Top 20 Dishes To Try In Pure Milk And Snack Centre In Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Top 20 Dishes To Try In Pure Milk And Snack Centre In Ghatkopar Mumbai
Top 20 Dishes To Try In Pure Milk And Snack Centre In Ghatkopar Mumbai

Pure milk and Snack Centre aka PMSC is a gem itself at Ghatkopar in central Mumbai. They serve appetizing fusion food items for years now and have become famous among locals. Head to Pure Milk and Snack Centre to satisfy your taste buds and calm your cravings. Here’s a list of Top 20 dishes you should try at PMSC:

1 Cheese Burst French Fries Dosa

Imagine, a crispy layer of dosa, topped with butter, chopped onions and spring onion, schezwan sauce, a blob of mayo, along with French fries and tons of hot melting cheese! Dreamy right? This outlet at Ghatkopar sells unique types of dosa you can’t miss on. The quantity of dosa is huge and can fill up more than 2 people.Cheese Burst French Fries Dosa

2 Pasta Dosa

Pasta Dosa is Indo-Italian pasta cooked over dosa and served hot with chutney and sambhar. It’s a pack of flavours that will satisfy your belly instantly.Pasta Dosa

3 Cheese Burst Grill

We all love great sandwiches. Try out PMSC’s Cheese Burst Grill Sandwich with a load of veggies, chutneys, cheese in a perfectly grilled sandwich garnished with cheese all over it.Cheese Burst Grill

4 Noodle Shake

Have you tried ultra-cheesy Noodle Shake in Mumbai yet? If your answer is NO, immediately head to PMSC at Ghatkopar as they serve a blast of cheesy noodles in a massive mug. It contains layers of noodles with veggies, masala fries, and a lot of molten cheese.Noodle Shake

5 Schezwan Paneer Frankie

Perfect frankie for frankie lovers. Lots of paneer cubes, schezwan sauce, veggies, and spicy frankie masala are used on a roti to prepare a perfect roll.Schezwan Paneer Frankie

6 Chocolate Sundae Dosa

Chocolate and Dosa, weird combination, isn’t it? But PMSC’s chocolate dosa will prove you wrong! Shredded chocolate, chocolate sauce, choco chips, and lots of ice cream are topped on a layer of dosa and served hot. Finish it quickly before the ice cream melts.Chocolate Sundae Dosa

7 Waffle Uttapam

Uttapam is a thick dosa from the south. It contains chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicums, and lots of coriander. But at PMSC they cook their uttapam in a waffle machine to give it a quirky look.Waffle Uttapam

8 Cheese Kheecha

A bun cut into grids filled with veggies, cheese, and herbs. Pull that cheese bite out of the bun and enjoy the treat.Cheese Kheecha

9 Cheese Pav Bhaji

A classic Pav Bhaji drizzled with cheese all over it and a cube of butter. They garnish it with coriander, chopped onions, and a dash of lemon. Do try their Cheese Pav Bhaji.Cheese Pav Bhaji

10 Samosa Chaat

Chaat is famous in the city of Bombay. PMSC prepares its samosa chaat with crushed samosa, onions, and tomatoes, chutneys, sev, boondi, and garnish it with fresh coriander.Samosa Chaat

11 Nacho Corn Chaat

Nachos are crispy quick bites. Prepared similar to your basic chaat, this nacho corn chaat is topped with chopped veggies, masala, mayo, sev, and olives. Your perfect go-to snack.Nacho Corn Chaat

12 Cheese Masala Buns

Masala pav drenched with melting cheese and garnished with shredded cheese and coriander. Mouth-watering, isn’t it? Get your hands on this cheesy and yummy snack.Cheese Masala Buns

13 Noodle Frankie

A frankie stuffed with noodles, sauces, and masala with chopped veggies. Try it out if you are a noodle lover.Noodle Frankie

14 Schezwan Masala Dosa

At this restaurant, they cook a potato mixture along with some spicy schezwan chutney and raw onions and spread it over a dosa. The taste is superb.Schezwan Masala Dosa

15 Manchurian Dosa

A special Manchurian gravy is prepared at this restaurant. Manchurian balls are spread all over a crunchy layer of dosa. It is garnished with spring onion. It is a yummy Indochinese twist on your regular dosa.Manchurian Dosa

16 Vada Pav

Not a single street food is complete without a bite of vada pav. This restaurant also serves some quick snacks if you are craving.Vada Pav

17 Cheese Burst French Fries

This restaurant is known for its cheesy snacks. Head to the location to enjoy masala French fries covered with a dollop of molten cheese. They serve their fries with ketchup.Cheese Burst French Fries

18 Choconut Pizza

PMSC gives out unique fusion dishes. This dish has a pizza base that is covered with melted chocolate and topped with chocolate sauce and dry fruits. Do try this heavenly pizza dish.Choconut Pizza

19 Chocolate Milkshake

A gigantic glass of milkshake jammed with chocolate, ice cream, Choco chips, topped with chocolate ice cream and Choco pie. It’s a gem itself. Do try their milkshakes to refresh your day.Chocolate Milkshake

20 Kulfi Falooda

Here you will be served with a bowl of kulfi topped with vermicelli, flavoured syrups, chia seeds, dry fruits, and a cherry. Do give it a try to end your day on a sweet note.Kulfi Falooda