Top 20 Dishes Made With Dal

Top 20 Dishes Made With Dal 1
Top 20 Dishes Made With Dal 1

Dal, or lentils, are a staple of Indian cuisine. A large portion of India’s population is vegetarian, and nothing beats a regular intake of lentils to keep protein levels in control. Dal is offered to a child as young as four months old, with the health benefits in mind. Despite the fact that many households are non-vegetarians, Dal is served basically every day. Lentils come in a range of shapes and sizes, and every family should have a good supply in their pantry. Tuvar or Arhar dal is the most popular dal prepared in most households, however Chana Dal, Moong Dal, Dhuli Moong Dal, and Masoor dal are also widespread. Besides being a high-protein food, lentils are also high in iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, as well as Vitamin B.

1. Malwa Dal

Malwa Dal comes from the Malwa region of India, as the name says (western central areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh). It’s a quick and easy lentil dish that’s excellent for regular meals. For a complete supper, serve this dish with bafla, piping hot phulka, or steaming rice with a side of sabzi.

Malwa Dal

2. Moong Dal Chilla

Moong dal chilla is a savory Indian pancake cooked with soaked moong dal and a few other flavoring components. In other parts of the country, it’s known as moong dal pudla or moong dal puda.

Moong Dal Chilla

3. Navratan Dal

Navratan Dal is a lentil-based dish made using nine various types of dals, including Tuver Dal, Chana Dal, Dhule Moong Dal, Hari Moong Dal, Dhuli Urad Dal, Kali Urad Dal, Kali Masoor Dal, Dhule Masoor Dal, Rajma, and others. This dal is so delicious that it doesn’t need any further accompaniments when served with Zeera Rice and Laccha Parathas. In addition, the tempering of ghee, cinnamon, cumin seeds, onion, green chile, and tomatoes gives Navratan Dal a flavour you’ve probably never had before! This dal used to be made with a lot of ghee, and it tasted beautiful, but it was also very heavy on the belly.

Navratan Dal

4. Lucknowi Dal

Sultani Dal, also known as Lucknowi Dal, is a Mughal-era nawabi lentil recipe. Sultani Dal is a dish from royal cuisine that has given the simple breakfast meal a spectacular makeover. It’s a regular lentil that’s been cooked in milk and then topped with cream and additional spices to make it royal. Lentil is prepared with a variety of rich seasonings, giving it a genuinely royal flavor.

Lucknowi Dal

5. Shahi Dal

Dal is a mainstay of practically every Indian household’s daily meals. But, if you’re making it for a special event, it has to be different from your regular cooking, right? Shahi dal is a rich & creamy lentil meal that is appropriate for these events because shahi means royal and dal means lentils. Shahi dal is a rich and creamy Indian lentil dish created with a crackling cooking and a mix of lentils. For a special supper, serve it with naan or jeera rice.

Shahi Dal

6. Khatti Dal

Khatti Dal is a rich, delicious dish cooked with masoor or toor dal in Hyderabadi cuisines. The dal is a fantastic addition to plain white rice or jeera rice since it is delicious, tangy, and seasoned with curry leaves and mustard. With Masala Papad on the side, this light lentil dish can be served with chapatis, rotis, or lachas. Khatti means tangy or sour, and unlike conventional spicy or salty dals, this dal is the foundation of a spicy meal. This lentil curry will complement any dish, whether served with spicy Mutton Biryani and Bagara Baingan on the side or Hyderabadi Mirchi Ka Salan.

Khatti Dal

7. Yellow Dal Tadka

Arhar dal (toor dal, yellow pigeon pea lentils) and yellow moong dal are used in this wonderful Indian lentil stew (skinned petite yellow lentils). It’s one of the most famous foods in Indian restaurants and Dhabas (Indian roadside eateries).

Yellow Dal Tadka

8. Lauki Chana Dal

Lauki chana dal is a traditional North Indian stew made with bottle gourd, chana dal (Bengal gram lentil), and a few common spices. Lauki is a fantastic summer vegetable because of its high water content.

