Top 20 Dessert Stops For Ice Cream Lovers In White Town, Pondicherry

top 20 dessert stops for ice cream lovers lovers white town pondicherry

Pondicherry, a place well celebrated for its French cuisine and touristic sights, has many spots for the sweet tooths out there. Apart from the overall tranquillity, one gets from the waves at the beach; it also offers some of the best heavens on earth experiences with its desserts. Starting from gelatine ice creams and ranging to Belgian waffles, one could never get tired of what Pondicherry has to offer. Bookmark these shops to not miss these on your next trip there!

1. Gelateria Montecatini Terme (GMT)

Placed right at the shore of Rock beach, one could argue whether the waves are smooth or the ice cream melting in our mouths. It is an Italian artisan ice cream parlor that serves the finest gelato ice creams in town. The flavors they provide are so unique that it almost feels like a dream. We’re talking about flavors like Buongiorno ( milk, chocolate and caramel), Amarena (Milk and red cherry), and coconut, Irish cream.


2. Cream Affair

Know for it’s magical creations of the ice cream and waffle combo, this place a dream come true. Their menu spreads across ice creams, boba, and thick shake. It’s also a wonderful place to click those Instagram-worthy pictures! It upsets none by providing a complete range in their flavours. Fruity lovers can try the pin colada, berry berry and for the chocoholics, there is the nutellana, orean, and much more. It’s definitely an indulgent experience over there.


3. Baker Street

A concept store that offers the most authentic French food, bread, cheese, chocolates, and confectionery. All their products are 100% Homemade, and their pastries stand out the best. They have tartes in peach almond, fig choco, walnut, and verrines of coconut mango, tiramisu, and hazelnut. The macaroons and chocolate croissants are indeed a chef’s kiss of perfection. They also have ice creams and sorbets in flavors like coffee, lemon, banana, orange yogurt, and chocolate.


4. Zuka

They truly stick to their words ‘where simple inspirations are blended to create a more welcoming atmosphere with basic design’, and it is certainly worth the hype. It is a snug dessert shop offering decadent cakes, house-made chocolates & other sweets, plus the cappuccino. This chocolate boutique whips up the yummiest desserts, truffles, and hot chocolate. It imports its cocoa from Belgium, making it a must-visit for chocolate lovers.


5. Darling Bakery

It serves the best cakes and pastries. The brownies available are fantastic. It has many outlets throughout the area. They specialize in cakes and bread.


6. Gelato Factory

Gelato has redefined the entire ice cream culture worldwide. They give a healthy dessert choice. They come in all sizes and shapes, from cups to cones with vegan flavors and the creamiest gelatos available in Pondicherry.


7. Richy Rich

The ice creams are made with imported machines which ensure the taste of extremely high quality. They have Soft Super Sundaes, Fresh Hard Ice Creams, Smoothies, Soda Pops, Softies, Ice Creams, and Sundaes. It is an old ice cream parlor and a great one as well.


8. The Belgian Waffle Co

A divine place serving the finest quality waffles. They are brilliant, colorful, I and most importantly, delicious. They offer classic waffles, waffle sundaes (with ice cream), and also pancakes.


9. Dumont Creamery

They are all about flavor, freshness and fun. They have an assortment of flavours such as apple honey, blueberry cheesecake, and campfire chocolate with smoked almonds. A fancy place to eat.


10. Eat My Cake

It is a cosy beach-adjacent spot for cafe fare with rooftop seating, overlooking a pretty garden. It is an excellent place to buy cakes for all occasions. The menu features perfect signature aromas along with seasonal and monthly favorites.


11. The Thick Shake Factory

The shop indeed justifies its name. A great ambiance with funky wall décor. It has incredible milkshakes and a wide variety of flavors, definitely worth the money.


12. Eden Garden

The eye-catching nitrogen ice cream is not to miss. With all the icy fumes coming out, the experience there is brought to a whole new level.


13. The Smoothie Bar       

Famous for its Cookie Monster Shake, Mango Tango, Choconut, Croque Monsieur, Smoothies and Veg Sandwiches. Overall a great place to visit.


14. Cream & Fudge

A fun place to create your own ice cream flavors. We can mix, match and create our personalized blend of ice cream. Unique flavors and the toppings make it perfect.

14Cream Fudge

15. Hot Breads

Well known for its bread,  it also makes a decent place for the desserts it has. The doughnuts glazed in chocolate and cold coffee with ice cream are a must-try.


16. Smack-A-Licious

Amazing quality cupcakes. The flavors are unique such as the dark decadence and the cream cheese. The place is pretty in pink and picturesque.


17. Kurtosshhh

They are an authentic Hungarian Street food brand that has blended the taste of India with the Iconic Hungarian Kurtos Kalacs, also popularly known as the Chimney Cakes. It has incredible savory dishes; however, its sweetfills are not to miss out.


18. Jigarthanda Factory

Blending in Madurai’s specialty of jigarthanda and giving twists with the ice creams, it indeed makes one addicted. Excellent ice cream quality.


19. The Mini Pancake Shop

The mini pancakes are loaded with chocolate making you want more. They have dutch, exotic, and signature pancakes, all of which you’ll never regret tasting.


20. Roll Over

Yes, Rolled ice creams are still a thing making the entire shop dedicated to it! They are chopped, smashed, and folded into a wonderful blend and then rolled into beautiful pieces right in front of our eyes. Tasty and creative in one box.