Top 20 Vegetarian Dishes in Tamil Nadu

Top 20 Vegetarian Dishes in Tamil Nadu
Top 20 Vegetarian Dishes in Tamil Nadu


Dosa is the well-known breakfast in Tamil Nadu. The first step is to make a fermented batter in the form of pancake. The main ingredient used for making Dosa is rice and black gram. It is a very popular South Indian dish. Tamil dosa which was present in earlier days was a softer and thicker version of the current dosa. Dosa is accompanied by Sambar and Chutney in Tamil Nadu. It has been prepared since 1st century AD.


2.Ven Pongal

Pongal is the most populous delights of Tamil Nadu. The word Pong refers to boil over. Ven Pongal which is made from clarified butter is one variety of Pongal, mostly eaten during breakfast in Tamil Nadu. It is accompanied by sambar, vada, and chutney. The preparative ingredient used to make Ven Pongal is rice and yellow lentils. This dish is  laced with black pepper and cumin. The aroma of the ghee makes the dish even more delicious.



Idli is the fermented form of rice, which is used by Tamilians from earlier days. They considered Idli-Sambar as a perfect combo for breakfast. The quick dish sambar can be prepared using vegetables and curry leaves, coriander seeds, chana dal, cumin seeds, mustard seeds; whole black pepper makes it a complete delectable sambar. Saravana Bhavan is the hotel which is famous for Idli-Sambar in Tamil Nadu. The energy present in one idly is 167kJ (40kcal).


4.Rava Upma

Semolina, called as rava is the ingredient used to cook thick porridge (Upma). It is a renowned South-Indian dish. Before the preparation of Upma, the semolina gets dry roasted until it turns golden brown. The vegetables are added to it to make it more enjoyable. Chopped cilantro leaves, lemon juice, and coconut help in garnishing the dish.


5.Onion Rava Dosa

Even dosa is the famous dish in Tamil Nadu, varieties of dosa make food lover to take a choice. There are many recipes to cook instant Rava dosa, to which the taste of onion has spread out. To prepare crispy Onion Rava dosa the preliminary step is to mix the Rava (Semolina) in buttermilk, 15 minutes prior cooking. Chopped onion and rice flour, cumin seeds, green chilies, pepper and the Rava mix where assorted, prepare rava dosa batter. Just 15 minutes of work gives bright and tasty Onion Rava dosa.


6.Mushroom Biryani

The spicy biryani available in vegetarian dishes is biryani made of Mushrooms. It can be prepared with and without oil. The one with oil adds flavour and crispiness to the dish. Chettinad Mushroom biryani is famous in Tamil Nadu. Ginger garlic paste, green chilies, red chilies, and garam masala powder, black peppers are the key ingredients to enhance the spiciness of the dish. It accompanied by tasty kachumber and curd/yogurt.


7.Lemon Rice

It is one of the favourite dishes in South-India. It served as a Prasadam in temples during occasions. It is the easiest recipe which can make by anyone who loves the sourness in rice. Spiced lemon and peanut mixture, when assorted with steamed rice or leftover rice, delectable lemon rice will be ready in just 5 minutes. The side dishes provided to the rice is Pappadam or Chutney made from coconut.



It is one of the appetising dishes, which you can take in both dinner and breakfast. Appam is a form of pancake which prepared by fermented rice batter soaked in coconut milk. It is well established in the ancient Tamil country. There are several varieties of Appam like Plain Appam, Palappam, Kall Appam, egg hoppers, etc.


9.Kothamalli Pudina Rice

Anyone who needs to cook instantly can opt for Pudina Rice to cook. Homegrown mint makes the flavour and aroma of the dish more appetising. Tomato Pachadi is the side dish which accompanies best to the dish. The paste of mint, chilies, onion and ginger prepared and it gets mixed with the steamed rice gives a Pudina Rice within a minute. Fresh peas can add to augment the flavour of the dish.


