Italian Baked Sizzler, Mexican Fajita Sizzler, Chinese Sizzler, etc. each delicious and intricately cooked.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 450 (excluding taxes) approx.


4.Smoke Shack

One of the top Rooftop restaurants in Kolkata with an excellent view and on the side of a beautifully lit pool. The restaurant’s location is at Garcha Road, Ballygunge. It offers a pleasant atmosphere and nightlife. It is a posh run-away with continental and north Indian food. It presents uncountable varieties of sizzlers which are very rare in any city, like Pesto Marinated Cottage Cheese Steak, Mix Grill, Clay Oven Baked Stuffed potato and kidney bean patty, etc.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 600 (excluding taxes) approx.


5.Smoke House Deli

The correct place for a refined dining experience with intricately detailed interior and soothing white walls adorned with paintings of landscape and art forms of Kolkata. It is a chain with an outlet in the Quest Mall of Kolkata. It is an all day breakfast place with a complimentary welcome bread basket with Continental and Mediterranean Cuisine. Sizzlers with intricate and detailed presentation available here are SHD Curried Vegetable Cutlet, Chermoula Spiced Cottage Cheese Sizzler, SHD Penne Sizzler and Sizzling Spinach and Corn Lasagne.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 450 (excluding taxes) approx.


6.Kaidi Kitchen

Another only vegetarian uniquely themed restaurant among the few others in Kolkata. The restaurant’s location is on Camac Street; Camac Street Area and E. M. Bypass; Kankurgachi. The restaurant’s ambiance resembles a prison with cells, the staff dress up as prisoners, and it has fancy prison doors. It serves a wide variety of cuisines like Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc. It is one of the most famous restaurants in Kolkata with a delightful collection of Italian, Mexican and Chinese Sizzlers.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 300 (excluding taxes) approx.



A reputed family restaurant which gives you a sense of nostalgia as you are bound to have visited this place at least once in your life. The restaurant’s location is on Park Street and Ballygunge with a friendly staff and a homey feel. It is a place famous for sizzlers with delicious North Indian, Mughlai and continental food. A heritage restaurant with a lip-smacking vegetable sizzler.

POCKET PINCH: Rupees 350 (excluding taxes) approx.


8.Watz This Friday

A decent dining place, which is apt for a private party as well, with reasonable prices. The restaurant’s location is near Vivekananda Park, Southern Avenue. It has an indoor and outdoor seating arrangement; perfect for different seasons. The place serves a variety of sizzlers including Cottage Cheese Sizzler, Herb Chilli Potato Sizzler, Mongolian Barbeque Sizzler and Veg Sizzler, with Italian, Asian, Fast Food and American Cuisines.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 350 (excluding taxes) approx.



A definite eye-candy Portuguese restaurant with red and yellow couch and up to date décor. The restaurant’s location is in Acropolis Mall at Rajdanga Main Road, Kasba. It has one of a kind menu with Mediterranean food, special kid’s menu, healthy burgers and other healthy food options with desserts. A country-wise sizzler assortment is available here, like Peri Peri Paneer Sizzler, Veg Kebab Sizzler, Paneer Trinchando, Falafel Sizzler, etc.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 415 (excluding taxes) approx.


10.The Country House

Much like its name a place with a decor of contemporary paintings with a cycle on one wall and chandeliers on the ceiling to show the mixed culture. A restaurant located in Allenby Road near Forum Mall, Elgin with a quirky interior. It is a two floored restaurant with a bakery in the ground floor and seating arrangement on the 1st floor. A cafe serving Italian and Continental cuisine, lip-smacking desserts and delicious sizzlers. Sizzlers like Cottage Cheese Sizzler, Italian Sizzler, and TCH Chef Special Sizzler are like a cherry on top.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 350 (excluding taxes) approx.