Lauki Chana Dal

9. Amritsari Dal

Amritsari Dal, commonly known as “Langar Wali Dal,” is a Punjabi dal made using urad dal, chana dal, spices, and a few other basic ingredients. This dal is creamy, simple to prepare, and full of earthy, rustic tastes with a hint of sweetness.

Amritsari Dal

10. Gujarati Dal

Gujarati Dal, served with a dab of ghee on steaming rice or scorching hot phulkas, is the perfect lighter lunch you’ve been longing! The thin consistency of this somewhat sweet, spicy, and acidic dal is ideal for serving with steaming rice or phulkas.

Gujarati Dal

11. Masoor Dal

Whole Masoor Dal is a delectable Indian red lentil dish that is simple to prepare, nutritious, and delicious. Masoor Dal is a lentil soup made by boiling soaked brown dal and adding a dash of desi ghee to the mix. This lentil soup is a fantastic vegetarian source of proteins.

Masoor Dal

12. Barley Khichdi

Barley Khichdi (Jau Khichdi) is a variation on the standard moong dal khichdi recipe that uses pearl barley instead of rice. Pearl barley is a fiber-rich, mineral-rich, vitamin-rich, and antioxidant-rich rice replacement that should be consumed as often as possible.

Barley Khichdi

13. Dal Dhokli

Dal Dhokli is a spicy, sweet one-pot dinner made with whole wheat flour bits simmered in a lentil-based broth seasoned with spices. It’s a popular meal in Gujarat and Rajasthan, where it’s generally served during lunch.

Dal Dhokli

14. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a widely known North Indian lentil dish made with black lentils, lots of butter, and mild spices. It’s rich, creamy, buttery, and smoky. Dal Makhani, which literally translates to “buttery lentils,” is one of the most popular recipes in North Indian cuisine (particularly Punjabi). This thick and creamy dal can be found on the menus of nearly every North Indian restaurant on the planet. It’s also on the menu in dhabas (North Indian roadside eateries), and it’s a taste explosion in your mouth when served with crispy tandoori roti or jeera rice.

Dal Makhani

15. Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa (skinless split green gram (mung lentils) and ghee) is a popular Indian dish (clarified butter). It’s rich and sweet, with a lot of ghee and dry fruits, and it’s perfect for festivals or weddings.

Moong Dal Halwa

16. Green Mango Dal

Green fresh mangoes, lentils, and spices are used to make Green Mango Dal (Kacche Aam Ki Dal), an Indian lentil meal. It’s a classic summertime dish that may be served as a side dish or a main course when mangoes are in season.

Green Mango Dal

17. Bengali Tok Dal

Toker Dal (Kancha Aamer Diye Tok Dal) is a sweet and sour Bengali lentil dish with green mangoes. During the summer, when raw green mangoes are in season, it’s a light lentil soup that’s quite popular in Bengali households.

Bengali Tok Dal

18. Moong Dal Samosa

Moong Dal Samosa is a tasty variation on the traditional Punjabi Aloo Samosa, with a crispy crust and a spicy moong dal inside. These are usually fashioned into small bite-sized samosas, which are ideal for serving with afternoon tea. The samosa filling is made with moong dal (split & skinned green gram) and is a great blend of spicy, sour, and full of flavors. The crust is crispy, crunchy, & slightly flaky. The filling with moong dal is a perfect balance of spicy, lemony, and full of flavors.

Moong Dal Samosa

19. Cholar Dal

Split Bengal gram (chana dal), ghee, coconut, and other spices are used to make Cholar dal, a Bengali delicacy. It goes well with luchi or steamed rice and is sweet and flavorful. Every family prepares it in their own unique way. Some people make it Niramish, which means without onion and garlic, while others add these components.

Cholar Dal

20. Dal Palak

Dal Palak, also known as spinach dal, is a simple everyday dal that is high in protein and iron. Palak Moong Dal is a delectable lentil-based Indian meal that combines the goodness of spinach and garlic as a simple complement.

Dal Palak