Top 20 Dishes Made Using Sweet Potato

Top 20 Dishes Made Using Sweet Potato
Top 20 Dishes Made Using Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato, also called ‘Shakarkandi’, is a very famous vegetable in India and other countries produced in the winter season. It is sweet, contains starch and is large compared to regular potatoes. You can see many street vendors selling these potatoes with the addition of a little bit of salt and lemon juice on them, and it tastes incredible. There are even many other ways to utilize this key ingredient to prepare various delicacies that would satiate your taste buds and can even be consumed during the fasting period. Below, we have mentioned some of the top recipes using this ingredient.

1. Vanilla Roasted Sweet Potatoes

These roasted sweet potatoes cut in the shape of wedges are delicious and sweet because of vanilla and maple syrup. You only have to roast the wedges into some oil and add some red chile, maple syrup, vanilla, and they are ready to be served.


2. Grilled Sweet Potatoes

These simple sweet potato slices are grilled using barbeque or stove create a crispy and crunchy texture. To make them even more delicious and mesmerizing, you can add some chopped veggies and spices to them while serving. Prepare a lemon-herb sauce and eat this grilled sweet potato along with them.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

3. Burger With Sweet Potato Tikki

Usually, we use regular potatoes to prepare hot, crispy Tikkis for our burger, but now you can even prepare the Tikkis with more nutritious and tasty sweet potatoes. The method of preparing Tikkis is identical to the regular ones, and you can enjoy them by sandwiching them in between two buns.

Burger With Sweet Potato Tikki

4. Sweet Potato- Riotta Pierogies

It is an ultimate combo of cheese, pasta, and sweet potatoes that is highly nutritious and tasty. To taste this splendid recipe, you have to prepare ricotta with a stuffing of cheese, and sweet potatoes and they will turn out to be the most delicious and fluffy ricottas you have ever tasted.

Sweet Potato Riotta Pierogies

5. Gingery Sweet Potato Pies

Yummy is the word that would come out of your mouth when you would taste this gingery flavour pie made up of sweet potatoes. The crust is crispy and flavourful that is topped with whipped cream to make it more creamy and delicious. You can make it more delicious by adding your creativity.

Gingery Sweet Potato Pies

6. Sweet Potato Casserole

You can prepare this easy recipe around any time of the year and make it to please your loved ones. You would require sweet potatoes, brown sugar, grated nutmeg, cayenne pepper, vanilla extract, granulated sugar, and half a tablespoon of tartar.

Sweet Potato Casserole

7 Bean Sweet Potato Chilli

It is a delicious spicy vegetarian recipe that will surely win your heart. It is just like Rajma in appearance and has a smooth texture. The ingredients required would be sweet potatoes, cumin, oil, chilli powder, tomatoes, kidney beans, cheddar cheese, and some veggies of your choice.

Bean Sweet Potato Chilli

8. Ginger Sweet Potato and Apple Cobbler

This delicious recipe is made up by combining ingredients like sweet potato, brown sugar, apples, and pumpkin spice. You only have to mix them up all in a pan along with some butter, vanilla, and flour and bake it in the oven. This exciting dessert recipe is always ready to satiate your taste buds.

Ginger Sweet Potato and Apple Cobbler

9. Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Salad

If you are one of those few personalities, who prefer to consume salads for dinner or lunch, then this recipe of salad made by combining two veggies is an excellent option for you. The presence of sweet potatoes in this salad will make it even more nutritious. You can even add some other veggies and pomegranate to it.

Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Salad

10. Sweet Potato Rabri

Indian sweets are amazingly delicious and loved by everyone. One of those sweet dishes is Rabri; it is delicious and becomes even more. healthy by using sweet potatoes. By using almond or cashew milk, it becomes a perfect vegan recipe that tastes excellent when eaten chilled.

Sweet Potato Rabri

11 Sweet Potato Snickerdoodles

You can satisfy your kids and even your sweet tooth with these snickerdoodles made by filling caramel in between sweet potato cookies. By serving this recipe to them, you are not only giving them their favourite food but also a very nutritious recipe.

Sweet Potato Snickerdoodles

12. Sweet Potato Waffles

After snickerdoodles, it is a chance to make these waffles for your lovelies. These waffles are smooth and fluffy created by combining some grated orange into the sweet potato puree. Add butter and cream on top of waffles and enjoy their flavour.

Sweet Potato Waffles

13. Sweet Potato Pound Cake

It is a nutritious recipe to try out for breakfast, along with some butter or jam. It is a baking recipe that requires cinnamon, flour, nutmeg, baking soda, sugar, vanilla extract, sweet potatoes, and some top nuts to top on the cake. It takes only 20 minutes for baking.

Sweet Potato Pound Cake

14. Sweet Potato Biscuits

Potatoes can eventually give you the best texture and flavour in baked goods. Biscuits, being one of them, are most easy to prepare and also very delicious. These biscuits will turn out to be extraordinarily fluffy and soft and taste delicious.

Sweet Potato Biscuits

15. Baked Sweet Potato

Want to try something different for breakfast and have sweet potatoes available at home? Then try this recipe of baked sweet potatoes that you can enjoy along with some butter or cheese, and by adding some spice or oregano.

Baked Sweet Potato

16. Sweet Potato Bites

The ultimate snack to offer to your guests on occasions before the main course meal or in dessert is the sweet potato bites. Just bake the sweet potatoes along with some butter and maple syrup, and then top each sweet potato round with marshmallow on top of them and they are ready.

Sweet Potato Bites

17. Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Probably, you don’t have to worry if your children do not like eating sweet potatoes because this recipe is difficult to resist by them as the sweet potatoes are in a hidden form in this recipe. Making out sweet, fluffy cupcakes using sweet potato as the crucial ingredient is a lip-smacking recipe.

Sweet Potato Cupcakes

18 Sweet Potato Cheesecake

Who knew that even a cheesecake could be made with sweet potatoes. With its nuttiness and natural sweetness, it lifts the level of a cheesecake. It not only looks good but tastes excellent and is a must-try recipe.

Sweet Potato Cheesecake

19. Sweet Potato Pancakes

For the people who have only tasted banana pancakes, they should even try out the ones made up of sweet potatoes, and we are sure they will love it. These pancakes are super fluffy and soft that can be topped with caramel and nuts on them.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

20. Sweet Potato Souffle

With only five essential ingredients, you can make a creamy, sweet recipe of sweet potato soufflé. You need sweet potatoes, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and your dish is ready to be eaten.

Sweet Potato Souffle