11.Peter Cat

A list of top sizzler places in Kolkata is incomplete without mentioning this place. Peter Cat is one of the heritage places in Kolkata. The restaurant’s location is on Park Street. It has a limited yet comfortable seating arrangement. It is famous for sizzlers along with chelo kababs. It serves a variety of vegetarian sizzlers like Veg Mixed Grill, Tandoori Mixed Grill, and Half Sizzling Dum-Ki-Raan.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 350 (excluding taxes) approx.


12.Cheeni Kum

A lavishly decorated restaurant with two divisions – one a restaurant cum bar and another restaurant. The restaurant’s location is opposite to Acropolis Mall. In this restaurant drinks are also available. It is a multicuisine restaurant with North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Fast Food and Continental cuisine with Vegetable Sizzler, Mexican Sizzler, and Paneer Shashlik Sizzler.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 300 (excluding taxes) approx.


13.TGI Friday’s

It is a lovely place with great ambiance, music, and a surprising menu. The restaurant’s location is at Elgin Road. It has lots of exciting offers going about all the time and good drinks though a little pricey. It has a Tex-Mex and American cuisine with only one but delicious vegetarian sizzler.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 600 (excluding taxes) approx.


14.Blue And Beyond

A rooftop restaurant perfect for winter with outdoor seating arrangement and romantic setting. It has live sports screening and nightlife –the best combination for any individual. The restaurant’s location is on Lindsay Street; New Market Area perfect to celebrate any occasion with loved ones. The menu has an unusual variety of vegetarian sizzlers including Mexican Marriachi, The Paneer Shashlik Sizzler, Malai Aloo Achari Paneer Sizzler, etc.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 325 (excluding taxes) approx.



It is an enjoyable restaurant with an amicable manager and staff. The restaurant is in the Park Street Area and New Market Area with Jain food separately available and a cozy seating arrangement. It has Chinese, Continental, North Indian, and Desserts with a wide variety of sizzlers like Indian Mixed Grilled Sizzler, Low-Calorie Charcoal Grilled Sizzler, and Veg Chinese Sizzler.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 450 (excluding taxes) approx.



It is an old restaurant with a lush interior and amazing food. It is a vegetarian-only place, in Sector 2, Salt Lake with Jain food particularly available. It has a mixture of cuisines like North Indian and Chinese on the menu. It serves a delicious assortment of Indian, Chinese, Mongolian and Mexican Sizzlers.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 400 (excluding taxes) approx.



This restaurant is another heritage place in Kolkata with comfortable seating and good ambiance. It is a cozy and sophisticated restaurant. The restaurant is on Park Street, and it has Continental, Italian, and North Indian cuisine. Its menu houses few, yet different, sizzlers like Tandoori Mixed Grill Sizzler and Mixed Grill ALA Mocambo, etc.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 350 (excluding taxes) approx.



A restaurant with an unusual name which many of us associate with desserts. To my surprise, it was a place with a variety of cuisines, located in the heart of New Market Area and Hatibagan, with easy access to metro. It has Italian, South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisine with mouth-watering dessert selection for Christmas. The menu houses Veg Sizzler, Chef’s Special Veg Sizzler and Mixed Platter Sizzler.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 250 (excluding taxes) approx.


19.Red Hot Chilli Pepper

This restaurant is a 17-year-old fine dining Chinese restaurant chain with authentic Chinese food. The restaurant is in Ballygunge, Sector 5 Salt Lake and Enclave Alipore. It has a full bar available and nightlife. It has Vegetable Sizzler and Sizzling Vegetable Drumsticks. Even though it has an exorbitant pricing structure, it is worth a try.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 400 (excluding taxes) approx.


20.La Maison Des Delices

This restaurant is aparadise for dessert lovers with a soothing atmosphere, light music, and comfortable seating arrangement. The restaurant is at Hindustan Park Road tucked into the lanes of the southern avenue. It has French, Italian, and American cuisines with incomparable dessert and presentation. In addition, it has a Veg Delight with Cottage Cheese Sizzler.

Pocket Pinch: Rupees 350 (excluding taxes) approx.