20 Must Have Parsi Dishes


Parsi cuisine is one such cuisine that hasn’t gained much popularity. Though bold in flavor with a blend of hot, sweet and spicy, this cuisine is still to be explored. This cuisine is a great mix of Irani, Maharashtrian, Gujarati and British flavors. You can find a great use of sugar, chilies, garlic-ginger paste and the coconut in this Parsi culinary.  Their Koimino patio, Dhandal patio, Akoori, Khaari fish with Dhan Daal and Kopra Pak are worth a mention.

1.Sali Boti (Parsi Meat Dish)


This recipe had to top the list. Sali Boti is the perfect mixture of traditional Flavors of Parsi cuisine. The moist and tender mutton chunks prepared with jaggery, tomatoes, vinegar, and onions have a hot and sweet, bold taste. The rich flavor of turmeric and ginger are more savoring.Hot fried potato snacks just add to the taste.



Akuri is a dominant part of Parsi breakfast. It’s just like English scrambled eggs, but the flavors are what make it unique. The eggs are perfect, not too runny or overcooked and the touch of mild spices plays the important role. Akuri is savored with salad and bread.

3.Sali Marghi


This age-old recipe will make you go: “If there is Heaven, then it’s right there in this serving bowl.” Trust me I’m not exaggerating. The chicken is perfectly cooked in blazing masala with shredded fried potato. A yummy delight!

4.Parsi Mutton Cutlets


This crispy treat is the most commonly made Parsi snack.These cutlets are an exquisite blend of potatoes, ginger, turmeric, mutton and aromatic seasoning. Deep fried nom-nom tastes best with a gorgeous bowl of green chutney.

5.Patrani Ni Machi


Love sea-food? Well, this recipe is then your dream come true. The fish is first marinated with lime juice, spiced coconut chutney, and mild spices and steamed in the green banana leaves. If you are looking for healthier options, then you can prepare the same recipe with pepper and mustard oil marination.

6.Dhansak Masala


One of the most-loved and commonly cooked dish in a Parsi home is Dhansak. This dish has elements of a Gujarati and Persian cuisine with a touch of aromatic spices. Dhansak makes the base for cooking meat or chicken.

7.Sali Par Edu


Though made from the most basic ingredients, Sali Par Edu is a perfect dish to start a perfect day. The dish is a unique combination of baked beans, deep-fried potatoes topped with an egg. It tastes best when served with toast.

8.Kolmi Papeto Tetralo


This Parsi delicacy is the prawns based dish, cooked in a thick and tangy tomato puree with a touch of fiery chilli and garlic paste and potatoes. Simply lip-smacking!

9.Parsi Sali Keema


A simple yet exceptionally luscious, this dish is prepared with minced lamb meat. The meat is cooked with ginger-garlic paste, tomatoes, and onions.  Parsi Sali Keema is served with grated and deep-fried potatoes.

10.Lagan Nu Custard


Lagan Nu Custard is a Parsi adaption of the English Creme Brulee. Parsi weddings are incomplete without this sweet delight.Eggs, sugar, and milk are the core ingredients in this delicacy enriched with a flavor of nutmeg and cardamom.



Vasanu is a Parsi specialty prepared for winters. Vasanu is a wholesome mixture of dried fruits, herbs, and spices. You can relish Vasanu with a cup of warm milk or mint tea and enjoy the chilly winter mornings.

12.Darni Pori


Dar ni Pori is an old traditional sweet, prepared during Parsi festivities. It is a pastry pie with a stuffing of dry fruits and sweet lentils.

13.Mamaiji’s (Grandma’s) Prawn Red Curry


Mamaiji’s is a treat for your taste buds. It is one of the specialties made by the Parsi Grandma’s. It is a well-loved dish in Parsi households. The curry is quite different from other cuisines and is an interesting mix of coconut, prawns, and spices -a legacy passed through generation.

14.Saas ni Machchi


Saas ni Machchi is a variation of Pomfret. The yummy white sauce tastes best with homemade khichdi. It also makes an essential dish as it is usually made during wedding time. The same delicacy can also be prepared with king prawns.

15. Ravo


A sweet prepared with semolina, ghee, milk, Ravo is a delight for the sweet tooth.  For more exotic Flavors and aroma rose water, cardamom, Charoli (chironji) and nutmeg are used. Ravo is an important part of the Parsi festivities.

16.Bhaji Dana Nu Gos


Vegetable also make an important part of Parsiculinary. One such dish to try is BhajiDana Nu Gos. Made with slow-cooked mutton, seasonal greens – spinach, and green peas, this meaty and spicy dish is a must try.



A mouth-watering sweet with plenty of ingredients such as bulgar (a type of wheat), mint leaves, parsley, onion, tomatoes with add salt, olive oil, and lemon juice, Tabuli is a healthy bowl of wholesome goodness.

18. Kopra Pak


Kopra Pak is another delight for the sweet tooth, right. This dessert is made from desiccated coconut, dry fruit, and sugar. It’s a typical tropical treat and very easy to make. Sweet little delight!

19.Chana Ni Dal Ma Murgi


This interesting dish is a simple yet an integral part of Parsi kitchen. Cooked with Bengal Gram (Channa Dal), green mangoes and chicken with assorted spices, Chana Ni Dal Ma Murgi will satiate your taste buds.

20.Brown Cinnamon Rice


This rice recipe will keep you craving more.  Cinnamon Flavored rice is a typical dish of a Parsi household, adding a refreshing element to the rice. The course tastes best with traditional Parsi curries.

Which one did you like?