Top 20 Dishes You Must Try From The Chettinad Cuisine!

Top 20 Dishes You Must Try From The Chettinad Cuisine!


Paal Payasam

This is the Chettinad version of the otherwise commonly known dish, Kheer. This royal-like dessert is made in a similar procedure but differs only regarding certain additions. This dish is prepared with Milk, Rice, Cardamom and Nuts. A taste of this recipe will leave you wanting for more.


Chicken Chettinad

Chicken Chettinad is a common dish, from the Chettinad cuisine. The entire cuisine is known for the heat and spice in its dishes. So if you are a fan of spicy food, then this is what you will love. The Chicken is cooked in a fiery red Curry with Chettinad masala, along with Tomatoes, Cinnamon, Red Chillies, and Onions. The combination of each of those elements makes this dish a total hit.


Mushroom Chettinad

There are many Chettinad dishes which are equally famous as the Chicken Chettinad. Although the same spice mixture is used, in this case the method of preparation and the combination of elements differ. This makes each Chettinad dish unique and delicious. This is a Mushroom dish in red hot Spices, which is cooked with Coconut, Tamarind, and Spices.


Palkatti Chettinadu

The dish with such a difficult name, might seem complicated but is pretty easy to make. The dish might be simple but is still a powerhouse of flavours. It is a preparation of Paneer or Cottage Cheese Cubes cooked in a Curry. Usually, the Curry is made with Urad Dal, Mustard Seeds, Tomatoes, Onions and the mighty Chettinad masala.


Urlai Roast

The Chettinad masala is so unique that it makes any simple dish exquisite. This dish comprises only two simple elements, yet is such a marvellous dish to eat. It is prepared by soaking baby potatoes in a Chettinad Masala, which is then left to rest. The potatoes are then pan fried and served. It will be a great appetiser for your next party.


Cabbage Poriyal

Poriyal translates to sauteed vegetables. So this is a dish where Cabbage is simply sauteed with Spices. Grated Coconut is added to enhance the mild flavours, which makes this a phenomenal dish with minimal components.


Aatukkari Kuzhambu

This is a very popular Tamil dish, with gravy. It is a Lamb gravy which is prepared in local flavours. The succulent pieces of soft lamb pieces are cooked in a mixture of Urad and Toordaal along with Tamarind. The richness of these components makes this dish unique.


Nariyal And Soya Paneer Vada

These are a slightly complicated version of the normal Vada. But is still easy to make. The Vadas are prepared with a batter mixture of Soya, Paneer and Coconut, and then fried. The final Vadas are served with a side of Tomato Chutney. It can also be served with a delectable portion of Curd Rice, as well.


Pepper Chicken

Pepper Chicken is a popular Tamil dish in which juicy and succulent pieces of Chicken are cooked in strong doses of Pepper. The Pepper is the source of the flavour and adds Spice, heat and flavour all at the same time.


Eral Thokku

Eral Thokku is a preparation of Prawns in special and exotic local flavours. The Prawns are well cooked in a Gravy with Onion, Garlic, Tomatoes, and a mixture of spices. Further Curry Leaves, Mustard Seeds, and Lemon Juice is also added to the dish. It is served with a garnish of Coriander Leaves and a tinge of Lemon Juice.


Kozhi Rasam

Kozhi Rasam is a Chicken preparation, which is best served with Rice. Although the cuisine is famous for rich and spicy dishes, this dish is considerably simpler. It is a South Indian Chicken Stew which is great during the winter cold. So make this just as winter falls, this time.


Nandu Varuval

This is a Crab dish and is a great dish to cook. It uses authentic flavours of the local cuisine and is best served in a dry like gravy. The Crab is blanched and then fried in the local masalas to make this delectable dish.


Crab Kurma

A simple gravy, with crabs, is the simplistic definition of this dish. The explanation might be simple, but the flavours are way complicated than that.


Sura Puttu

This is a traditional dish, which uses shredded Fish. The shredded Fish is scrambled in a bunch of exotic flavours, which makes this dish one of its kind. This is a considerably mildly spicy dish.



Karivepillai Varuval

This dish is otherwise known as Curry Leaves Chicken. The boneless pieces of Chicken are cooked in Spices, and lots of Curry Leaves. The Curry Leaves impart a unique flavour to this perfect dish. It is best served with steamed rice.


Chettinad Vellai Kurma

This is white gravy of vegetables that is very tasty. The simple dish is a variation of the otherwise popular Navratan Korma. This is an amazing alternative to the usual vegetarian dishes you always cook.


12 Spice Fish Curry

The name is intended to show that the recipe uses a variety of twelve Spices in the curry. The fish is marinated in an exotic mixture of Spices and then cooked in a Curry.


Kozhi Kulambu

This is a spicy chicken curry with Chettinad spices. It is a simple dish to make with rich and spicy flavours.


Enna Kathrikai

This is a preparation of Stuffed Eggplants. The Eggplants are somewhat hollowed and filled with a mixture. The Stuffing is usually a mix of Chana and Urad Dal, along with Coconut and other Spices.


Chettinad Fish Fry

Most coastal states have a speciality Fish dish. In this case, it is the Chettinad Fish Fry, where Surmai Fillets are used. The fish is first marinated with the Chettinad masala well enough to let the spicy flavours enter the fish. Then the fillets are pan fried and served. This is a great beach dish.