Top 20 Delicacies From Bihar

Deli Bihar

Idli Sambhar, Dhokla, PaniPuri, and Aalubhaji is known to all and we have relished long over it. Let’s give them a breather, and keep aside; have a look on the platter we are offering to you. A journey of the unknown land, which holds some historical importance, has a lot to delight your taste buds too. A wedding will not be complete without the bride and the groom, same ways if Litti stays unspoken will be an injustice to the delicacies of Bihar.

1Litti Chokha

The small balls of dough made up of flour and with stuffed with Bengal gram (Sattu) which is baked on Desi Chulha (indigenous Oven), dipped in Ghee tastes glorious.  Litti has two variants one which is fried in oil and another one is Chulha baked. Litti however, is incomplete without Chokha and other add-ons make it delectable. Chokha is made of boiled and mashed potatoes and added with more veggies like Brinjal, tomatoes, and onion. Complimentarily coriander chutney and pickle makes it more presentable.


2Daal Pitha

Daal Pitha is made of rice flour and stuffed with lentils. For this dish, first of all, lentils need to be boiled and mashed dry. To add a spicy flavor to it is added pepper, salt, green chilies, and garlic. Pitha is stuffed with lentils and then boiled in water. The covering is almost like that of momos but the taste is spicy and completely different. Even this boiled Pithas can be fried and given a more crunchy from which one can try like evening snacks. A new day mother may put some ketchup and offer to the guests



It is more of a snacks item, made by deep frying a mixture of wheat flour, Jaggery, and Oil. A variation is done in the mixture when instead of Jaggery, Sugar is used. Some people call it jokingly as Bihari biscuit which is also an essential Prashad for chat Puja. But the crunchy smack-snacks will make you crave for more.


4Mal Pua

The name itself is rich and sweetens the mouth. Somewhere it is offered dry and somewhere dipped in sugar syrup. Even it becomes richer when Rabdi suitably adds to presence and taste both. The batter is made by mixing flour, milk, bananas, and sugar which is deep fried in oil or ghee.



King of all sweets Gulab Jamun has a twin brother born in Bihar, called Pantua. A little darker and elongated version of Gulab Jamun. The crust is hard compared to Gulab Jamun. Ingredients are mawa, milk and sugar and the taste are superb. Pack it for home and have it too because eyes and mouth can’t stay away for long.



Here is another scrumptious sugar coated bowl that is enriched with khoya. And cardamom and cinnamon add to the flavor. This sweet made up of flour has its customary presence in all weddings in Bihar.


7Parwal Ki Mithai

No one can imagine that the less known vegetable can be so fascinating for the taste buds when it is turned into a sweet. Parwal (Pointed gourd) is full of seeds inside it. Seeds are removed, and the upper layer grated a little to make it softer, which is boiled and filled with Khoya and dipped in sugar syrup. One may fall in love with it.



The redness achieved is pure and the taste is superb. With each bite, you feel to guess the ingredient, but you can’t get it. It is a perfect blend of rice flour and sugar and is coated with sesame seeds known as Anarsa.



As the picture suggests the yum looking balls have a difference of ingredients too. This ball is put in shape with either puffed rice (Muri), Choora (beaten Rice) or Til (Sesame) and Jaggery Syrup to bind it together. This crunchy munchy light-to-stomach food is popular during Makar Sankranti festival.



It feels like munching is a favorite of this region as you get crunchier and tastier foods. Laktho looks like Shakkarpara, but it has a different yumminess in it. The mixture is of rice flour and Jaggery syrup. But heart needs to say it’s different!!!



It is a Kheer but ingredients are different. A Chhat puja special, whenever it is being made fills us with a unique aroma, and pleasant taste will make you ask for a bowl more every time you have it.


12Laung Latika

The name gives a shock. Yeah but Laung (clove) does the work of an anchor holding all stuffed thing together. A sugar syrup dipped sweetening thing is as unique in taste as the name suggests.


13Kesar Peda

A unique thing of Bihar is its delicacies being more linked with one or more festivals. Kesar Peda is linked to Shravan month when Lord Shiva is worshiped most proactively in this region, and this sweet is unique to Devghar where devotees offer this to Lord Shiva. One who hasn’t tasted Kesar Peda has not known the real taste of sweetness.



Millions of heart fall for this unique dish. A blend of Khoya, coconut, and dry fruits and lightly but right wrapping of sugar syrup will go perfectly for those who fall weak for sweetness.



This dish looks like a Wafer, very light in weight but toothsome. The sugar and Mawa content, however, doesn’t fall heavy on the taste buds as wheat flour saves them from ruling the blend.



The richness of Belgrami lies in its rich ingredients. Made up of pure Cheese, Sugar, and ghee; this unique dish is not found and copied anywhere else till now with the same perfection.


17Chana Ghungi

Tangy to taste when added with onion and a chili, it is perfect snacks for evening time. Give a try while watching television as it is healthy to munch.


18Reshmi Kababs

Had enough of sweets to fill your appetite. Here is something more from Capital of Bihar. Unique to its name and wonderfully satiating to taste, Rajendra Nagar Patna introduces you to this. You are sure to crave more and more until your tummy says no!


19Kadhi Bari

You must have heard of KadhiChawal, a Punjabi dish. Here is something of the same style but the origin is purely Bihari – Kadhi Bari. Kadhi is made from Besan batter and curd mixed with red chilli, and Bari seems to be like Pakoras (fries) that are puffy and soft. This is served with meals as a replacement for Daal. The tanginess is equal to Sambhar from the south but unique to this state.


20Sattu Paratha

To end this tour de Bihar let’s have a look at the final Dish for the day. To heat you in this winter, have a Paratha or two stuffed with Sattu. Add- on will be coriander chutney or mango Pickle. A combination which is so heavenly. Hope this journey of taste gives pleasure to one and all and gives the chance to know a place better. It’s correct to say that “to live life happily, eat merrily.”