Top 20 Desserts To Try In Maharashtra.

‘Never be a guy who says “I wish I could have Dessert.”’ -Ryan Kwanten. Research says Desserts can lower blood pressure, decrease the chances of stroke, Limit sugar, and fat intake and help you be active. What if these desserts are from a diverse country? Primarily, from a place well-known for its culture and beauty. Yes, I’m talking about Maharashtra. The state, with thirty-six districts, has a vast variety of desserts. From the north to the south, Let’s explore the tasty top 20 Desserts to try in Maharashtra. Be sure to have a tissue by your side to clear up your saliva.

1. Modak

No doubt, Modak is the first dessert on the list of top 20 desserts to try in Maharashtra. People cook rice flour by steaming it. Then they give it a shape of a bowl. They add filling to it. They make this stuffing using Jaggery, Coconut, Cardamom, and Salt. These balls are given plates on the top and look more like a Momo. People prefer adding Manuka and Cashew in the filling.


2. Karanji

It is like a Crossinant in shape. They make the outer covering with all-purpose flour. Then fill it with Gram Flour, or Semolina, Grated Coconut, Manuka, Cardamom powder, Black seeds, Pistachios, etc. are present in it. It is a Diwali festival dessert.


3. Puran Poli

Puran Poli is famous all over Maharashtra. Hence, it comes third in the list of top 20 desserts to try in Maharashtra. They make Puran Poli from all-purpose flour. Then they fill Jaggery, Chick-pea Flour, and Cardamom stuffing in it. It goes well with different Curries, Chicken, and Tea.

3.Puran Poli

4. Malpua

The Fourth dessert on the list of top 20 desserts to try in Maharashtra is Malpua. It is a breakfast item. People use all-purpose flour, Sugar, Cardamom, Turmeric, Salt, and Coconut Milk to make it. They deep fry this batter, and the Indian pancake is ready. It has crispy ends and a soft, moist center.


5. Rava Ladoo

Rava (semolina)Ladoo has a remarkable demand whole over Maharashtra. Locals make it using Semolina, Sugar, and Cardamom. It gets its firm shape because of pure Cow Ghee. One can find this dessert in the local shops in Maharashtra. They have a significant place in Diwali sweets.

5.Rava Ladoo

6. Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo comes from Gram Flour. It is very floury to the taste. People decorate it with Cashew, Manuka, Almonds, or Pistachios. One can find them in the local markets of Maharashtra. It is the first choice of aged people. In contrast, most youngsters prefer the Rava Ladoo.

6.Besan Ladoo

7. Shankarpali

Shankarpali takes place of Kurkure. One can find it in every food store in Maharashtra. They are sweet, crunchy pops. All-Purpose Flour, Sugar, Milk, and Ghee make them up. Sometimes, people add a pinch of salt to make them saltier.


8. Kharvas

Kharvas is very much like Cottage Cheese. People make it using the fresh Milk of a Cow. This Cow has delivered Cafe shortly. This milk has lots of solid proteins in them. People boil it adding Sugar, Cashew, Manuka, and other dry fruits according to their choice. They keep it for cooling in the fridge for two to three hours and eat the freshly made Kharvas.


9. Khava

The bakeries in Maharashtra serve these desserts on a large scale. Khava comes in a big triangular piece. People make it by threading milk and drying it by hanging it. They then add Sugar to it. It tastes more like chocolate. It has small chewy bits of milk. Nowadays, people add different flavors and colors to it.


10. Patole

Maharashtrians make Patole on Nag Panchami. It is added to the top 20 desserts to try in Maharashtra due to its unique turmeric taste. People use Turmeric leaves to wrap around steam rice flour packs stuffed with Jaggery and Grated Coconut. It gets a distinct flavor and smell of turmeric leaves. People do it once a year, and they like it very much.


11. Khaja

Khaja is a Gram Flour stick. People coat them in Jaggery or Powder Sugar.  Generally, people top the Jaggery Khaja with black seeds.  Also, they tend to leave the Powder Sugar Khaja plain. There are four to five types of Khaja. People sell homemade Khaja at fairs.


12. Sutarfeni

Sutarfeni is fine pastry noodles having powder Sugar, coconut, and Cardamom as toppings.  They are popular in Mumbai, Nashik, And Ratnagiri. However, it is too sweet compared to other deserts. Our mouth gets an oily coat after eating it. Children compare it to an old lady’s hair. So forth, it translates to Mahatari Che Kes in Marathi.


13. Kheer

Maharashtrians have five to six different types of Kheers. Of these, the most famous one is the Gavalyachi Kheer. Perfect for including in the top 20 desserts to try in Maharashtra. Gavle is dried all-purpose flour broken noodles. One needs to boil them in Milk and add Cardamom, Coconut, Sugar, dry fruits, and other items as per their taste. Just then, the best Kheer of Maharashtra is ready.


14. Naralachi Kapa

Coconut cakes can be a good name for them. Grated coconut, boiled potatoes, Sugar, cardamom, and a good technique make a wonderful Kapa. The unique method used to make them is challenging to learn. The north Maharashtrians learn this method in no time. They are great to taste and great travel buddies.

14.Naralachi Kapa

15. Mahim Halwa

Mahim Halwa is famous in Mumbai. Mumbaikars make it by sweetening Corn Starch and molding them into a square sheet. It comes in different colors. Our mouth gets an oily coat after eating it. It looks beautiful when topped with pistachios and almond shaves. It is a delicacy.

15.Mahim Halwa


Chirote is an all-purpose flour deep-fried pastry. They then dip it into a thick sugar syrup. Some cover it with Coconut shaves and some leave it plain. It is crunchy outside, and super soft inside. This gives them more popularity. Older people prefer eating it with tea.


17. Batasha

This candy is popular in Maharashtra. It is a religious food item.  People condense sugar syrup and give it a shape of a coin. Catholics around Maharashtra use it during their prayers. They offer it to each other.  However, the Hindus use it during Laxmi Poojan.


18. Elaichi Pedha

This dessert is trendy in Pandarpur. People all over Indian come to Pandarpur to get these Pedhas. They are thick, soft, and sweet balls. They have a mild sweet taste. People like them a lot.  Unfortunately, People fall into fraud while buying them.

18.Elaichi Pedha

19. Chicki

Chicki is like a high-protein bar. People use peanuts and jaggery to make it. They melt the Jaggery and spread it all over a pan filled with Peanuts. They dry this and cut them into bars. It is a good travel buddy too. Doctors suggest eating it when the hemoglobin levels in the body are less.


20. Besan Barfi

Like Besan Ladoo, people make Besan Barfi using Gram Flour. There is a minor difference between them both. They keep the Besan Ladoo mixture dry and give them a spherical shape. Whereas, for Besan Barfi, they prepare a batter and then spread it over a greased tray. These pieces look like pastry when cut into pieces. They top with Pistachios for the final delicious look.

20.Besan Barfi