20 Gujarati Dishes You Should Try Atleast Once

20 Gujarati Dishes You Should Try Atleast Once

Remember the movie “CHUP CHUP KE,” in which Rajpal Yadav tries to break a roti made in a Gujarati family. That did make us laugh out louder but that’s not actually true. Gujarati cuisine originated from a state named Gujarat in Western India. Gujarat is famous for Garba and their rich culture and also for Jethalal and Daya, if you don’t know them you’re living under a large rock. So AYE HALOOO……

1. Dhokla

It may sound like a bomb, but it’s not, trust me. I got it tested the result was damn delicious. It is a fermented food made by using rice and lentil batter garnished with mustard seeds and asafoetida and served with coriander chutney. It can be served as a breakfast or an afternoon snack. It will fulfil your stomach needs. Look at this innocent Dhokla. How can you think this could be dangerous? A great Dhokla can be known when you put it in your mouth and you don’t have to chew it, it just slides into your stomach.


2. Handvo

It’s not a cuss word. What you’re thinking is absolutely different. It is a healthy treat consisting of diverse vegetables in the form of patty or cake using wheat flour and lentils and topped with sesame seeds.


3. Kachori

It is somewhat a ball-shaped snack that you can eat while you’re in train hungry or if you’re running late just grab some of them and walk away. In Gujarat, it is made up of moong dal, and different spices stuffed into dough and fried. A variation includes Khasta Kachori which is disc-shaped chaat, and it tastes amazing.


4. Khaman

He is the brother of Dhokla, they kind of look similar but is made differently using chickpea and gram flour instead of rice and lentil. The using of chickpea gives the Khaman a different texture and consistency. It is garnished with mustard seeds and coriander leaves and sometimes with grated coconut and served with fried green chilies and coriander chutney.


5. Khandvi

It is an appetizer prepared by using gram flour and yogurt and seasoned with spices. They are bite sized and rolled up to form a magical dish. It can be garnished using coriander, mustard seeds, cheese.


6. Muthia

Sausages are out of style because Muthia just came into style. It is a type of sausage but is vegan. It is prepared from chickpea flour, methiand the name is derived from the grinding action. It is a mandatory dish in every Gujarati home.


7. Dal Dhokali

It is made from wheat flour noodles and vegetable stew. It is often garnished with coriander leaves and is also considered as a comfort food.


8. Undhiyu

This dish originated in Surat, Gujarat. It is a dish traditionally cooked in an earthen pot upside down. This dish is a mixture of various vegetables like green peas, unripe bananas, egghot and garnished with coconut gratings. The good part about this dish is it can be cooked in a large quantity and can be served for a crowd.


9. Thepla

It is the second most popular breakfast food for most of the Gujaratis. And a great tiffin friendly dish and it is made using chickpea flour and wheat flour. The batter is made using and water and a pinch of salt. It is usually served with ghee on it. It can also be served with fruit jam. It can be served hot and cold and still tastes good. A variation includes Methi, Lasan Thepla.


10. Chaas

and especially in Gujarati cuisine. It is served after a meal for digestion and it is also good in summer season.


11. Kadhi

It is a dish made in many parts of India, but everyone has different recipes. Gujarati Kadhi is gravy made by using chickpea flour and different vegetables. Other kadhi include yogurt for the sour taste in Kadhi but in Gujarati Kadhi instead of yogurt, buttermilk is added to give it a unique texture. Tadka is added at the end and served with rice and roti and is part of the Gujarati cuisine for a long time.


12. Sev Tameta Nu Shak

It is also called tomato curry. It is made by using tomato curry and special spices and some herbs, and it is usually topped with sev and served with boiled rice. It can also be eaten individually.


13. Khakra

Khakra is a crunchy dish which is usually served in breakfast and can be served as a snack. It is made by using moth bean and wheat flour. It is usually handmade roasted on tava. It is a snack you can carry during your trip or in your bag during a long ride. by this business and are still on the go. It can be served with pickles, ghee or chaat masala.


14. Fafda Jalebi

OKAY! Everyone calm down especially you Mr. Jethalal. It is the most popular breakfast dish of all time and after working hard for six days the morning breakfast every Sunday morning is like a dream of every Gujarati. I can’t blame them, it is made from chick flour, and different spices served with Jalebi (dessert) and a cup of tea. Drooling? no, just me!


15. Patra

This amazing dish is made from taro leaves with is stuffed with rice flour and spices like red chili powder, turmeric, and occasionally jiggery. The leaves are rolled and cut into pieces and kept for some time and then fried or steamed. In the end, it is topped with coriander leaves or mustard seeds.


16. Dabeli

This dish originated in Kutch, Gujarat. It is prepared by using mashed potatoes and different spices and garlic paste and stuffed into burger bun or pav and topped with peanuts, and sometimes it’s is also fried on tava in butter to give it a crisp texture.


17. Papdi no lot

The dough is prepared by using rice flour and cumin seeds and the dough can be used to make crisps. It can also be served in the form of dough which is steamed before eating.


18. Mohanthal

All the sweet dish lovers pay full attention here. Fudge made from gram flour and condensed milk. It is topped with almonds or other dry fruits. Traditionally Mohanthal has a layer of ghee over it.


19. Ghughra

It is another sweet dish that will affect your sugar level in your body. It is prepared by using gram flour stuffed with khoya made from milk. It is mainly served during festivals and special occasion. It’s made in the form of dumpling and filled with dry fruits also.


20. Lilva Kachoris

It is popular in Gujarati cuisine. It is prepared by using gram flour stuffed with Lilva mixture, asafoetida, lemon juice, cumin seeds, and spices, rolled and fried then served with chutney.