Top 20 Delicious Dishes To Make With Potatoes

Top 20 Delicious Dishes To Make With Potatoes
Top 20 Delicious Dishes To Make With Potatoes

The humble potato which takes many forms to fulfil our dietary needs is a good source of carbohydrates, vitamin C, potassium, thiamine and niacin. It is in the line to be the world’s main food crops. Potato skin varies from brownish color to a deep purple color and the flesh color can be anywhere from white to yellow to purple. Potato can be a side dish or even the main dish, it’s so versatile. It can be mashed or cooked whole, fried or baked, stuffed or used as a stuffing, can be ground and used as potato flour, potato starch can be used to provide a crispy coating to food items and it can also be used as a thickener for soups and sauces. No matter what it’s form, it’s delicious and fills you with energy. Let’s take a look at some of the many dishes that you can make with Potatoes.

1. Aloo Parantha

This is a healthy and nutritious north Indian stuffed flatbread made with whole wheat. Wheat dough is rolled out and mashed potatoes mixed with onions, green chilies, coriander and spices such as salt, pepper, red chilly powder and amchur(dry mango powder) are stuffed into it. It’s cooked in lots of ghee or clarified butter and served best with fresh white butter.

Aloo Parantha

2. Aloo Tikki

This is a type of an Indian potato fritter. A typical mixture for aloo tikki consists of potatoes, peas, onions, peanuts and spices like coriander powder, salt, pepper, red chilly powder. Bread or besan(gram flour) or suji(semolina) can be added to bind it. The mixture is then formed into flat balls and shallow fried. It can be served with curd, mint chutney or eaten as it is.

Aloo Tikki 1

3. French Fries

French fries as we all know are thin strips of potato deep fried until crunchy and golden, seasoned with salt and pepper. Fries are loved all around the world with people making various variations of it like Poutine from Canada or Salsa loaded fries. Popular fast food chains like McDonalds and KFC also offer different types of fries like Peri Peri fries.

French Fries

4. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes, as eaten in many European countries are basically boiled mashed potatoes mixed with salt, pepper, garlic and lots of butter and milk/cream. They can be creamy, smooth and pillowy or chunky as per your taste. They can be eaten with meats, toasted bread or grilled vegetables or as it is!

Mashed Potatoes

5. Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are such a classic dish. Though they take a bit of time to make, but it’s absolutely worth it. Use large, brown potatoes, coat them with oil and spices, cut a little down the middle and let bake in the oven until the outside is golden, crisp and blistered while the inside is soft and velvety. Put some salt and butter on it and dive in.

Baked Potatoes 1

6. Stuffed Baked Potatoes

This dish can be a proper meal because it’s so filling or even eaten as a side dish. Half-boiled potatoes are scooped out, mashed and mixed with ingredients like mayonnaise, sour cream, onions, meat, cheese, cottage cheese (paneer), herbs and spices like coriander, garlic, salt, black pepper and filled in the potato skins. Stuffed potatoes are then baked till crunchy and gooey from the cheese.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

7. Smashed Potatoes

With a crisp, golden exterior and a fluffy, creamy interior, these smashed potatoes are the perfect party snack. Blanch or boil some baby potatoes to soften them. Marinade in olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices of choice and smash them to flatten the potatoes. Bake until golden and crunchy.

Smashed Potatoes 1

8. Hassleback Potatoes

To make this kind of potato dish, first you need to make a lot of slits (make a cut from the top to almost the bottom but not cutting the potato) on a big potato in order to get fillings into them. It is then brushed with herbed butter or olive oil, stuffed with cheese, or pickles,  jalapeños, breadcrumbs or garlic and baked till crunchy.

Hassleback Potatoes 1

9. Honey Chilly Potatoes

An Indo-Chinese amalgamation, this dish is made with French fries and vegetables like onion, spring onion and capsicum tossed in spices, soy sauce, ketchup, garlic, vinegar, honey, chilly sauce, sprinkled with some sesame seeds and thickened with corn flour to make a sweet, sour and crispy savory snack. With store brought fries, this dish is easy to put together in no time.

