Top 20 Dip/Sauce Recipes For Perfect Appetizers Or Evening Snacks


1. Cheesy Caramelized Onion Dip

The cheesy caramelized dip is the best French dip you will ever have. This dip is fully loaded with cheese, onions, and bacons and of course all the fresh herbs with a little touch of mayo and sour cream. This Onion dip is the ultimate party dip and it can easily steal one’s heart with its delicious flavors.

 2.“Baked Potato” Dip

This dip has the perfect combination of flavors ranging from a lot of potatoes to bacon, mayo, cheese, etc. This blistering baked potato dip is topped with a  scoop full of sour cream, cheese, and chives. This dip is everything for the carbolic (and Cheese and Bacon fanatics).

 3.3-in-1 Italian Dip

This dip is one in which you can find the amazing flavors with bright colors, meaning it’s an all-rounder dip with its bright colors making us attract towards it. This Italian inspired dip has every element which is heart pleasing. With Red pepper, cheese, artichokes, and tomatoes. It defines the true dip flavors. It is served up with Nachos, Crackers, and Potato chips.

4. Ultimate 7-Layer Dip

As the name suggests, it’s a seven-layered dip, all layers having exciting flavors that pop into our mouth. The seven layers in the dip consist of blended beans mixed up with seasoning at the bottom and the second layering with tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, cheese layers following it.  The last two layers are of cheese and garnishing stuff which can be spring onions or olives.


5. Spinach-Artichoke Dip

The Spinach and Artichoke dip has one of the best-balanced flavors with the richness of spinach and artichokes, and further, the taste enhanced with cheese. This dip is very easy to make, and it takes only 30 minutes to make it. It has subtle flavors and has a gooey texture which melts straight in the mouth.


6. Beer-Cheese Dip

This dip is made from beer, ranch dressing, shredded cheddar cheese, green onions. It is a delicious and yummy dip for all time snacks. The Beer makes the dip more sparkling and adds to the taste. The Beer cheese dip is prepared by beating the cream and adding beer to it. Once it is done Cheese and green onions are added and grounded together to make a creamy paste which is further diluted with beer. This dip is smooth and creamy.


7. Southwest Avocado Bean Dip

This dip is prepared in 30 minutes. Avocados are mashed up and put in a bowl, lime juice and cream is added to it and stirred until all lumps are dissolved. Then the dip is refrigerated and served cold. It is a unique dip and has a sour and sweet taste. The Beans are also boiled up and added to the dip to make it more healthy and tasty.


8. Elotes Dip

It is made up of corn which gives a silky texture to it. Mayonnaise and chili powder is used to add taste and enhance the flavor. Grated parmesan cheese and chopped cilantro are added up as toppings. The overwhelming texture and the dip itself are amazing to taste and it goes along with anything. Mayonnaise adds a special effect to the dip.


9. Lemon- Herb Aioli

The Lemon Herb Aioli is prepared up with herbs and is full of cream. The natural flavors of basil, lemon, and garlic add wonder to the dip. This Aioli is simple to make and it is a perfect party dip. With a few ingredients, one can make up a wonderful Aioli.


10. Easy Guacamole Dip

It is one of the easiest yet eye-catching dip one will ever have, and the best thing about this dip is, it remains fresh in taste till it is not finished up. Guacamole dip has a very mushy texture which goes well with any sorts of tacos. One can also use it as dressing in tortillas, wraps or sandwiches too, it just tastes best.


11. Yogurt, Dill, and Walnut Dip

The Yogurt and dill dip with walnuts is just best for summer. It refreshes you well and just makes you tireless. It has its tangy taste which goes well with all kind of appetizers, and the crunch in every bite is luscious.


12. Traditional Hummus Dip

The traditional Hummus Dip is old dip but yet it has its flavors and taste on one’s mind. This moist dip is made with Chick-Peas blending it up with some herbs, garlic, and onion and Tahini paste. One can also make it up without tahini, both are the same in texture, but it tastes changes when added tahini as it gives light tangy flavors.


13. Salsa Dip

This dip is made up Wwith only three ingredients. You just need cream cheese, salsa, and dried parsley flakes. Pre-heat the cream cheese till it melts down. Now mix the other items in it. The loaded and milky flavor of the cheese absorbs the parsley flakes and salsa, and provides a refreshing dip for all purpose. Salsa dip is real popular dip. The crunchiness of the parsley flakes provides more value to the dip. A must for all evening snacks.


14. Tex Mex Dip

An American delight, this dip is made out of ripe avocados, sour cream, cheddar cheese, taco seasoning, tomatoes, and green onions. This recipe is easy to make. It has a great texture and lavishness to taste it. The dip content is velvety and has all crunchiness of green onions. The juicy tomatoes go well, and the taco seasoning does its magic. The blended avocado gives the sweet and sour taste to the dip.


15. Texas TNT Dip

This dip has pounded beef, mushroom soup, and lots of cheese and butter. This is called the Dynamic dip because of its beef content which gives the chewiness to the dip. More time is needed to cook this dip as the beef needs time to blend and become tender. The juicy and chewy Dip is mindblowing and delicious to taste. Topped with regular salt it does not contain any other spice. This dip comes with an amazing flavor and texture.  


16. Quick Guacamole with Red Beans

Guacamole with Red Bean is a dip made with avocados, garlic, salsa, and lemon juice. This spices ess and sour dip is quite a delight and impresses all. The Avocados are mashed up in a bowl and garlic, salsa, lemon juice, and salt is added to it. Then tossed in olive oil and your dip is ready. The smooth and sour flavor of avocados are irresistible. The taste of Red beans in it, gives a thumbs up to the dish. It’s a quick recipe for the dip and can be made with few ingredients.


17. Mexican Cheese Dip

Mexican Cheese Dip is made up with turkey sausage and cheese. The sausage is grounded smoothly, and then hot melted cheese is added to it. The tender, juicy sausage gets mixed with the cheese and releases a unique and softer dip. The dip is not at all spicy and is full of protein and nutrients. The Mexican cheese dip has an everlasting effect on food lovers.


18. Six- Layer Dip

Six layers of cheese and vegetables which are blended up and arranged in six layers. The layer by layer creamy cheese is totally delicious and outstanding. Bean, cheese, sour cream and all the nutrients are within this dip. Extra pounded toppings are added to enrich the flavor. Spices can also be added up to further enhance the dip. This dip can be served hot or cold as per the season. And this dish never goes out of fashion.


19. Lobster Dip

Lobster meat, garlic, minced onions, mustard, and cheese, is needed to make this dip. A cracker of a dip, this dip has it all. The Lobster meat is grounded with all other ingredients. Lemon juice is added up for the tanginess and taste. This is a sole dip with marvelous taste. One of the most sorted seafood dip. The Lobster dip is relishing and enlightens once taste bud.


20. Beef Enchilada Dip

This meaty dip is all you need to steal your friend’s hearts. This Dip is full of meat, cheese, and enchilada. This is a baked dip, and it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook. One can serve this with any kind of chips.