Top 20 Delicacies of Kolkata

Deli Kolkata

Kolkata, a name itself beams culture of a different kind of sweetness of the people. It has a magical twist. Kolkata’s Delicacies cannot be compared to any other city, the magic amplifies to some other level. Kolkata’s never-ending list starting from sweets to snacks, every dish has an amazing taste. Here are 20 things you should try while traveling to Kolkata.


You might have eaten rasgulla but Rosogolla is something different. The taste describes the sweetness. Rosogolla is one of the most famous delicacies of Kolkata. Rosogolla is the best sweet of Kolkata and loved by all. A sweet by which every festival is incomplete. The magic of Kolkata, Rosogolla better defines it.



Sondesh is the well-known sweet by Indians. A perfect festive dish, decorated with pistachios, almonds and saffron strands and made with milk, sugar, and paneer, this mishti will melts up in your mouth. The different varieties include different flavours, ice-cream, chocolate and strawberry sondesh.



Chanachur, a spicy snack, loved by Kolkatans. A tea time snack full of flavours and spices. A very spicy-mix of dry ingredients which is best in its taste, an unstoppable mouth freshening snack. Kolkata people not only love desserts, but serve the best when it comes to the flavour.


4.Kosha Mangsho (Mutton Curry)

A love for those who loves non-veg with spices. It is a type of curry made up of mutton served with steamed rice, luchi (puri) and paranthas, this mouth-watering dish has thick gravy with juicy pieces of meat, and flavours of Kolkata with spices. A special dish for the non-veg lovers.


5.Chicken Kabiraji

This dish is made up of chopped chicken pieces, garlic, bread crumbs at last the egg, Chicken Kabiraji is a type of snack. It is well served with roti or poori. The dish has a thick gravy with tasty spices and Kolkatan flavour. One of the favourite dish of Kolkata people.


6.Tibetan Food

A flavorous Tibetan food. Even if you had Tibetan food in the past, the flavours that territi bazar has are truly one of the best. The flavours of Kolkata and the spice are delicious. Tibetan Food is one of the best street food loved by all.


7.Chelo Kebab

Every Kolkatan would recommend this kebab and reason. It’s a combination of mutton seekhs and chicken kebabs and it is served with rice and vegetables. Kolkata is best for Chelo Kebab. It yums up the mouth and spice up with flavours.


8.Mughlai Paratha

The delicious parathas stuffed with egg and minced meat, one of the best finger licking dish. The Mughlai Paratha is a time taking dish. It is tasty and mouth-watering dish.


9.Kochuri: Torkari: Jalebi

It is one of the best sweet dish combination with spice. The salts and spice combination makes the dish different. Mouth-watering sweet, spicy snack. One of the best, satisfying, delicious recipe.



These yummy water-bombs with spicy masala, called phuchka, are probably the cheapest, and delicious snack. One of the best lip-smacking street food with a real spicy flavour. Phuchka is spicy and loved by all. You can’t stop at one or two.



One of the favourite dishes for those who just love chana and chickpeas, this dish is the best combination of chickpeas and chana. The best dish of Kolkata.


12.Macher Jhol

Jhol is a type of fish curry. It is best served with rice in Kolkata city, it is found almost everywhere in Kolkata. Macher jhol is a tasty dish with thick gravy. The paste of thick gravy is delicious in taste.



A perfect snack in monsoon with cha/chai, ranging from beguni, phuluri, peyaji, alu’r chopto a variety includes a lot, it is made up of besan (corn-flour). It is crunchy in taste, and well fried. A type of a street food. Telebhaji is a crunchy tasty dish. It is made up of besan with tasty spices.


14.Kathi Rolls

We Indians love Kathi rolls, and there are many varieties of rolls. Kathi roll is different in taste; it is said to be the most lovable dish of the Kolkata people. They love it for a tea time snack.


15.Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata Biryani is famous almost all over India. A unique smell of desi ghee mixed, it is rich in masalas and spices along with juicy, the pieces of mutton is cooked with rice and tava, the dish is amazing that you cannot miss if you are in Kolkata. The best biryani you’ll ever have.



It is made from rice flour; this special dish is both sweet and salty. They are fried on the basis of varieties and steamed properly. Pitha has a little bit sweet and salty taste. It is specially fried and steamed which makes the dish crunchy.


17.Jhal Muri

The dish contains Muri mixed with peanuts, chana, coriander leaves and other spices, jhal muri is a mouth-watering snack found in street-corner of Kolkata. This dish is specially for those who loves street food. One of the most flavorous street food loved by Kolkatans.


18.Radha Ballavi/ Hinger Kochuri

A very delicious breakfast of Kolkata, Radha ballavi, they are fried, it is a lentil, puri. They are delicious and served as morning delight in Kolkata. You have to wait in a queue to taste some of these. They are amazing in taste. A delightful dish of Kolkata.


19.Mishti Doi

The mishti doi is made up of sweetened curd; it can beat up many of the sweet yogurt desserts in Kolkata that might have been eaten. It is a perfect combination of sugar and milk, cupped together for a delicious taste. A best of all sweets.



Kolkata’s very famous frozen dessert garnished with pistachios and almonds, though it is a tasty and a dish loved across the country, it is simply the perfect dessert for summers. Thandai is a dish made on the festive season. Most lovable drink by Indians.