Top 20 Restaurants In Tosh, Himachal Pradesh

Top 20 Restaurants In Tosh Himachal Pradesh
Top 20 Restaurants In Tosh Himachal Pradesh

Tosh is a village located in Himachal Pradesh state of India, which is located about 2,400 meters in elevation on a mountain slope on the right bank of the Parvati river. The main occupation of people here is tourism. This city is a large producer of Apple orchards, becoming a significant source of income for the local people. The whole city is embedded with beautiful wooden houses being an excellent example of the architecture of the Mountain people. It is a perfect place for trekking or hiking. If you are planning to visit this place with your friends or family, then we have some recommendations of the restaurants where you can visit during your trip.

1. Freedom Café Tosh

This café in tosh has one of the most fantastic and beautiful views. The vibes are peaceful, and one can feel the cool breeze while sitting in this open café. They have a wide variety of dishes on the menu, each of them being mesmerizing in taste. The honey lemon ginger tea is a must-try.

Freedom Cafe Tosh

2. Shalom Place Tosh

It is the best option for a quick snack in the evening while enjoying the sunset when this site looks more beautiful, and the view is top-notch. The café provides you with delicious pizzas, chowmein, and for sure a hot cup of coffee to beat the cold weather. Once you visit here, it will definitely be one of your favorite food spots.

Shalom Place Tosh

3. German Bakery And Café

It is a simple yet elegant restaurant with a floor sitting arrangement, which is in Awadhi style and is comfortable. The view through the windows is splendid and worth watching. Ice tea is an excellent option to try in liquids or juices. The best-selling dish here is a brownie, which is scrumptious.

German Bakery And Cafe

4. Jasmeet Dhaba

Are you traveling to tosh and searching for a restaurant serving authentic Indian food then, this place is for you. They serve freshly cooked Dhaba style preparations and will definitely match your expectations. Aloo paratha and tea are worth-tasting whenever you visit this place.

Jasmeet Dhaba

5. Tosh Shiva Café

This is a place from where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of snow caped mountains, which makes this place even more attractive. The best time to feel the vibe of this place is at night. The food is delicious but might take time to serve as food is prepared freshly. They have varieties of fast food options available.

Tosh Shiva Cafe

6. O Yaara

It is located at the top end of the tosh village, having an ambience filled with conventional, and cultural infrastructure. The food served here is cooked in traditional Uttrakhand style and the cuisines available are Israeli, Indian, Chinese. The owner and family are humble.

O Yaara

7. Maya Shiv Shakti Café

The location at which this café is located has a mesmerizing view and cannot be missed if you visit Tosh. Also, you can enjoy the river sight along with the sound of a flowing river. The food is decent in taste served at reasonable prices. You can try parathas and pancakes for breakfast here.

Maya Shiv Shakti Cafe

8. Kutla

This place is away from the hustle and bustle of the town and is like a snow playground as it is surrounded by snow all around. It is a fine-dine fast food restaurant located in Kutla, Tosh. You can have anything you like.


9. Chico Café

This café is run by some very lovely and humble people serving food made with love. All the food served here is tasty and worth craving for. Apart from that, the view is also pleasing.

Chico Cafe

10. Mountain Goat Café

You can experience the most beautiful view of Parvati valley from this café. It is owned by a family that offers warm hospitality. The vegetable Maggie is a must-try. You can also stay here as they have a room facility also.

Mountain Goat Cafe

11. Shiva Moon Tosh

It is located in Sosan, Tosh, and serves delicious, tasty recipes of Indian cuisine and a variety of fast food also. The location is pretty good, and the cleanliness is well-maintained. The taste of food is also mesmerizing.

Shiva Moon Tosh

12. Shiva Mountain Café

This café serves delicious food items at an economic price that would for sure match your expectations. As it is located in between the mountains, the view is splendid. You can visit this place, with your friends and enjoy the meals.

Shiva Mountain Cafe

13. Namami Parvati Café

If you are visiting this place then do get cash with you as usually there is no internet connection. The host is humble and helpful. They also offer homemade pickles along with meals that are delightful and tangy. The veg thali is a must-try.

Namami Parvati Cafe

14. Pink Floyd Café

This place serves a variety of authentic and flavorful food, which is best in taste. They also provide warm hospitality to their guest and take well care of their needs.  All the recipes are made with love and feel like homemade preparation. You might need to walk a few kilometers to reach this location as it is located on top.

Pink Floyd Cafe

15. Stoned Age Café

It is an absolutely gorgeous place amid, in snow-caped mountains in the laps of nature. It is a cozy café also having room facilities for stay. You can also see a beautiful apple garden from this location. The food is delicious and will satiate your taste buds.

Stoned Age Cafe

16. Café 360

This café will give you a gorgeous 360-degree view of the whole Tosh village. It is located at one of the ends of the village and is highly recommended for solo travelers. The atmosphere is peaceful and calm. Also, the food tastes authentic and tempting.

Cafe 360

17. Lord Shiva Café

It is a value for money place having a breathtaking view from its top floor. As Maggie is one of the most loved recipes in the mountain regions, you can try the delicious Maggie from this place along with Garma garam chai. Just make sure you carry cash as they accept only cash.

Lord Shiva Cafe

18. Shivaay Café

This café is synonymous with peace and serene. Every detail about this café is impressive. The service is pretty good, serving tasty delicacies at an affordable price. It is a casual and cozy café where you can enjoy the view while sipping off your hot coffee.

Shivaay Cafe

19. Mountain View

Yes, this restaurant is called ‘Mountain view’ as the view of mountains from this location is irreplaceable. Every single moment you spend here will give you feels of being in heaven. They have a rooftop seating arrangement with a accessible wi-fi facility accepting payments only through cash.

Mountain View

20. The Last Resort

The gorgeous unobstructed view of mountains can be enjoyed from this cafeteria. It is a highly recommended place having both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The indoor area has wooden interior décor. Apart from that, the food is delicious but might seem to be a little expensive.

The Last Resort