Honey Chilly Potatoes 1

10. Creamy Potato Soup

Potatoes can be used to make a rich, hearty and wholesome soup. Just combine potatoes (some cubed, some puréed), onions, celery, carrots, spices, meat, cheese, milk and heavy cream. Let it come to a boil, then simmer for some time. Purée it to obtain a thick, creamy and rich potato soup.

Creamy Potato Soup 1

11. Potato Wedges

  1. Potato wedges are a type of thick cut, baked fries. They have a crispy, crunchy exterior but a soft, smooth, velvety, fluffy interior which makes them absolutely delicious. The potatoes can be marinated with oil and spices before baking or tossed in spicy masala and cheese after. No matter the way they’ll be equally delicious!
Potato Wedges 1

12. Latkes 

Latkes are basically a traditional Hanukkah dish and can be called potato pancakes. Grated potatoes are shallow fried until really crisp and golden. They can be served with a creamy dip like sour cream or apple sauce. Nowadays, Latkes are even eaten as a side dish and can also be served with salmon, Greek yoghurt, guacamole, caramelized onions or poached egg for some variety.


13. Potato Salad

A very fresh and healthy way to eat a high carb potato. A classic potato salad consists of boiled, cubed potatoes and various other ingredients like mayonnaise, cucumbers, carrots, boiled eggs, radishes, cilantro, dill, pickles and onions can be added as per preference. A vinaigrette made with Dijon mustard, pickle juice, olive oil, herbs and spices brings everything together.

Potato Salad 1

14. Creamed Potatoes

Simple and easy to make, this dish consists of boiled cubed potatoes or baby potatoes coated in a spicy marinade and cooked until crispy. White sauce made with flour, butter, salt, pepper and milk is then poured over the potatoes and mixed to make them nice and creamy and lighten the spice level.

Creamed Potatoes

15. Aloo Chaat

This is a popular Indian street food snack. Crispy potato cubes or baby potatoes marinated in spices are loaded with curd, onions, sev, garlic chutney, sweet tamarind chutney, spicy mint and coriander chutney, lemon juice and in some variations peanuts can be added. This dish is an overload of sweet, savory and tangy flavors in the mouth.

Aloo Chaat 1

16. Potato Pierogies

Pierogies are a kind of dumpling which are filled with potato mash and in some variations, ricotta cheese. These can be boiled, steamed or pan fried as per preference. Pierogies are best served with nutty brown butter sauce made by melting a lot of butter on a pan till its brown and caramelized.

Potato Pierogies 1

17. Potato Gnocchi

Gnocchi are a type of soft, fluffy potato dumping. A dough is prepared by mixing mashed potatoes, egg, flour and spices. It is then rolled into a log shape and cut into small cubes, boiled and then tossed in a variety of sauces like tomato sauce, ragu, brown butter sauce and so on. Occasionally, cheese can be added.

Potato Gnocchi 1

18. Spanish Potato Omelet

We all have had/ seen a basic omelet. But in a Spanish potato omelet, thinly sliced potatoes are cooked in a cast iron pan till crisp but tender. Then, eggs are beaten and spices of choice and optionally onions are added. The cooked potatoes are then mixed with the eggs and spread in an even layer to cook. When the omelet develops a crust on the bottom it is ready to eat.

Spanish Potato Omelet 1

19. Loaded Mashed Potatoes

This can be a side dish or used as a dip for nachos. All you need are some buttery, soft, pillowy mashed potatoes topped generously with cheddar cheese, onions, meat like bacon or crispy chicken, onions, scallions, sour cream or mayonnaise and herbs & spices to make it even more flavorful. It’s easy to make and super delicious.

Loaded Mashed Potatoes

20. Steamed Potatoes

Steaming can be a healthy way to eat your potatoes. The trick is to just keep it simple. Marinade baby potatoes in oil and herbs and steam them. That’s it. For that you can either use a steamer or boil water in a large container, keep a smaller container on it with potatoes and cover to create steam and cook them.

Steamed Potatoes