Top 20 Pet-Friendly Restaurants In Mumbai

Our life revolves around our pets. We go out for dinners, parties, and drinks while our pet looks at us with those longing puppy eyes begging us to take them with us. I’m pleased to inform you that there are several places thatnot only allow you to bring your pet with you but also have a few food options like boiled chicken and veggies for them. Here is a list of 20 places in Mumbai to go to if you feel like going on a date with your little cutie.

1. The Bagel Shop

The Bagel Shop located in Carter Road, Bandra is a cute little hipster café. Available here is a wide variety of food ranging from fresh bagels and bagel sandwiches. The menu also offers coffees, teas, juices, and shakes. There is a small pet food section on the menu so you can treat yourself and your pet!

1. The Bagel Shop

2. Poco Loco Tapas and Bar

This restaurant in Khar is where Mexican meets Spanish. The setting is idealfor a night out with yourit  pet and friends. It is a chemistry-based bar and café where they serve experimentally made concoctions enthused by the Latin American culture. There is a wide range of veg and non-veg options as well.

2. Poco Loco Tapas and Bar

3. Bistro 1

The Bistro 1 is an aesthetically pleasing hidden gem located in the lively Lokhandwala Market in Andheri. They do a ton of different food ranging from burgers, pizza, sandwiches, pasta, and small plates to breakfast as well. They also serve a wide variety of milkshakes, teas, and coffees. They offer boiled chicken and scrambled eggs for your little pup. To pass the time, there are games to play like UNO, playing cards, Connect-4, and others.

3. Bistro 1

4. Café Pefe: World’s First Dog Café

This pet-friendly café in Andheri has animal-themed décor and is specially oriented to being pet friendly. This vegetarian café has dog-faced pillows, dog-shaped cups, and even dog wallpaper to make your time here as pet-welcoming and comfortable as possible.

5. Woodside Inn

This restaurant located in Pali Hill, Bandra, is a sophisticated place perfect for brunch with your pets. They have food oscillating from a breakfast menu with poached eggs to pizza, burgers, and pasta. They also currently have a ‘Beer & Burger Festival’ at the moment.

5. Woodside Inn

6. Soufflé S’il Vous Plâit

Take a short trip to France in Mumbai in this restaurant. The interiors will for sure make you feel like you are in Paris. This French restaurant in Churchgate is exquisite for a posh meal for you and your pet.

6. Souffle Sil Vous Plait

7. Once Upon a Dine

This Continental restaurant located in Khar has super cute interiors that will make you and your pet feel very comfortable. Their menu consists of extensive options. They do burgers and pizzas to a healthy section on the menu as well as risottos and salads.

8. Leaping Windows

This café in Versova Andheri has the perfect interiors for relaxing with your pet and friends. They have puffy pillows for sitting on the floor and walls filled with books for reading. It is a beautiful place to get some work done while spending time with your pet.

8. Leaping Windows

9. Doolally Taproom

This brewery is ideal for a fun day with friends and your pets. They brew their craft beer and specialize in finger foods and snacks. They also have table games to pass the time and are a work-friendly environment.  They have outlets in Khar and Andheri.

9. Doolally Taproom

10. Fetch!

This dog-centric café in Versova is terrific for a day out with your dog. It is right next to the Versova Dog Park. This place is known to have fantastic coffee. They have an exclusive menu for your little furry friends as well.

10. Fetch

11. HerbHouse

Located by the poolside in the President, Cuffe Parade, HerbHouse is apparently, the first pet-friendly restaurant in South Mumbai. It is a warm, friendly, and cozy environment for you and your pet. The poolside view and greenery will help soothe you and your pet after the city’s hustle. This place also includes a special menu for your dog and cat!


12. Bulldog’s Café & Bar

This bar and grill located in the bustling streets of Andheri serve a variety of American dishes and finger food. They offer karaoke, happy hours, and Bollywood night, thus making your time spent with your pet as eventful as possible. This place is definitely worth the money.

12. Bulldogs Cafe Bar

13. Deli by the Blue

Deli by the Blue is a cute pet-friendly café in Khar. They serve fast-food, burgers, and sandwiches but also offer a wide variety of dessert choices. The food will delight your tastebuds. Your pet and you will find a relaxing time here.

13. Deli by the Blue

14. Magari

This unique café located in Andheri has an ambiance that is very cozy and beautifully decorated. The place is filled with natural plants and daylight. With your tiny furry best friend, this place is ideal for a brunch date. The pricing of the food is fair. They offer healthy options as well. They have a

14. Magari

15. The Village Shop

This café in Bandra is a must to go! The exterior and interiors are just impeccable. It is one of the top coffee shops in Mumbai. The vibe here will make you and your pet forget all your worries. It is a cozy and work-friendly place where you can sit and read if you’d like.

15. The Village Shop

16. The Little Door

The Little Door is a cute little eatery in Andheri. The ambiance here is charming. They offer cuisines ranging from Mediterranean, Italian and Mexican. They offer Happy Hours, “Drunch,” Karaoke, Board Games, and so on, making your time here with your pet an absolute delight.

16. The Little Door

17. Light House Café

This European restaurant in Worli is perfect for you and your pet. It is an excellent, light-filled bar with an industrial vibe. The beautiful interior lighting is what sets this place apart from the rest. They have a world of cuisines for your tastebuds and your pet too.

17. Light House Cafe

18. Dirty Martini- Kitchen & Cocktail Bar

This restaurant in Bandra is the perfect hangout for you and your pet. The ambiance and the food are inextricably linked together. The cuisine arrays from European to Oriental. The live music offered on Sunday night will guarantee a fun night out with your pet. The staff here and very respectful of your pets and are pet lovers themselves.

18. Dirty Martini Kitchen Cocktail Bar

19. Seesaw

This pet-friendly restaurant located in Jio World Drive, BKC is the perfect place for a meal with your furry best friend. The menu offers a wide range of cuisines and choices. They have a paw-friendly menu as well! The ambiance is chic and cozy, with green foliage and earthy undertones.


20. Madeira & Mime

This bar located in Powai is just right for a casual weekend out with your pet. The concept here is heart-warming. Hearing impaired and speech-impaired staff take your order and serve you amazingly delicious food. The Sign Language action is given on the menu to help you communicate with the servers. They are as pet-friendly as they are human-friendly. The staff treats the pets with love as well. They have boiled chicken for your furry friend as well!

20. Madeira Mime