10.Karuveppilai Rice

Karuveppilai, rich in iron, tastes well when cooked with Curry leaves.  The advantage of Curry leaves is  obtained when steamed rice mixes with the Curry leaves powder, making the dish delectable and lovely. Channa dal, chili, toor dal, jeera and pepper are powdered along with the curry leaves. Mustard seeds, cashew nuts, and fresh oil add temper to the rice.


11.Coconut Rice

Pongal and Navaratri are the famous festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu. Thengai Sadam is the dish which accompanies the enjoyment of celebrations. Freshly grated coconut is used to enhance the flavour of the Sachem(Coconut Rice). The preparative things to make coconut rice are dal, coconut oil, chilies, cashews, and asafoetida and curry leaves. The chief step in making coconut rice is sautéing the coconut.


12.Kambu Rice

Our ancestors lived a long life by maintaining the healthy diet and by taking healthy foods. One such food is Kambu rice. It is the pearl millet grown in Rajasthan. Kambu rice is a famous dish of Tamil Nadu. Kambu Rice is mostly consumed by farmers. The Kambu can be pressure cooked and can also be cooked in an open pan, either ways it should continuously stirred. The best side dish for Kambu Rice is Sambar and Kadamba Kootu, which is made from mixed vegetables.



It is an extraordinary breakfast or dinner dish, which can serve along with sweet coconut milk. Idiyappam is made from roasted rice flour. For preparing soft and downy Idiyappam, the rice flour should cook till it gets a brown colour. An Idiyappam maker can be purchased to make great looking Idiyappam.


14.Ragi Kuzhi Paniyaram

Ragi is a healthy food which can consumed by diabetic patients to maintain superior health. Using ragi, several delicious dishes can be prepared. Kuzhi Paniyaram can be made using ragi, urad dal, ragi and fenugreek seeds which should be soaked overnight. The fermentation process takes place which makes Paniyaram doughy and soft. The dish can be served as a dinner or breakfast along with pudina chutney or coconut chutney.


15.Ragi Adai

Finger millet is used to make Adai. Ragi should mix with curry leaves, chopped onion, and green chili. As a next step hot water should pour to the ragi mix. The texture of the ragi decides the capacity of water to absorb. The dough should make as a flattened into a roll using sesame oil which makes Adai. Cooking at medium flame gives you perfect Adai.


16.Kaara kozhukattai

It is an exceptional dish which is prepared during Ganesh Chathurthi. Kongunad rice instead of normal rice should be used to make Kara Kozhukattai. It served at dinner along with coconut chutney. Chana dal can be added during tempering. Vegetables, chopped onion can also be used to make crunchy and delicious Kara Kozhukattai.


17.Tamarind Rasam

Tamarind Rasam, one of the easiest dishes, which served with the rice. The tamarind soaked in water is the first step in making Rasam. Tomatoes are the main ingredient in this dish. Curry leaves, asafoetida, are mixed with the Rasam powder, which is then mixed with the tamarind water to make rasam.


18.Murungai Keira Kanji

It is the widespread healthy dish in Tamil Nadu. Murungai Keera can also use to make Poriyal. The kanji made of Murungai Keira can serve with Pickle or dry coconut chutney. It is tasty and has  a lot of nutritional value. The consistency of the kanji should like porridge. This dish is a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and beta carotene.


19.Paruppu Urundai Kulambu

Paruppu Urundai Kulambu is a traditional dish in Tamil Nadu. It served in the lunch with rice. Chana dal is made into the balls. Garlic paste, turmeric, minced chili, and onion are added while making the Kulambu.


20.Vada Curry

Idli, dosa are the South-Indian dishes, to which Vada Curry can be used as a side dish. Vada Curry is famous for its combination with the set dosa. Chana dal is the main ingredient to make Vada Curry. Hotel Mari is the best hotel that serves exquisite Vada Curry, every visitor must try.