Top 20 Dishes You Can Have In Mysore


1. Achari baby corn

There are a variety of baby corn dishes that can be dry or gravy such as baby corn salad, baby corn Manchurian and more. The taste of achari baby corn is the yummiest of all. You can add spring onion to the gravy dish just to give the Indian dish a Chinese tadka and the dish is garnished with chopped coriander leaves. Achari baby corn is very famous in Mysore.


2. Corn cheese papad roll

Corn cheese papad roll is very famous in Mysore. Unlike the usual rolls made of chappati or parotta, this roll is made of papad. Corn gives any dish a totally different taste. The combination of corn and cheese with papad is simply amazing.


3. Special mushroom tikka masala

There are many mushroom dishes and a variety of tikka dishes that we are aware off. Imagine a combination of both mushroom and tikka in one dish! Yes, the outcome is yummy mushroom tikka masala, a dish that is very famous in Mysore. The tikka makes it very special for spice lovers.


4. Paneer shole kebab

Paneer kebab is tasty on its own and paneer is a favorite to all. The specialty of paneer shole kebab is that the dish is made along with other vegetables. The dish marinated with spices and is famous in Mysore.


5. Paneer makmalai

A normal paneer gravy dish has a scrumptious taste already but the taste of paneer makhni is tastier. The makhni touch given to paneer along with the spices added to the dish and garnished with coriander leaves is amazing. The dish is very famous in Mysore.


6. Bhindi churmuri

Lady finger when cooked right can be a wonderful dish. As the name of the dish suggests, bhindi churmuri, it is crispy bhindi loaded with spices as loved by the Indian palate. The best part about this dish is that you can have it as snack too.


7. Gobhi 65

We all know the scrumptious taste of chicken 65. Gobhi 65 is a similar dish but for vegetarians. Cauliflower instead of chicken is coated with flour and spices and fried to get this crispy dish. The taste of gobhi 65 is just out of the world and well known in Mysore.


8. Paneer masala fingers

Paneer masala fingers is similar to other dishes like chicken fingers, fish fingers, aloo fingers etc. The paneer fingers are crispy and can be made with or without spicy as desired. This special dish is made with a lot of spices and is a favourite amongst the spice lovers in Mangalore, just like me.



Lemon Paneer

Does the taste of lemon chicken ring a bell? If yes, then this dish needs no explanation. However, for those who are not aware about lemon chicken, lemon paneer is a spicy tangy dish and is tasty. The taste  is simply mood enhancing.


10. Spicy spinach stuffed paneer pakoda

Palak (spinach) in a dish and our mind says ‘boring’ like a default reaction. But, this dish will prove that palak (spinach) is not always boring. The Spicy spinach stuffed paneer pakoda is simply fantastic in taste and so crunchy. This dish will totally change your view towards spinach.


11. Gobhi lollipop

If you are a vegetarian, then the deep fried gobhi I a must try. The taste of gobhi lollipop is simply out of the world. The dish is very famous in Mysore. If you love chicken lollipops, then gobhi lollipop is great substitute.


12. Paneer kurkure

The crispy and spicy touch given to paneer is simply amazing. The dish is made with a combination of paneer, potato and cornflakes with a lot of spices and is served with green chutney, the Mysore green chutney. The green chutney is not only yummy but is refreshing as well.


13. Adraki kebab

Kebabs are an amazing dish and is loved by all Indians. The adraki touch or you can say that the Chinese touch given to the kebab by adding lots of ginger to the kebab is simply fantastic. The kebab is very well garnished with green chutney.


14. Kasturi kebab

The taste of kasturi kebab is simply out of the world. It has an amazing flavor of fenugreek seeds mixed with a lot of other spices. You can have the kebab with green chutney.


15. Special Reshmi kebab

Special reshmi kebab is usually made with cashews and yogurt with spices. The kebabs taste scrumptious. The special Mysore touch given to reshmi kebab with the spices is simply fantastic.


16. Murgh pahadi

The murgh pahadi is very yummy and refreshing as the dish is made of greens like mint and coriander. The chicken is marinated with a green marinade and grilled to get a smoky flavor. The dish has three touches which makes it extra special.


17. Murgh pakija

This dish is very famous in Mysore and is a must try if you visit Mysore. The dish is very amazing as it is one among the yummiest dishes of Mughlai cuisine.


18. Murgh rasila kebab

Kebabs usually fall under the category of dry snacks or a starter. The rasila (gravy touch) touch given to this dish  makes it crispy, spicy, and with juicy chicken kebabs. Do not miss this dish when you visit Mysore.


19. Tandoori jhinga

The tandoori touch given to jhinga (prawns) is all you need to taste. All sea food lovers must be aware of the taste of jhinga and the tandoori jhinga is even better. This is very special for all sea food lovers in Mysore.


20. Peshawari fish

Do you know the taste of peshawari chole? If you know, then you will understand the taste of peshawari fish. If you are not aware of peshawari chole, you should try it and Peshawari Fish is a must try. The dish is royal and a delicious dish.