20 Unique Ways In Which You Can Consume Papaya

20 Unique Ways in Which You Can Consume Papaya
20 Unique Ways in Which You Can Consume Papaya

Papaya is a very famous and nutritional fruit that is orange in colour and has a sparsely branched tree. It is a large berry, usually about 15-45 cm long and 10-30 cm in diameter. The central cavity inside the papaya contains various black seeds, and the other surrounding inner orange part is consumable, soft, and sweet. It is rich in water content and has high fibre content, due to which it is suitable for digestion and stomach. Most of us might have consumed it only in the form of a fruit, but do you also know other ways and conditions in which you can consume them? If not, you must look at the list below to have an idea of how can this one superfruit be utilized to prepare delicacies.

1. Raw Papaya And Carrot Kofte

You might have tasted paneer kofte or Lauki ke kofte, but have you ever tasted kofte made up of raw papaya and carrots? If you have not yet, then you must try them as they are soft and tasty. They are best tasted when prepared in coconut curry.

Raw Papaya And Carrot Kofte

2. Raw Papaya Paratha

Stuffed parathas are the favourite breakfast option of every Indian, and we even have various varieties and stuffing available to make different parathas. One such unique filling is of raw papaya that is also very delicious and can be enjoyed in breakfast with Makhan.

Raw Papaya Paratha

3. Papaya, Grapes, and Orange Juice

Yes, juices are favourite of all of us, especially in the summers. If you want to try out a unique flavour of juice then, try this one. Get some fresh papaya slices, grapes, and oranges and prepare this tasty juice.

Papaya Grapes and Orange Juice

4. Papaya Burfi

Making this burfis is a super easy and exciting job. You have to collect some papaya and mix them up in your burfi batter and give them a square shape. They will be of orange colour, and you can even add coconut to them if required.

Papaya Burfi

5. Beetroot Papaya Vanilla Nuts Cake

This cake is made up by combining beetroot, papaya, and some nuts having the flavours of all of these ingredients and vanilla extract tastes delicious. The cake that is prepared is made super soft and fluffy. You can also add tutty fruity to them.

Beetroot Papaya Vanilla Nuts Cake

6. Papaya Apple Smoothie

Nowadays, smoothies are pretty trending as a breakfast option, and everyone is preparing different kinds of smoothies. You can also prepare one of those using papaya and apple flavours. Just blend these two fruits within a blender, and they are ready.

Papaya Apple Smoothie

7. Raw Papaya Chutney

This recipe can be made using raw papaya, sugar, water, some lemon juice, and a few nuts to add to it. You can make it by cooking all these ingredients for a few minutes and then enjoying it with any snack or dish.

Raw Papaya Chutney

8. Green Papaya Moong Dal

Every one of us has eaten regular moong dal prepared at our homes with rice or roti. But now you should try this unique variation of moong dal made by using green papaya. You can consume this dal with rice or chappati as per your choice.

Green Papaya Moong Dal

9. Papaya Dates Halwa

Yes, you can even make halwa using papayas. To make this halwa, you require a fully ripened papaya cooked in a pan with some ghee, milk, sugar. Its colour is vibrant and attractive that would please you for sure.

Papaya Dates Halwa

10. Raw Papaya Salad

Salads are probably one of the most accessible and quickest recipes one can prepare. You require raw papaya and a few other veggies like carrot, tomatoes, and peanuts. Cook all of them for a few minutes in a little bit of oil, and they are ready.

Raw Papaya Salad

11. Raw Papaya Dry Sabzi

These are prepared identically as you prepare dry aloo sabzi. You only need to chop the raw papaya into small slices and then cook them in some oil with spices and water until they soften up.

Raw Papaya Dry Sabzi

12. Papaya Banana Popsicles

Here come the kid’s favourite Popsicles, which are now even available in papaya flavour. Combining two super amazing fruits that are papaya and banana, results in these flavourful and smooth texture popsicles that are the perfect option to try in the summer season.

Papaya Banana Popsicles

13. Papaya And Banana Milkshake

Just three ingredients and your favourite recipe of milkshake are ready. Take a ripened papaya, banana, and a glass of milk, then blend them into a mixer, and it is ready to serve. There is no need to add artificial sweetness or sugar to it as both the fruits are naturally sweet.

Papaya And Banana Milkshake

14. Papaya Ice cream

This summer season, make a delicious papaya flavoured ice cream for yourself and your loved ones to please them. They would have not tasted as creamy and delicious ice cream as before.

Papaya Ice cream

15. Raw Papaya Vada

By grating the raw papaya and then making a perfect mix of it with gram flour and spices, you can eventually taste these vadas that are crispy in texture. Prepare some papaya vada and a hot cup of tea, and then enjoy both of them together.

Raw Papaya Vada

16. Papaya Chaat

There is no other recipe as simple as this in its preparation. Just take ripened papaya, chop it into square slices and, add some black pepper, black salt to it and enjoy it as chaat in the evening time when you feel hungry. Also, you can have this papaya chat for breakfast.

Papaya Chaat

17. Oats Papaya Choco Pudding

This pudding with the flavour of papaya and chocolate is smooth in texture and is creamy. You would require oats, milk, flax seeds, papaya, dry fruits to prepare this recipe. Serve this unique pudding recipe to your kids; they will surely love it.

Oats Papaya Choco Pudding

18. Papaya Lassi

After mango lassi, you must now opt for papaya flavoured lassi. It is prepared by using papaya, sugar, and sweet curd. It is heavy on the stomach and is an ideal recipe to try out in breakfast when running out of time to prepare a proper meal for breakfast.

Papaya Lassi

19. Papaya Ladoo

We have told you about papaya burfi; now it is time for papaya ladoos. They are prepared identically, but you only have to give them a round shape. Do add some dry fruits in ladoo to increase their crunchiness.

Papaya Ladoo

20. Papaya Fries

You will require raw papaya to prepare these fries. They are designed identically as potato fries. Cut the raw papaya in any shape of your choice and then fry them in oil. You can eat these fries along with any chutney.

Papaya Fries