Top 20 Different Avatars of Bread That You Must Try Immediately

Bread (1)

Bread, often labelled as ‘boring’ because of all we can think about it is as an ingredient in making sandwiches. We always turn to it when we don’t have anything to eat, or when we don’t know what to eat. It’s always there in our refrigerator, to solve our hunger pangs. There are different and tasty ways of eating it other than the usual sandwiches.

Here are some different avatars of bread:

1. Bread Upma

You must have had this dish prepared by your mother at home. It is a healthier version of the famous South Indian breakfast, Upma. Bread cut in small cubes toasted and fried with Indian spices along with boiled potatoes, onions, and tomatoes will give a delicious bowl of upma.


2. Bread Pakora

Pakoras are Indians’ favorite. Be it aloo pakora, paneer pakora, orbread pakora we love it in every form. Prepared with a simple mixture of boiled potatoes, onions, and spices dipped in gram flour and deep fried gives us satisfaction when paired with a hot cup of tea.


3. Garlic Bread

Talking about bread and not including garlic bread will be a sin. You just need a few slices of bread, butter, and minced garlic. Add the minced garlic in butter and spread the mixture over. You can even make cheese garlic bread, by adding cheese on the bread and baking it for a few minutes,


4. Bread Poha

Poha is an Indian staple breakfast. When you run out of flattened rice (poha), then bread comes for your rescue. Just cut the bread into small pieces, toast it with the vegetables along with the nuts, and the bowl of poha is ready.


5. Canapes

Canapes are delicious appetizers which can easily be made using bread. Cut the slices in different shapes and top it with your favorite vegetables, cheese, and meat to make savory canapes. Add different fruits and whipped cream for a sweet one.


6. Bread Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Well, bread pizza is more on the healthier side. You need to add all the vegetables as toppings and spread them on the bread slices. Add cheese and bake for few minutes and you are ready with a healthier version of pizza.


7. Vegetable Sandwich

It is a simple recipe made from bread and is a favorite among people. Spread green chutney on the bread, add vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, and boiled potatoes along with chaat masala. Grill them if you want to or have it simple.


8. Bread Pav Bhaji

You can make the roadside snack into a healthy dish with the help of bread. Boil the vegetables, mash them, and then fry them with onions, chilies, and tomatoes along with the spices. Spread this mixture on some toasted bread slices.


9. Cheese Cutlet

Cheese cutlets are easy to prepare and are healthy and nutritious. Mix the boiled potatoes with other vegetables like onions, chilies, corn, and chicken and soaked slices of bread. Add spices, roll them into balls, and fry them. Serve them hot with tomato ketchup.


10. Bread Dahi Chaat

If you love having chaat, and that too in a healthier way, then Bread Dahi Chaat is the perfect recipe for you. Soak some slices of bread in milk and roll them into small balls. Garnish them with green chutney, dahi, tamarind chutney, onions, coriander leaves, and sev. Top it with chaat masala.


11. Bread Rolls

Bread Rolls is a healthy option if you need protein by adding paneer or boiled potatoes as its stuffing. You can use whole wheat bread for more nutrition. Soak the bread and combine it with boiled potatoes or paneer. Add relevant spices and deep-fry them. Serve them with tomato ketchup.


12. Sweet French Toast

French Toast is a healthy option for breakfast. It is easy to prepare. Dip the slices of bread in a mixture of milk, egg, sugar, and cinnamon powder. Fry the slices in a pan till golden brown. Garnish it with fruits and honey.


13. Croutons for Soups and Salads

Croutons in soups and salads add crunchiness to it which makes it taste delicious. Small pieces of bread cut into cubes, and deep fried is a healthy dish which adds taste to soups and salads.


14. Malai Sandwich

Malai is available easily in every household. Who knew simple malai could make delicious sandwiches? Just spread malai and fruits like apple or banana over a slice of bread. To make a savory one, add spices and vegetables.


15. Grilled Sandwiches

Cheese spread between the slices of bread adds a taste to it. Also, adding herbs like oregano, thyme, or parsley make it taste delicious and makes us crave for more.


16. Savory French Toast

Giving a simple twist to the classic French toast makes the taste delicious. Just mix yogurt with rawa, onions, coriander leaves, and spread it over bread. Fry it on both sides and serve with mayonnaise.


17. Bread Halwa

Bread can even satisfy your sweet cravings by transforming into a sweet dish as halwa. Roast the bread slices until light brown, cook them with milk and sugar until they become soft. Garnish them with almonds and cashews.


18. Bread Sushi

Bread Sushi is a simple recipe to make when you can’t find the expensive ingredients. Roll chopped vegetables like carrots or cabbage, fish, or whatever you want to have into the slice and pound on it.


19. Bread Rasmalai

Rasmalai is probably the only sweet dish that is loved by all. You can prepare it at home too. Just dip the bread slices in the flavored milk of your choice, and voila! You can even stir-fry bread cubes in sugar syrup and garnish with chopped nuts.


20. Bread Bhurji

You must have heard about Egg Bhurji and Paneer Bhurji. You can make Bhurji with bread slices too! Marinate the bread cubes in curd and spices. Fry it in a pan until they turn golden brown. Add relevant vegetables like onion, capsicum, and tomatoes and add spices to the mixture.